Wrestling was broadcast on Saturday afternoons (all year) and Wednesday evenings (until July, when regular midweek wrestling broadcasts ended after a 12-year run).

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S 3/1/76 (Gravesend, taped 18/12/75)

Welterweight: Clive Myers (W. Indies) (F) v Mick West (Chatham) (0)

Heavyweight: Mike Marino (Streatham) (F) v Bruno Elrington (Portsmouth) (S)

Heavyweight: Dave Bond (Deptford) (0) v Johnny Czeslaw (Poland) (0)

W 7/1/76 (11pm-12midnight) (Preston, taped 27/11/75)

It's mayhem on the mat time again, with Kent Walton introduucing an all-star line-up from the ringside at the Guildhall, Preston.

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (FF) V John Scott & Bob Richardson (0)

S 10/1/76 (Gravesend, taped 18/12/75))

Midheavyweight: Spencer Churchill (Kew) (FF) v Mel Stuart (Maidstone) (F)

Heavyweight: Johnny Yearsley (Cardiff) (F) v Tibor Szakacs (Hungary) (FF)

Lightweight: Steve Grey (Peckham) (0) v John Naylor (Wigan) (F) /p>

W 14/1/76 (11.30pm-12midnight) (Preston, taped 27/11/75)

Kent Walton is at the ringside at Preston Guild Hall to bring you all the action from a top bout.

Billy Howes (F) V Alan Wood (S)

S 17/1/76 (Leicester, taped 13/1/76))

Catchweight Knockout Trophy

The first two bouts on today's bill for the preliminary rounds to this special tournament. The four fighters are:

Jim Breaks (British lightweight champion). Alan Dennison (Denholme). Mick McMichael (Doncaster). Bobby Ryan (European lightweight champion).

Breaks (S) v McMichael (0)

Ryan (F) v Dennison (0)

Heavyweight: Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Roy St. Clair (Cornwall) (F) (This video may be the match broadcast on 16/6/76)

The final to the Knock-Out Trophy can be seen on World Of Sport next Saturday.

W 21/1/76 (11.25pm-11.55pm) (Preston, taped 27/11/75)

Kent Walton is at the ringside at the Guildhall, Preston.

Johnny Saint (FF) V Tally Ho Kaye (F)

S 24/1/76 (Leicester, taped 13/1/76)

Middleweight: Catweazle (Doncaster) (RSF) v Tally Ho Kaye (Burnley)

British Heavyweight Title Fight: Holder - Gwynn Davies (Wales) (F) v Challenger - Mike Marino (World and British Mid-Heavyweight Champion) (F) (DKO)

Final Catchweight Knockout Trophy

The winner's of last week's Semi-Finals bouts fight it out for this new trophy. (Breaks (FF) v Ryan (F))

W 28/1/76 (11.25pm-11.55pm) (Wembley, taped 15/12/75)

Kent Walton introduces two top heavyweight contests from Brent Town Hall, North London.

'Tug' Holton (Waterloo, London) (F) v Romany Riley (Ashford, Kent) (FF)

Steve Viedor (Croydon) v Bruno Elrington (Portsmouth) (DQ)

S 31/1/76 (Bradford, taped 28/1/76)

Heavyweight: Big Daddy (Leeds) (KO) v Jamaica Kid (Kingston) (F)

Lightweight: George Kidd (World Lightweight Champion from Dundee) (F) v Maurice Hunter (Warrington) (0)

Heavyweight: Bill Howes (Bolton) (S) v Lee Thomas (Dundee) (F) (DCOR)

W 4/2/76 (11.30pm-12midnight)

From Brent Town Hall, Kent Walton brings you the ringside commentary.

Catchweight: Ivan Penzecoff (Bolton) v Lee Bronson (Balham)

Middleweight: Mick McManus (Britain) v Bill Torontos (U.S.A.)

S 7/2/76 (Bradford, taped 28/1/76)

This week in his first television appearance as a wrestler is that champion of the showjumping arena, Harvey Smith.

Catchweight: Harvey Smith (Bingley) (F) v Jack Mulligan (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) (0)

Heavyweight: Ray Steele (Wakefield) (F, DQ) v Mal 'Kojak' Kirk (Featherstone) (F)

Middleweight: Kevin Coneely (Liverpool) (F) v Jeff Kaye (Hull) (F) (NC)

W 11/2/76 (11.35pm-12.5am, Wembley, taped 15/12/76)

Two bouts between top grunt and groan grapplers. The commentator at Brent Town Hall, North London, is Kent Walton.

Catchweight: Johnny Kwango (Lagos, West Africa) (FF) v Sid Cooper (Queensbury, Yorkshire) (S)

Heavyweight: Giant Haystacks, 31 stone giant (KO) v Pete Roberts (Camberwell) (F)

S 14/2/76 (Southend, taped 4/2/76)

Heavyweight: Steve Viedor (Croydon) (F) v Pete Roberts (Worcester) (0)

Catchweight: Mick McManus (New Cross) (F) v Tony St. Clair (Manchester) (F) (DKO)

Catchweight: Robby Baron (Sydenham) (0) v Romany Riley (Ashford) (F)

S 21/2/76 (Southend, taped 4/2/76)

Midheavyweight: Johnny Wilson (Cosham) (0) v Steve Logan (Brixton) (F)

Middleweight: Mark Rocco (Manchester) (F) v Kung Fu (FF)

Heavyweight: Count Bartelli (Crewe) (F) v John Elijah (Walthamstow) (0)

S 28/2/76 (Sheffield, taped 25/2/76)

Catchweight: Marty Jones (Oldham) (F) v Pete Roberts (Worcester) (FF)

Catchweight: Alan Dennison (F) v Jeff Kaye (Leeds) (0)

Heavyweight: Klondyke Jake (Birmingham) v Tibor Szakacs (Hungary) (DQ)

(Dennison replaced the billed George Kidd.)

W 3/3/76 (Solihull, taped 10/2/76)

Bobby Ryan (FF) v Jim Breaks (F)

Big Daddy v Pete Curry (NC)

Not billed but possibly broadcast: John Naylor (F) v Colin Bennett (0)

S 6/3/76 (Sheffield, taped 25/2/76)

John Naylor (F) v Bill Ross (F) (NC)

Barry Douglas (F) v Johnny Peters (0)

Zoltan Boscik/Jim Breaks (FF) v Clive Myers/? Bardouille (F)

Billed but not broadcast: Catweazle v ? Jenkins

W 10/3/76 (Solihull, taped 10/2/76)

Honeyboy Zimba (F) v Barry Douglas (0)

Commonwealth Heavyweight champion Count Bartelli (FF) v Pete Roberts (0)

Not billed but possibly broadcast: Vic Faulkner/Bert Royal (FF) v Sid Cooper/Alan Dennison (0)

On the same day, a special edition of Les Dawson's 'Sez Lez' show featured Steve Veidor, Bruno Elrington, John Yearsley and Brian Maxine.

S 13/3/76 (Walkden, taped 10/3/76)

Billy Howes (F) v Roy St Clair (F)

Kendo Nagasaki (S, KO) v Ray Steele (F)

Gwyn Davies (F) v Rex Strong (0)

W 17/3/76 (Catford/Lewisham, taped 1/3/76)

Ivan Penzecoff (SS) v Dave Bond (0)

Steve Veidor (F, DQ) v Big Daddy (F)

S 20/3/76 (Walkden, taped 10/3/76)

Moe Hunter (FF) v Mike Jordan (0)

Big Daddy (KO) v Ali Shah (0)

W 24/3/76 (Catford/Lewisham, taped 1/3/76)

Tony Costas (F) v Steve Grey (F)

Kendo Nagasaki (S, COR) v Count Bartelli (S)

S 27/3/76 (Nottingham, taped 23/3/76)

This was a special team event with the match-ups decided by coin tosses. It concluded on the 3/4/76 broadcast.

Vic Faulkner (FF) v Phil Pearson (F) >

Bobby Ryan (FF) v Jim Breaks (S)

Jackie Turpin (F) v Peter Kaye (S, DQ)

Alan Dennison (S, COR) v Roy Paul (0)

W 31/3/76 (Catford/Lewisham, taped 1/3/76)

Alan Sergeant (FF) v Peter Szakacs (S)

Brian Maxine (FF) v Mick McMichael (0)

S 3/4/76 (Nottingham, taped 23/3/76)

Kevin Conneely (FF) v Brian Hunt (0)

Bert Royal (F, DQ) v Terry O'Neill (0)

Alan Dennison/Vic Faulkner/Bobby Ryan (FFF) v Jim Breaks/Peter Kaye/Phil Pearson

W 7/4/76 (Leeds, taped 17/3/76)

Count Bartelli (F) v Roy St Clair (0)

Alan Dennison (S) v Clive Myers (F)

S 10/4/76 (Croydon, taped 6/4/76)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Tony Costas (F)

Mick McManus (F, S) v Ricky Silver (0)

Big Daddy/Giant Haystacks (FF) v Tibor Szakacs/ Steve Veidor(F)

Boscik replaced the billed Jackie Robinson.

W 14/4/76 (Leeds, taped 17/3/76)

Colin Bennett (FF) v Bob Bibby (0)

Marty Jones (RSF) v Mark Rocco

S 17/4/76 (Croydon, taped 6/4/76)

Catweazle (F, RSF) v Bob Kirkwood (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (F, KO) v Prince Kumali (0)

Rex Strong (SS) v Romany Riley (F)

M 19/4/76 (Easter Monday), Bolton

King Ben v Black Jack Mulligan

Jim Breaks v Mo Hunter

Royal Brothers (Vic Faulkner and Bert Royal) v Steve Logan and Mick McManus

W 21/4/76 (Leeds, taped 17/3/76)

Gwyn Davies v Giant Haystacks (DDQ)

Jackie Robinson (FF) v John Naylor (F)

S 24/4/76 (Woking, taped 21/4/76)

Mike Marino (F) v Lee Bronson (0)

Mick McManus (F, S) v Kung Fu (S)

Steve Veidor/Tibor Szakacs (DQ) v Big Daddy/Giant Haystacks (S)

W 28/4/76 (Aylesbury, taped 22/3/76)

Steve Logan (F) v Pete Roberts (F)

Kung Fu (KO) v Sid Cooper (0)

Mike Marino (FF) v Honey Boy Zimba (F)

S 1/5/76

Although it was FA Cup Final day, wrestling did not air.

W 4/5/76

Wrestling was replaced by football.

S 8/5/76 (Woking, taping date unknown)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Steve Grey (0)

Ivan Penzecoff (F) v Mel Stuart (0)

Klondyke Jake (KO) v Romany RIley (F)

W 12/5/76 (Aylesbury, taped 22/3/76)

Johnny Wilson (FF) v Lee Bronson (F)

Johnny Kwango (FF) v Robby Baron (0)

S 15/5/76

Wrestling was replaced by football

W 19/5/76 (Wrexham, taped 6/5/76)

Peter Kaye (F) v Little Prince (0)

Mick McMichael (FF) v Jeff Kaye (0)

S 22/5/76 (Sheffield, taped 19/5/76)

This was an England v Scotland themed show.

Bill Ross (F) v Vic Faulkner (0)

Kung Fu (DQ) v Tom Dowie (0)

Jim Breaks (SS) v Len Ironside (F)

W 26/5/76 (Wrexham, taped 6/5/76)

Bobby Ryan (F) v Johnny Saint (F)

S 29/5/76

Wrestling was replaced by football.

W 2/6/76 (Wrexham, taped 6/5/76)

Kendo Nagasaki (F) v Gwyn Davies (0)

Wild Angus (RSF) v Honey Boy Zimba (0)

S 5/6/76

Wrestling was replaced by schoolboy international football.

W 9/6/76

Wrestling was not broadcast.

S 12/6/76 (Southport, taped 2/6/76)

Mick McManus (FF) v Catweazle (F)

Moe Hunter v King Ben (0)

Jim Breaks (F, S) v Mike Jordan (0)

W 16/6/76 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 25/5/76)

Spencer Churchill (S) v Eddie Capelli (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Roy St Clair (0) (This video may be the bough broadcast on 17/1/76.

This show was repeated on 21/6/76.

S 19/6/76 (Southport, taped 2/6/76)

Marty Jones (FF) v Peter Kaye (0)

Big Daddy (KO) v Roy St Clair

Wild Angus (FF) v Magnificent Maurice

W 23/6/76 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 25/5/76)

Mike Marino (F) v Steve Veidor (0)

Brian Maxine (F) v Ivan Penzecoff (0)

S 26/6/76

Wrestling was replaced by golf.

W 30/6/76 (Sheffield, taped 19/5/76)

Exorcist (KO) v Jeff Kay

John Kowalski (F) v Tibor Szakacs (F)

S 3/7/76

Instead of British wrestling, ITV broadcast footage of Muhammed Ali v Antonio Inoki from Tokyo, and highlights of the undercard from the Shea Stadium closed-circuit broadcast of the fight, including Andre the Giant v Chuck Wepner. >

W 7/7/76 (Catford/Lewisham, taping date unknown)

Steve Grey v Tony Costas

Kendo Nagasaki v Count Bartelli

S 10/7/76 (Lincoln, taped 30/6/76)

John Naylor (F) v Bobby Ryan (0)

Bert Royal (F, KO) v Sid Cooper (0)

Marty Jones (FF) v Mark Rocco (0)

W 14/7/76 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 25/5/76)

Brian Maxine (F) v Ivan Penzecoff (0)

Giant Haystacks (KO) v John Elijah

This appears to have been the final regular mid-week showing of wrestling on ITV.

S 17/7/76 (Woking, 21/4/76)

Sid Cooper v Robby Baron

Romany Riley v Wayne Bridges (W) >

Klondyke Jake v John Kowalski

24/7/76 (Royal Albert Hall, taped 26/5/76)

Vic Faulkner (F) v Zoltan Boscik (0)

British Heavyweight champion Gwyn Davies (S, RSF) v Steve Veidor (0)

Brian Maxine (F) v Mick McMichael (0)

31/7/76 (Royal Albert Hall, taped 26/5/76)

Bert Royal (F) v Roy St Clair (0)

George Gillette/Kendo Nagasaki (S, F) v Mick McManus/Steve Logan (S)

Jim Breaks (S) v Jon Cortez

7/8/76 (Bedworth, taped 3/8/76)

Johnny Czeslaw (F) v Honey Boy Zimba (F)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Peter Stewart (0)

Marty Jones (KO) v Alan Wood (0)

Wood replaced the billed Brian Maxine.

14/8/76 (Bedworth, taped 3/8/76)

John Naylor (FF) v Colin Bennett (F)

Big Daddy (F) v Ian Muir (0)

Wild Angus (S, F) v Jack Rowlands (F)

21/8/76 (Southport, taped 18/8/76)

World Lightweight title tournament quarter final: Bobby Ryan (FF) v Jackie Robinson (F)

World Lightweight title tournament quarter final: Johnny Saint (F, COR) v Bill Ross (0)

Magnificent Maurice (S) v Kenny Hogan

28/8/76 (Southport, taped 18/8/76)

World Lightweight title tournament quarter final: Zoltan Boscik (SS) v Little Prince (F)

World Lightweight title tournament quarter final: Jim Breaks (F, S) v Tony Kelly (F)

Magnificent Maurice (S) v Kenny Hogan (0)

4/9/76 (Catford/Lewisham, taped 25/8/76)

Romany Riley (F) v Bert Royal (F)

Jon Cortez (F) v Alan Sargent (0)

Steve Veidor (FF) v Roy St Clair (F)

11/9/76 (Catford/Lewisham, taped 25/8/76)

Count Bartelli (F) v John Kowalski (F)

Vic Faulkner (FF) v Steve Grey (F)

Clive Myers (F) v Eddie Capelli (0)

18/9/76 (Castleford, taped 15/9/76)

Bill Ross (F) v Moe Hunter

Mick McManus (F, S) v Mick McMichael (S)

Mike Marino (KO) v Tom Dowie


Wrestling was replaced by golf.


Wrestling was replaced by golf.

9/10/76 (Castleford, taped 15/9/76)

Steve Logan (FF) v Tony Walsh

Roy St Clair (F, DQ) v Ray Glendenning (F)

Dynamite Kid (FF) v Pete Meredith (F)

16/10/76 (Wolverhampton, taped 12/10/76)

World Lightweight title tournament semi-final: Jim Breaks (S) v Bobby Ryan (F)

World Lightweight title tournament semi-final: Johnny Saint (S, RSF) v Zoltan Boscik (S)

Big Daddy (KO) v Tubby Hodgson (0)

23/10/76 (Wolverhampton, taped 12/10/76)

Peter Kaye v King Ben (DKO)

Kendo Nagasaki (S, RSF) v Gwyn Davies (S)

For vacant British Light-heavyweight title: Marty Jones (FF) v Mark Rocco (F)

30/10/76 (Lincoln, taped 30/6/76)

Gwyn Davies (DQ) v Giant Haystacks

Dynamite Kid v Alan Dennison (NC)

Peter Kaye (F) v Mick McMichael (0)>


Wrestling was replaced by tennis.

13/11/76 (Bolton, taped 3/11/76)

Lee Thomas (DW) v Hans Streiger (0)

World Lightweight title tournament final: Johnny Saint (FF) v Jim Breaks (S)

Th 18/11/76 (Bolton, taped 3/11/76)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Peter Kaye (0)

Bert Royal (F) v Kenny Hogan (0)

Vic Faulkner (F) v Jack Mulligan (0)

Kid/Faulkner/Royal (FFF) v Hogan/Kaye/Mulligan (S)

20/11/76 (Croydon, taped 16/11/76)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Steve Grey (0)

Steve Veidor (F) v Gordon Corbett (0)

Steve Logan/Mick McManus (FF) v Robby Baron/Alan Sargent (F)

27/11/76 (Croydon, taped 16/11/76)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Johnny Kincaid (0)

Count Bartelli (F) v Bronco Wells (0)

Kung Fu (F) v Sid Cooper (0)

4/12/76 (Solihull, taped 30/11/76)

Bobby Ryan (F) v Moe Hunter (0)

Johnny Saint (F, DQ) v Mick McManus (F)

Marty Jones (0) v Terry Rudge (0)

Rudge replaced the billed Steve Wright.

11/12/76 (Solihull, taped 30/11/76)

John Naylor (F) v Alan Dennison (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Colin Joynson (0)

Mark Rocco (S) v King Ben (0)

That week's issue of the TV Times contained an article about Kendo Nagasaki's sideline as a faith healer. The article mentioned that he had been voted most popular and most hated by spectactors at Belle Vue.


Wrestling appears not to have been broadcast.


Wrestling was not broadcast.

The following matches took place at taped shows but were not broadcast.

Woking, 21/4/76: Robby Baron (KO) v Sid Cooper (0), Wayne Bridges (F, F) v Bas Riley (F), Klondyke Jake (RSF) v John Kowalski

Aylesbury, 28/4/76, Mick McManus (2) v Peter Wilson (0)

Wrexham, 6/5/76: Big Daddy (1) v Barry Douglas (0)

Sheffield, 19/5/76: Bert Royal (F) v Johnny Saint (0)

Royal Albert Hall, 26/5/76: Mike Marino (DQ) v Giant Haystacks