The following men used more than one name in televised matches. They are listed with their best known name first.

Please e-mail us if you have any corrections or additions to this list.

Arthur Beaumont: Arthur Ricardo

Barry Douglas: Battlestar

Bernie Wright: Bearcat Wright

Big Daddy: Shirley Crabtree

Bill Bromley: The Emperor

Black Jack Mulligan: Larry Coulton

Charlie "Big Boy Scott": The Great Bula

Chic Cullen: Frank Cullen

Clayton Thomson: The Exorcist.

Cliff Beaumont: Cliff Belshaw

Drew McDonald: The Spoiler

Gargantua: Jim Moran (?)

Gil Singh: Dalibar Singh

Gordon Nelson: The Outlaw.

Honey Boy Zimba: Warrior Nigel

Jock Cameron: Jock Campbell

Keith Martinelli: Keith Williams

Kid Chocolate: Alan Bardouille

King Kendo: Bill Clarke

Kung Fu: Ed Hamil

Lenny Hurst: Jamaica Kid

Les Thornton: Henri Pierlot

Magnificent Maurice: Colonel Brody

Mississippi Mauler: Jim Harris

Pat Curry: Pete Curry

Rajendra Singh: Prince Maan Singh

Ray Crawley: Spiderman

Ray Thunder: Ray Glendenning

Rex Strong: Samurai

Rick Wiseman: Ace Ricardo

Rory Campbell: Bill Turner

Scrubber Daly: Masked Marauder

Skull Murphy: Steve Young, Dave Young

Steve Regal: Roy Regal

Steve Veidor: Steve Bell, Steve Veidor Bell

Steve Wright: Bull Blitzer

Wild Angus: Angus Campbell