The usual time for shows was 4.05-4.50 on Saturday afternoons and 11.30-12.15 on Tuesday nights. Shows were generally recorded midweek for broadcast on the following Saturday and Tuesday.

From mid-October the Tuesday night show was replaced by a Thursday afternoon slot, usually airing from 1-1.30. This did not air every week, with 'Crown Court' or 'Indoor League' filling the slot on occasion.

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S 6/1/73, Solihull (taped 2/1/73)

Frank Rickard (Jacky Rickard) (KO) v John Naylor

Frank Dhondt (W) v Paul Mitchell

Tino Salvadore (W) v Tug Wilson

This show was billed as 'Fanfare for Europe' with Rickard, Dhont and Salvadore representing France, Belgium and Italy respectively.

Tu 9/1/73, Solihull (taped 2/1/73)

Borg Twins (W) v Bobby Ryan/Pablo the Gypsy (billed as 'the Pablos' - Ryan was possibly a substitution)

Steve Veidor (NC) Wayne Bridges

S 13/1/73, Winsford (taped 10/1/73)

Masambula (W) vCatweazle

Vic Faulkner v Tony St Clair (D)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Shirley Crabtree

(Crabtree was still listed under his own name for this match, rather than as Big Daddy.)

Tu 16/1/73, Winsford (taped 10/1/73)

Bert Royal (W) v Ray Steel

Roy St Clair (W) v Sid Askins

S 20/1/73, Leeds (taped 17/1/73)

Bill Ross (W) v Jim Breaks

Lee Sharron (RSF) v Ray Glendenning

Adnan Al Kaissy (W) v Mal Kirk

Al Kaissy would later be known under a Sheik gimmick in the US before becoming General Adnan in the WWF.

Tu 23/1/73, Leeds (taped 17/1/73)

Tibor Szakacs (DQ) v Hans Streiger

AI Miquet (W) v Dave Barrie

S 27/1/73, Gravesend (taped 25/1/73)

Mick McManus (W) v Frank Dhondt

Johnny Kwango (W) v Frank Rickard

CasweII Martin (W) v Bob Kirkwood

Tu 30/1/73, Catford (Lewisham)

Terry Rudge v Wayne Bridges

Jackie Pallo v ? Jones

S 3/2/73, Gravesend (taped 25/1/73)

Les Kellett (KO) v Pete Curry

Peter Rann (W) v Reg Trood

Tino Salvadore (W) v Ivan Penzekoff

Tu 6/2/73, Wembey (taped 29/1/73)

Brian Maxine (W) v Mick McMichael

Pete Roberts  v Bobby Barnes (D)

Wembley – taped 29th January 1973

Adrian Street bt Jon Cortez

Johnny Czeslaw bt BilI Torontos

S 10/2/73, Bedford (taped 6/2/73)

Buster Martin v Masambula (W)

John Lees v Bruno Elrington (W)

Tu 10/2/73, Bedford (taped 6/2/73)

Kevin Conneelly bt Johnny Saint

Johnny Kincaid v Tug Holton

S 17/2/73, Preston (taped 14/2/73)

Billy Two Rivers (W) v Leon Arras

Jim Breaks (RSF) v Roger Green

Alan Colbeck (DQ) v Rollerball Rocco - DISQ

Tu 20/2/73, Preston (taped 14/2/73)

Steve Veidor (W) v Gwyn Davies

Ray Steel (W) vTony St Clair

S 24/2/73, Harrogate (taping date unknown)

Mike Marino v Pete Roberts

Steve Best v Mick Mc Michael

Colin Bennett v Jack Robinson

Tu 27/2/73, Harrogate (taping date unknown)

Bobby Barnes v Dave Barrie

Terry Rudge v Bobby Graham

S 3/3/73, Dunstable (taped 28/2/73)

Mick McManus (KO v Al Nicol

Robby Barron (W) v Sid Cooper

Steve Veidor (W) v Honeyboy Zimba

Vic Faulkner (W) v Zoltan Boscik

Tu 6/3/73, Croydon (taped 27/2/73)

Les Kellett (W) v JohnnyYearsley

S 10/3/73, Dunstable (taped 28/2/73)

Steve Logan (W) v Paul Mitchell

Spencer Churchill (W) v Bob Kirkwood

Billed but possibly not broadcast: Vic Faulkner v Zoltan Boscik

Not billed but broadcast: Steve Veidor (W) v Honeyboy Zimba

Tu 13/3/73, Croydon (taped 27/3/73)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Prince Kumali

Peter Szakacs (W) v Dick Conlon

S 17/3/72, Nottingham (taped 14/3/73)

Andy Robbins (W) v Wayne Bridges

Mike Marino v Terry Rudge (D)

Tony St Clair (W) v Bob Abbotts

Tu 20/3/73, Nottingham (taped 14/3/73)

Johnny Saint (2) v Jim Breaks (0)

Roy St Clair (W) v Pete Roberts

S 24/3/73, Winsford (taped 21/3/73)

Count Bartelli (DQ) v Colin Joynson

Kevin Conneelly (W) v Rollerball Rocco

Tug Wilson (W) v Johnny South

Tu 27/3/73, Winsford (taped 21/3/73)

Les Kellett (W) v Steve Haggetty

Marty Jones v Dave Barrie (NC)

S 31/3/73, Doncaster Racecourse (taped 28/3/73)

Jackie Pallo v Alan. Colbeck (D)

Mick McManus (W) v Jeff Kaye

Steve Logan (W) v Syd Askins

Tu 3/4/73, Doncaster Racecourse (taped 28/3/73)

Albert Wall (W) v Gargantua

Mick McMichael (W) v Ian Gilmour

Saturday 7th April 1973 (Southend – taped on 4th April 1973)

Brian Maxine kod Clive Myers

Kevin Conneally bt Johnny Kwango

Caswell Martin vs Pete Roberts - Draw

T 10/4/73, Croydon (taped 3/4/73)

Mike Marino v Pat Roach (D)

S 14/4/73, Southend (taped 4/4/73)

Mal Kirk (W) v Wayne Bridges

Peter Rann (W) v Spencer Churchill

Julien Morice (DQ) v Joe Murphy

T 17/4/73, Croydon (taped 3/4/73)

Bruno Elrington (W) v John Kowalski

Zoltan Boscik (KO) v Steve Grey

S 21/4/73, Leicester (taped 18/4/73)

Vic Faulkner (W) v Bill Ross

Jim McKenzie (W) v Roger Green

Gwyn Davies (DQ) v Johnny Yearsley

M 23/4/73 (Easter Monday), Widnes (taped 4/4/73)

Jackie Pallo (W) v Paul Mitchell

Borg Twins vs Adrian Street/Bobby Barnes (Hells Angels) (D)

T 24/4/73, Leicester (taped 18/4/73)

John Lees (W) v Billy Howes

Bert Royal (W) v Tony St Clair

S 28/4/73, Bradford (taping date unknown)

Les Kellett v Abe Ginsberg

Peter Preston v Ted Heath

Johnny Kwango v Bobby Graham

T 1/5/73, Bradford (taping date unknown)

Alan Dennison v Steve Best

Don Vines v John Cox

S 5/5/73, Walthamstow (taped 3/5/73)

Mick McManus & Steve Logan (W) v Barons

Jackie Pallo (W) v Johnny Kwango

Jim Breaks (British Lightweight champion) (RSF) v Johnny Saint

Tu 8/5/73, Croydon (taped 1/5/73)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO v Bruno Elrington

Jackie Pallo Jnr (W) v Clive Myers

S 12/5/73, Walthamstow (taped 3/5/73)

Mike Marino (W) v Johnny Czeslaw

Peter Szakacs (W) v Leon Fortuna

Steve Veidor (W) v Wayne Bridges

Tu 15/5/73, Croydon (taped 1/5/73)

Brian Maxine (KO) v Alan Sergeant;

Johnny Yearsley (W) v Honeyboy Zimba

S 19/5/73

Wrestling was not broadcast because of football.

Tu 22/5/73, Winsford (taped 25/4/73)

Bert Royal (W) v Tally Ho Kaye

Tony St Clair/Roy St Clair (W) v Thundercloud & Whitecloud

S 26/5/73, Harrogate (taped 23/5/73)

Mick McManus (1) v Alan Colbeck (1)

Rollerball Rocco (1) v Terry Jowett (0)

Les Kellett (W) v Billy Torontos

Tu 29/5/73, Harrogate (taped 23/5/73)

Masambula (W) v Bobby Graham

Rocky Wall (W) v Gwyn Davies

S 2/6/73, Blackburn (taped 30/5/73)

Andy Robbin v Tug Holton

Kendo Nagasaki v Pete Curry

Adrian Street v Steve Grey

Tu 5/6/73, Blackburn (taped 30/5/73)

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner v Bill Ross/Jim McKenzie

S 9/6/73

Wrestling was not broadcast because of football.

S 16/6/73, Southend (taped 6/6/73)

Steve Veidor (W) v Lee Sharron

Clay Thomson v Alan Sergeant (NC)

Robby Baron (W) v Al Nicol

Tu 19/6/73, Wembley (taping date unknown)

Leon Fortuna v Ken Joyce

Al Martin v Tibor Szakacs

S 23/6/73, Leicester (taped 20/6/73)

Jackie Pallo (W) v Casanova

Steve Logan v Johnny Czeslaw

Big Daddy v John Kowalski (This appears to be the first time Shirley Crabtree was billed on TV as Big Daddy.)

Tu 26/6/73, Leicester (taped 20/6/73)

Jim Breaks v Zoltan Boscik

Ray Steel v Johnny Yearsley

S 30/6/73, Brierley Hill (taped 27/6/73)

Albert Wall beat Mike Marino

Count Bartelli beat Billy Howes

Tony Sy Clair vs Steve Haggetty - DRAW

T 3/7/73, Brierley Hill (taped 27/6/73)

Alan Colbeck (DQ) v Pete Rann

Johnny Saint (W) v Mick Mc Michael

S 7/7/73, Bradford (taped 4/7/73)

Jackie Pallo/Jackie Pallo Jr (W) v Elites

Jim Breaks (2) v Bill Ross (0)

Andy Robbins (W) v Colin Joynson

T 10/7/73

Wrestling was not broadcast because of showjumping.

S 14/7/73, Dunstable (taped 12/7/73)

Mick McManus (2) v Roger Green (0)

Johnny Saint (W) v Robby Baron

Johnny Kwango (W) v Tug Holton

Tu 17/7/73, Hemel Hempstead (taped 10/7/73)

Steve Veidor (W) v Pat Roach

John Elijah (W) Bob Kirkwood

S 21/7/73, Dunstable (taped 12/7/73)

Tibor Szakacs vs Rocky Wall - Draw

Ivan Penzekoff beat Casanova

Jackie Pallo jnr beat Tony Skarlo

T 24/7/73

Wrestling was not broadcast because of 'State Of The Nation' (a debate show)

S 28/7/73, Southport (taped 25/7/73)

Count Bartelli (RSF) v Big Daddy

Pete Roberts v Bobo Matu (D)

Tug Wilson (W) vMo Hunter

Tu 31/7/73, Southport (taped 25/7/73)

Rollerball Rocco (W) v Caswell Martin

Albert Wall (W) v Steve Veidor

S 4/8/73, Dunstable (taped 2/8/73)

Mick McManus (KO) v Steve Best

Caswell Martin (W) v Johnny Czeslaw

Spencer Churchill (W) v Eddie Capelli

Tu 7/8/73, Wembley (taped 30/7/73)

Steve Logan v Masambula (D)

Jon Cortez (1) v Clive Myers (0)

S 11/8/73, Dunstable (taped 2/8/73)

Les Kellett (KO) v Lee Sharron

Mike Marino (W) v Prince Kumali

Julien Morice (W) vAl NicoI

Tu 14/8/73, Wembley (taped 30/7/73)

Johnny Yearsley (W) v Pete Roberts

Borg Twins (W) v Sid Cooper/Alan Dennison

S 25/8/73, Wolverhampton (taped 20/8/73)

Count Bartelli (W) v Pete Roberts

Rollerball Rocco (W) v Casanova

Caswell Martin (KO) v Colin Joynson

M 27/8/73 (Bank Holiday), Harrogate (taping date unknown)

Ray Steele v Roy St Clair

Kevin Conneely v Ian Gilmour

Jeff Kaye v Pete Lapaque

T 28/7/73, Wolverhampton (taped 20/8/73)

Roy St Clair v Steve Haggetty (DKO)

John Naylor v Keith Williams

S 1/9/73, Bletchley (taped 30/8/73)

Mick McManus (W) v Paul Mitchell

Mike Marino (W) v John Lees

Robby Baron (W) v Leon Fortuna

T 4/9/73, Hemel Hempstead (taped 10/7/73)

Steve Grey (0) v Leon Fortuna (0)

Clay Thomson (W) v Honeyboy Zimba (billed as Zimba v Mal Kirk)

S 8/9/73, Bletchley (taped 30/8/73)

Jackie Pallo (W) v Johnny Kincaid

Kevin Connneelly (W) v Bob Kirkwood

Ken Joyce (KO) v Chris Bailey

T 11/9/73, Catford (Lewisham) (taped 3/9/73)

Brian Maxine (W) v Johnny Kincaid

Jackie Pallo Jnr (W) v Steve Grey

S 15/9/73, Southport (taped 12/9/73)

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner v The Borg Twins

Bobby Ryan v Mo Hunter

Marty Jones v Keith Williams

T 18/9/73, Southport (taped 12/9/73)

Kendo Nagasaki v Bobo Matu

John Naylor v Tally Ho Kaye

S 22/9/73

Wrestling was not broadcast because of golf.

T 25/9/73, Bradford (taping date unknown)

Les Kellett v Bobby Barnes

Adrian Street v Dave Barrie

S 29/9/73, Leamington (taped 26/9/73)

Alan Dennison (W) v Dick Conlon

Masambula (W) v Lee Sharron

Caswell Martin (W) v Syd Askins

Tu 2/10/73, Leamington (taped 26/9/73)

Marty Jones v Jeff Kaye (D)

Mike Marino (W) v Rocky Wall

S 6/10/73, Walthamstow (taped 4/10/73)

Mick McManus (KO) v Julien Morice

Johnny Czeslaw (W) v Honeyboy Zimba

Robby Baron (W) v Pete Kelly

S 13/10/73, Walthamstow (taped 4/10/73)

Gwyn Davies (W) v Prince Kumali

Adrian Street (W) v Alan Colbeck

Spencer Churchill (W) v Tug Wilson

Th 18/10/73, Catford (Lewisham) (taped 1/10/73)

Steve Logan (W) v Bob Kirkwood

Steve Veidor v Tibor Szakacs

(This was the first Thursday afternoon show, airing at 1pm)

S 20/10/73, Middlesbrough

Billy Two Rivers v Bobby Graham

Vic Faulkner v Bobby Barnes

John Naylor v Mike Bennett

Sat 27/10/73, Gravesend (taped 18/10/73)

Steve Logan (W) v Johnny South

Sid Cooper (W) vJackie Pallo Jnr

Th 1/11/73, Wembley (taped 22/10/73)

Mike Marino (W) v Wayne Bridges

S 3/11/73, Gravesend (taped 18/10/73)

Tibor Szakacs (KO) V Jock Cameron

Joe Murphy (W) v Clive Myers

Bobby Graham (DQ) v Tug Holton

S 10/11/73, Bletchley (taped 8/11/73)

Ricky Starr (KO) v Johnny Czeslaw

John Naylor (W) v Raj Singh

Zoltan Boscik (W) v Leon Fortuna

S 17/11/73, Bletchley (taped 8/11/73)

Mick McManus (W) v Johnny Saint

Robby Baron (W) v Alan Sergeant

Steve Veidor (W) v Bruno Elrington

S 24/11/73, Blackburn (taped 21/11/73)

Jim Breaks (W) v Steve Best

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Ray Steel

Mick McMichael (W) v Tally Ho Kaye

Th 29/11/73, Wembley (taped 22/10/73)

Caswell Martin (2) v Ivan Penzekoff (0)

S 1/12/73, Blackburn (taped 21/11/73)

Mike Marino v Gora Tanaka (D)

Marty Jones v Rollerball Rocco (D)

Caswell Martin (W) v Bob Abbotts

S 8/12/73, Sheffield (taped 5/12/73)

Al Miquet (DQ) v Bobby Barnes

Jeff Kaye (W) v Tug Wilson

Count Bartelli (W) v Johnny South

Th 13/12/73, Wolverhampton (taped 11/12/73)

Ricky Starr (W) v Steve Haggetty

S 15/12/73, Sheffield (taped 5/12/73)

Steve Veidor (DQ) v Jock Cameron

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (0) v Borg Twins (0)

Alan Dennison v Zoltan Boscik (DKO)

S 22/12/73, Solihull (taped 18/12/73)

Tibor Szakacs v John Lees (DKO)

Colin Joynson (W) v Tony St Clair

Alan Dennison v John Naylor (NC)

T 25/12/73

Wrestling was not broadcast as it was Christmas Day.

S 29/12/73, Solihull (taped 18/12/73)

Pete Roberts NC Roy St Clair

Rollerball Rocco kod John Kenny

Billed but broadcast: Billy Howes v Johnny C

The following matches took place at events recorded for television in 1973, but were not broadcast.

Croydon, 27/2/73: Terry Rudge (W) v Tony Charles, Johnny Kwango (W) v Eric Tug Wilson

Nottingham, 29/3/73: Les Kellett (W) v Johnny Yearsley, AI Nicol (W) v Jeff Kaye, Catweazle (DQ) v Tug Wilson, Rollerball Rocco (W) v Tally Ho Kaye

Croydon, 3/4/73: Johnny Kincaid (DQ) v Johnny Yearsley, Catweazle (W) v Ivan Penzekoff

Windes, 4/4/73: Al Marquette (W) v Tally Ho Kaye, Harry Palin (W) v Johnny South

Winsford, 25/4/73: Hans Streiger (1) v Dane Curtis (0), Ray Steel (DQ) v Ivan Penzekoff, Vic Faulkner (1) v Colin Bennett (0)

Croydon, 1/5/73: Barons (W) v Roughnecks

Southend 6/6/73: Sid Cooper (W) v Clive Myers, Pat Roach v John Lees (D), John Naylor (W) v Julien Morice

Bradford, 4/7/73: Gwyn Davies (W) v Bill Clark, Pete Roberts v Honeyboy Zimba (D)

Catford (Lewisham), 3/9/73: Barons v Chris Bailey/Ivan Penzekoff, Johnny Kwango v Bobby Barnes,

Catford (Lewisham), 1/10/73: Jackie PalIo (KO) v Tony St Clair

Wembley, 22/10/73: Johnny Yearsley (W) v John Carlo, John Hall (W) v Dick Conlon, Mel Stuart (W) v Johnny Czeslaw,

Solihull, 18/12/73: Tug Wilson (W) v Alan Woods