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Title wins listed in bold aired on television.








World Heavyweight

Spiros Arion, 1979

Wayne Bridges, 19/12/79, London

John Quinn, 21/4/80, London (Aired 10/5/80)

Tony St. Clair, 8/5/82, Hanley

John Quinn, 13/2/84, Slough

Tony St. Clair

John Quinn, 4/04,

Wayne Bridges, 20/5/85, Slough

Vacant, 1986

John Quinn, 12/4/86, Hanley (Defeats Tony St. Clair in tournament final.)

Wayne Bridges, 9/9/86

Kendo Nagasaki, 17/9/87, Bradford (Aired 21/11/87)

Wayne Bridges, 27/3/88, Cheltenham

European Heavyweight

Yvar Martinson

Shirley Crabtree, 1960, Leicester

Milo Popocolis

Shirley Crabtree, 1961


Jim Olivera, 1961

Billy Joyce, 1961

Bill Robinson, 12/6/65, Manchester

Vacant, 1970 (Robinson leaves for North America.)


Horst Hoffman, 7/71, Koln, West Germany

Albert Wall, 4/2/74


Hans Streiger, 1978, Stuttgart, West Germany

Pete Curry, 24/3/78

Wild Angus, 30/6/78, Liverpool

Vacant, 1978 (Angus stripped of title)

Hans Streiger, 1978

Steve Veidor, 15/9/78, Liverpool

Hans Streiger, 1979


Johnny Kincaid, 1980, Hamburg, West Germany


Wayne Bridges

Kwick-Kick Lee (Akira Maeda), 25/1/83, London (There is some dispute over this being a title match of Bridges being champion.)

British Heavyweight

Bert Assirati, 19/10/55

Vacant, 1958 (Assirati stripped) 

Billy Joyce, 15/4/58, London (beat Gordon Nelson for vacant title)

Ernie Baldwin, 11/59, Glasgow

Billy Joyce, 12/59

Dennis Mitchell, 12/59   

Billy Joyce, 15/7/60, Bradford

Geoff Portz, 9/3/64, Bradford

Billy Joyce, 26/9/64, Middlesborough

Albert Wall, 20/1/66, Nottingham

Gwynn Davies, 17/2/66, Nottingham

Billy Joyce, 17/3/66, Nottingham

Ian Campbell, 4/5/66, Perth

Billy Joyce, 28/6/66, Edinburgh

Billy Robinson, 18/1/67, Manchester

Vacant, 02/70, (Robinson leaves for North America)

Albert Wall, 13/4/70, Nottingham (beat Steve Veidor for vacant title)

Gwynn Davies, 18/1/71, Loughborough

Albert Wall, 8/5/71, Manchester

Vacant, 1974 (Wall retires temporarily)

Gwynn Davies, 15/2/75, Manchester (beat Tibor Szakacs in tournament final)

Tony St. Clair, 28/5/77, Manchester

Giant Haystacks, 23/11/78London

Tony St. Clair, 25/4/79, London

(Title splits in 1982 when St Clair moves to All Star Wrestling)

Pat Roach, 1985 (Joint Promotions version, wins tournament)

Ray Steele, 1985 (Joint Promotions version)

Pat Roach, 18/3/86, Dorking (Aired 26/4/86)

Vacant (Roach left Joint Promotions)

Dalibar Singh, 2/10/86 (Joint Promotions version), Croydon (Aired 8/11/86)

Kendo Nagasaki, 1988 (All Star Promotions version)

Tony St Clair, 1988 (All Star Promotions version)

World Mid-Heavyweight

Mike DeMitre

Mike Marino, 1957, Aberdeen

Vic Hesselle, 1958, Bolton

Norman Walsh, 1958, Middlesbough

Mike Marino, 1960, Newcastle

Norman Walsh, 1961, Middlesbough

Mike Marino, 1961

Al Hayes (Lord Alfred Hayes), 1964, London

Mike Marino

Vacant, 6/81 (Marino dies)

Marty Jones,  8/11/82, Bedford (Beat Bobby Gaetano for vacant title) (Aired 27/11/82)

Dave Finlay, 10/5/83, Croydon

Marty Jones, 7/6/83, Croydon

Dave Finlay, 2/11/83, Leeds (Aired 12/11/83)

Marty Jones, 29/5/84, Dartford

Dave Finlay, 8/6/84, Carlisle

Marty Jones     

Dave Finlay      

Marty Jones, 13/11/84, Dartford (Aired 1/12/84)

Pete Roberts, 18/12/84, Croydon

Marty Jones     

Bull Blitzer (Steve Wright), 23/4/86, Walkden (Aired 31/5/86)

Vacant, 1986 (Blitzer did not defend title)

Marty Jones, 5/3/87, Bradford (Beat Owen Hart for vacant title) (Aired 25/4/87)

European Mid-Heavyweight

Norman Walsh

Vacant, 1962 (Stripped for not defending title abroad)

Bill Howes, 5/5/62, London (beat Jacques Lageat for vacant title) (Aired live)

Mike Marino (claimed title by 69, relinquished claim, reclaimed title when Howes retires)

Vacant, 8/81 (Marino dies)

British Mid-Heavyweight

Norman Walsh

Arthur Riccaldo, 1/7/63

Norman Walsh, 8/63, Middlesborough

Johnny Allen, 12/64, Middlesborough

Norman Walsh, 1965, Newcastle

Vacant, 1965 (Walsh retires)

Geoff Portz, 5/66, Newcastle

Vacant, 1966 (Portz injured)

Mike Marino, 12/66, Sheffield

Vacant, 8/81 (Marino dies)

World Light-Heavyweight

Black Butcher Johnson

Norman Wash, 2/56

Vacant, 1959 (title inactive) 

Marty Jones, 17/2/83, Leeds (beat Skull Murphy for title)

Vacant, 12/84 (Jones won Mid-Heavyweight title)

European Light-Heavyweight

Not active in Britain

British Light-Heavyweight

Ernie Riley, 1955 (beat Steve Logan)

Billy Joyce, 1957

Ernie Riley

Roy St. Clair, 1960, Nottingham

Ernie Riley

Vacant, 12/69 (Riley retires)

Billy Joyce, 27/3/71, Blackburn (Beat Tony Charles for vacant title)

Vacant, 1976 (Joyce retired)

Marty Jones, 12/10/76, Wolverhampton (Beat Mark Rocco for vacant title) (aired 23/10/76)

Vacant, 1982 (Jones won World Mid-Heavyweight title)

David Finlay, 24/2/83, Oldham (Beat Ringo Rigby in tournament final) (Aired 12/3/83)

Marty Jones, 26/11/83, Manchester

David Finlay,

Marty Jones, 8/2/84, Leamington

Vacant, 1984 (Jones won World Mid-Heavyweight title.)

Alan Kilby, 16/1/85, Walsall (Beat Steve Logan for vacant title)

King Ben, 25/3/88, Keighley

Alan Kilby 1988

World Heavy-Middleweight

Mark Rocco, 26/8/81, Southport (beat Joel deFremery for vacant title) (Aired 29/8/81)

Chic Cullen, 30/10/85, Leicester

Mark Rocco, 4/11/85, Bradford

Fuji Yamada, 26/9/86

Marc Rocco

Fuji Yamada, 3/3/87, Croydon

Mark Rocco, 28/4/87, Catford (Aired 13/6/87)

European Heavy-Middleweight

Tommy Mann

Rene Ben Chemoul


Vacant, 1963 (Mann retired after an injury)

Bert Royal, 30/11/63, Manchester (Beat Armand Zarparanian for vacant title)

Rene Ben Chemoul


Jean Coorn


Vasilios Mantopoulos, 1969

Walter Bordes, 1970

Vacant, 1973

Luc Bejar, 10/11/73, Barcelona, Spain (Beat Halcon Peruan for vacant title)


Adrian Street, 1976


Jon Cortez, 19/5/78, Liverpool (Beat Johnny Palance for vacant title)


Ian Gilmour, 29/3/79, Southampton (Beat Adrian Street for vacant title)

Vacant, 1979.

Adrian Street, 27/4/79, Liverpool (Beat Johnny Palance for vacant title)

John Cortez

Keith Hayward, 13/11/82, Sun City, South Africa

British Heavy-Middleweight

Eric Taylor

Vacant, 1966 (Taylor left Joint Promotions)

Bert Royal, 16/1/68, Blackburn (Beat Peter Preston for vacant title)

Jackie Pallo, 21/4/69, Nottingham

Bert Royal

Steve Logan, 29/8/75, Liverpool

Bert Royal, 11/11/75, Manchester

Mark Rocco, 11/6/77, Manchester

Marty Jones, 13/9/78, Woking (Aired 23/9/78)

Vacant, 13/9/78 (Jones already held Light-Heavyweight title)

Mark Rocco, 6/12/78, Blackburn (Beat Chris Adams in tournament final) (Aired 16/12/78)

Vacant, 8/81 (Rocco won World Mid-Heavyweight title)

Alan Kilby, 7/10/81, Preston (Beat King Ben in tournament final) (Aired 31/10/81)

David Finlay, 9/8/2, Bath

Alan Kilby

David Finlay, 14/9/82, Croydon

Alan Kilby, 10/11/82, London

David Finlay, 15/11/85, Bradford

Alan Kilby, 11/82

David Finlay, 21/12/82, Wolverhampton

Alan Kilby, 1/83

Chic Cullen, 21/3/84, London

David Finlay, 29/9/84

Chic Cullen, 1985

Rocky Moran, 7/1/86, Croydon

Kung Fu, 3/3/86, Bradford

Chic Cullen

David Finlay, 17/9/87, Bradford (Aired 31/10/87)

World Middleweight

Not active in Britain.

European Middleweight

Tommy Mann, 1960

Rene Ben Chemoul, 1962

George Kidd, 28/1/63, Leeds

Rene Ben Chemoul

Chick Purvey, 14/12/73, Manchester

Bobby Steele, 30/5/64, Manchester

Tommy Mann, 1964

Vacant, 1965 (Mann injured)

Jose Rodriguez Questra , 1966

Vic Faulkner, 28/11/66, Nottingham

Mick McManus,

Vic Faulkner, 23/9/68

Mick McManus, 26/4/71, Nottingham

Mal Sanders, 8/2/78, Huddersfield (Aired 9/8/78)

Mick McManus, 21/4/78

Mal Sanders, 2/8/78, Huddersfield

Mick McManus, 4/11/78

Mal Sanders, 27/6/79

Keith Haward, 29/4/81, Walthamstow

Clive Myers

Keith Haward, 15/7/83

Mal Sanders, 17/1/84, Croydon

Clive Myers, 24/4/84, Croydon

Mal Sanders, 2/86

Keith Haward, 29/4/86, Guildford

Clive Myers

British Middleweight

Les Stent, 1954

Guido Ronga, 1956

Tommy Mann, 1956

Harry Fields, 1958

Bobby Steele, 1958

Harry Fields, 1958

Alan Colbeck, 1961

Tommy Mann, 5/61, Leeds

Chic Purvey

Tommy Mann

Chic Purvey

Tommy Mann

Chic Purvey

Tommy Mann

Bobby Steele

Tommy Mann

Bert Royal, 26/10/63, Manchester

Tommy Mann, 1963

Vacant, 1963 (Mann injured)

Bert Royal, 26/10/66, Sheffield (Beat Peter Preston for vacant title)

Clayton Thomson, 28/11/66, Nottingham

Mick McManus, 13/11/67, London

Clayton Thomson, 24/1/68, London

Brian Maxine, 1/6/71, Croydon

World Welterweight

Jim Lewis

Ischa Israel

Jack Dempsey, 1956, Leeds

Ischa Israel

Jim Lewis


Jim Lewis

Jack Taylor

Steve Clements, 1/70, Mexico City (Beat Karloff Lagarde to claim title)

European Welterweight

Alan Colbeck (Beat Les Stent in tournament final)

Jack Dempsey,  25/10/58, Newcastle

Alan Colbeck

Jack Dempsey, 1959

Alan Colbeck, 1960, Bradford

Jack Dempsey

Alan Colbeck, 6/61, Bradford

Jack Dempsey

Alan Colbeck, 24/6/64, Bradford

Vacant, 1976 (Colbeck retired)


Jack Taylor, 1976


Jean Come

Dynamite Kid, 22/3/78, Leicester

Vacant, 27/4/78 (Kid left country)


Jorg Chenok

Danny Collins, 23/4/85, Watford (Aired 18/5/85)

British Welterweight

Jack Dempsey, 1953

Mick McManus, 5/1/57, London

Jack Dempsey, 23/4/58, London

Vacant, 10/66 (Dempsey temporarily retired)

Alan Sargeant, 26/11/66, Hemel Hempstead (Beat Alan Wood in tournament final) (Broadcast live)

Jim Breaks, 6/11/67, Leeds

Alan Sargeant

Brian Maxine, 30/9/69, Croydon

Vacant, 6/71 (Maxine wins Middleweight title)

Vic Faulkner, 20/7/71, Croydon (Beat Adrian Street for vacant title)

Jim Breaks, 31/6/76, Bradford

Vic Faulkner, 28/8/76, Manchester

Jim Breaks, 9/3/77, Buxton (Aired 19/3/77)

Vic Faulkner, 5/7/77, Leicester (Title immediately held up due to interference by Bert Royal) (Aired 16/7/77)

Jim Breaks, 30/11/77, London (wins rematch) (Aired 6/12/77)

Dynamite Kid, 25/1/78, Preston (Aired 4/2/78)

Vacant, 1979  (Kid left country.

Jim Breaks, 27/6/79, London (Beat Steve Grey in 8-man tournament final)

Alan Dennison, 11/6/80, London

Jim Breaks, 29/3/83, Croydon

Steve Grey, 25/5/82, Croydon

Alan Dennison, 21/6/82, Croydon

Jim Breaks, 29/3/83, Croydon

Alan Dennison

Jim Breaks, 9/12/83, Barnsley

Danny Collins, 21/3/84, Croydon

Steve Grey, 21/6/84, Malvern (Aired 22/9/84)

Danny Collins, 22/6/84, Bath

Steve Grey, 21/8/84, Malvern

Danny Collins, 1/11/84, Manchester (Aired 17/11/84)

Sid Cooper, 23/5/85, Bristol

Danny Collins

World Lightweight

George Kidd

Vacant, 1976 (Kidd retired)

Johnny Saint, 3/11/76, Bolton (Beat Jim Breaks for vacant title) (Aired 13/11/76)

Steve Grey, 1979            

Johnny Saint, 25/11/79, St. Neots

Jackie Robinson, 18/1/84, Bath

Johnny Saint, 19/1/84, Hastings

Jim Breaks, 5/11/85, Croydon

Johnny Saint

Jon Cortez, 23/10/85

Johnny Saint

Jim Breaks, 5/11/85, Croydon

Johnny Saint, 12/85

Jon Cortez, 13/3/86, Bristol

Johnny Saint, 14/4/86, London

Jon Cortez, 4/86, Bristol

Johnny Saint, 5/6/86, Bristol

Mike Jordan, 1/9/87, Croydon

Johnny Saint, 24/5/88, Wolverhampton

European Lightweight

Julien Morice, 4/56, Toulouse, France

Jean Rabut

Julien Morice


Johnny Williams, 1964, Malta (Beat Zoltan Szabo to claim title)


Julien Morice

Vacant, 1967 (Morice called into military service)


Modesto Aledo 1967

Jim Breaks, 9/3/67, Bradford

Vacant, 1967

Jim Breaks, 29/5/67, Bradford (Beat Mike Bennett in tournament final)

Bill Ross, 27/3/70, Stirling

Jim Breaks

Bill Ross, 11/9/72, Nottingham

Jim Breaks, 20/11/72, Nottingham

Bill Ross, 19/4/74, Stirling

Jim Breaks, 4/74

Bobby Ryan, 9/75, Wolverhampton (Aired 6/9/75)

Jim Breaks, 24/1/77, Bradford

Bobby Ryan, 1977

Jim Breaks, 11/10/77, Wolverhampton

Johnny Saint

Jon Cortez, 18/3/81, London

Jackie Robinson

Johnny Saint

Mike Jordan

Jackie Robinson

Mike Jordan, 3/84

Jackie Robinson, 8/3/84, Woolwich

Jim Breaks, 18/2/85, Bradford

Jon Cortez

Jim Breaks

Jon Cortez

Jim Breaks

Jon Cortez, 25/2/87, Bath

Peter Bainbridge, 9/3/87, Cheltenham

Jim Breaks, 3/87

Peter Bainbridge

Jim Breaks, 4/87

Peter Bainbridge, 10/3/88, Bristol

Jim Breaks, 4/4/88, Bath

Steve Grey, 3/10/88, Tunbridge Wells

Jim Breaks

British Lightweight

Melwyn Riss

Jim Breaks, 16/10/63, London

Alan Miquet, 15/2/67, London

Jim Breaks, 17/12/68, Leeds

Zoltan Boscik, 18/6/69, Sheffield

Jon Cortez, 6/70

Zoltan Boscik, 7/70

Johnny Saint, 12/5/71, Sheffield

Jim Breaks, 21/8/71, Manchester

Jon Cortez, 26/1/72, London

Jim Breaks, 1972

Bobby Ryan, 18/5/74, Hanley

Jim Breaks, 15/6/74, Hanley

Alan Miquet, 1974

Jim Breaks, 25/2/75

Bobby Ryan

Jim Breaks, 1/76/01, Wolverhampton

Dynamite Kid, 23/4/77, Manchester

Vacant, 1978 (Kid wins welterweight title on 25/1/78)

Steve Grey, 5/4/78, Blackburn (Beat Bobby Ryan in tournament final) (Aired 8/4/78)

Jim Breaks, 27/6/79, London

Steve Grey

Jim Breaks, 6/4/82, Wolverhampton (Aired 10/4/82)

Steve Grey, 25/5/82, Croydon

Jim Breaks, 21/4/83, Colne (Aired 7/5/83)

Steve Grey, 4/5/83, Bradford (Aired 28/5/83)

Jim Breaks, 22/3/84, Peterborough

Steve Grey,

Kid McCoy, 7/5/87, Ardwick-le-Street (Aired 27/6/87)