This was the first year with weekly broadcasts (though not yet all year round), and also the first in which match listings were regularly published in the TV Times. All shows were broadcast on Saturday unless stated, and all broadcast times are pm.

After the summer break, wrestling returned on Saturday afternoons as part of the parent sports show Lets Go (a fore-runner to World of Sport).

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2/1/60, Doncaster, 9-9.30

9/1/60, Middlesborough, 3.50-4.35

Harry Fields v Clayton Thomson

Billy Joyce v Al Hayes

16/1/60, Bradford, 9-9.30

23/1/60, Purley, 3.50-4.35

Sammy Berg ("Mr Canada") v Bill Robinson

30/1/60 Leicester 9-9.30

6/2/60 Liverpool, 3.50-4.30

Ted Hammond v Al Miquet

(Hammond was also billed as Hammon in some regions, but likely was Ted Hannon

13/2/60, Bolton, 9-9.30

Alf Cadman v Achim Chall

Les Kellett v Dene Stockman (as listed -- correct name may be Dennis Stockman)

20/2/60, Halifax, 3.50-4.30

Bert Royal v Billy Howes

Ernest Baldwin v Dai Sullivan

27/2/60, Coventry, 9-9.30

Eric Taylor (W) v Harry Kendall

Gideon Gidea (W) v David Armstrong

Julien Maurice v Bernard Murray

Steve Logan v Spencer Churchill

5/3/60, Nottingham, 3.50-4.30

Billy Two Rivers v Francis Sullivan

12/3/60, Gloucester Public Baths, 9-9.30

Judo Al Hayes v Dazzler Joe Cornelius

Remy Bayle v Johnny Yearsley

John Foley v Jack Cunningam

Chic Osmond v Bob Anthony

19/3/60, Shrewsbury, 3.50-4.30

Inca Peruana (as listed, correct spelling Peruano) v Bob Steele

Jim Mellor v Jackie Pallo

26/3/60, Canteen of Joseph Sankey & Sons Ltd, Hadley Castle, Wellington, Shropshire, 9-9.30

Johnny Allen v Ernie Riley

Brian Burke v Keith Williamson

2/4/60, Nottingham, 3.45-4.30

Tommy Mann v Jack Cunningham

John Allan v Norman Walsh

9/4/60, Hanley, 9-9.30

Billy Robinson 2-1 Dennis Mitchell

Alex Wenzl bt Alf Cadman

(Mitchell's listed opponent was Ray Apollon.)

16/4/60, Grantham, 3.45-4.30

Gwynn Davies v Peter Deakin

Steve Logan v Bert Royal

Mick McMichael v Joe Critchley

Frank O’Donnell v Arthur Jackson

23/4/60, Halifax, 9-9.30

Modesto Aledo vs Chick Purvey

Jean Morandi v Tony Zale

30/4/60, Festival Inn, Trowell, Nottingham, 3.45-4.30

Bill Howes v Bob Sweeney

Tony Charles v Monty Swann

7/5/60, Leeds, 2.15-3.30 (part of Lets Go)

Ernie Riley (Light heavyweight champion of Great Britain) v Remy Bayle (European light heavyweight champion) [european title contest]

Jimmy Dempsey v Cliff Belshaw

Mike Marino v Tibor Szakacs

7/5/60, Doncaster, 9.05-9.35

Jim Breaks v Alan Dennison

Dene Stockton v Reg Williams

There was no wrestling on 14/5/60 because of the Royal Horse Show. A letter in that week's TV Times asked if the wrestling slot could be extended to 45 minutes or an hour to make sure that a full eight round match (up to 47 minutes including round breaks) could be shown without edits.

21/5/60, Ellesmere Port, 9-9.30

Dennis Mitchell v Bill Robinson

Monty Swann v Bob Steele

There was no wrestling on 28/5/50.

4/6/60, Coventry Drill Hall, 9-9.30

Gordon Nelson v Mario Macassa

Mick McManus v Inca Peruano

18/6/60, Bolton, 9-9.30

Tommy Mann (2) v Tony Charles (1)

Inca Peruano (1) v Bob Steele (1)

20/8/60, Purley, 3.45-4.30

Johnny Allan v Josef Zaranoff

Jackie Pallo v Bobby Steele

27/8/60, Wolverhampton, 3.45-4.30

Robert Duranton v Ernest Baldwin

Jim Mellor v Stefan Milla

3/9/60, Blackburn, 3.35-4.30

Billy Joyce (British Heavyweight Champion) v Albert Wall

Arthur Ricardo v Cyril Morris

10/9/60, Crewe, 3.45-4.30

Ernie Kingston v Francis Gregory

Keith Williamson v Joe Critchley

17/9/60, New Brighton, 3.45-4.30

Dennis Mitchell v Mihaly Kuti

Dean Stockton v Monty Swann

24/9/60, Wembley, 3.49-4.35

Ramon Napolitano v Gordon Nelson

Gil Cesca v Tony Charles

1/10/60, Purley, 3.55-4.35

Georges Gordienko v Ray Apollon

Mel Riss vs Al Micquet

8/10/60, Rotherham, 3.45-4.30

Massambula v Antonio Montor

Billy Two Rivers v Joe Cornelius

Young Vulcan v Cliff Belshaw

15/10/60, Purley, 3.45-4.30

Ivan Josef Zaranoff v Kurt Stein

Kwango v Steve Logan

Bob Anthony v Ted Hannon

22/1/60, Wembley (3.30-4.30)

Jack Dempsey (British Empire Welterweight Champion) v Bob Archer

Billy Howes v Tibor Szakas

29/10/60, Beckenham, 3.45-4.30

Great Togo v Tony Mancelli

Tommy Mann v Ed Mangotich

5/11/60, Wembley, 3.28-4.31

Al Nicol v Jean Morandi

Julien Morice v Alan Colbeck

Joe Cornelius v Jose Olivera

12/11/60, Leicester, 3.45-4.30

Jim Foley v Alan Colbeck (European Welterweight Champion)

Billy Joyce (British Heavyweight Champion) v Yves Amor

Bill Rawlings v Robert Macdonald

19/11/60, Huddersfield, 3.45-4.30

Concejo Lucon v Tony Charles

Chich Purvey v Jack Pallo

The Great Togo v Vic Stewart

26/11/60, Chesterfirld, 3.45-4.30

Jamie Oliver v Bill Howes

Francis Sullivan v Jim Rawlings

Ernie Riley v Don Branch

3/12/60, Bradford, 3.20-3.40 & 4.10-4.30

Henry (Harry) Fields (FF) v Clayton Thompson (F)

British Lightweight champion Melvin Riss (FF) vs Alan Dennison (0)

Jim Hussey (KO) vs Cyril Morris)

Billed but may not have happened:

Matthius Rosges v John Allan

10/12/60, Purley, 3.30-4.30

Antonio Monturro v Steve Logan

Jim Hart v Black Kwango

17/12/60, Lime Grove, 3.30-4.45

Jim Breaks v Julien Maurice

John Forley v Harry Fields

Dave Armstrong v Eric Leiderman

24/12/60, New Brighton, 3.30-4.45

Dennis Mitchell v Jim Hussey

Bill Howes v Alf Cadman

Steve Milla v Jim Mellor

An article in that week's TV Times claimed Let's Go viewing figures rose by two million when the wrestling began.

31/12/60, Beckenham, 3.33-4.50

Al Hayes v Golden Ray Apollon

Tony Charles v Chick Purvey

Julien Morice (billed as Julian Maurice in TV Times) v Ted Hannon

Doug Joyce v Erid Liederman

Commentator Peter Cockburn

31/12/60, Coventry, 7-7.30

Jackie Pallo v Bobby Steele

Buddy Cody v Billy Robinson

Jack Dempsey v Bob Anthony

Seamus Donlevy v Digger Rowell

(Note two shows broadcast on 31/12/60)