Post-1988 (ITV)

Although British wrestling was no longer televised nationally after 1988, several shows appeared on individual regional ITV stations, while US wrestling appeared both regionally and nationally. Note that the return of "World of Sport Wrestling" to national ITV is covered on the page for 2016.

Wrestling Around The World


American Wrestling

Transatlantic Wrestling Challenge

Celebrity Wrestling

Wrestling Around The World

This promotion, run by Jackie Pallo, taped one event for broadcast on satellite television. Shows later appeared on Central.

Northampton, 11/2/89

Ken Knight (W) v Wayne Martin

Ricky Skarlo (W) v Mad Monk

Karl Kramer (W) v Ricky Cortez

Johnny Kincaid (W) v Killer Kowalski

Prince Maan Singh (W) v Bull Pratt

The Mummy (W) v Rex Lane

Samurai Garka (W) v Dick Slater

Dave George (W) v Garry Gibbs

Ray Apollon (W) v Ted Tench

Jackie Pallo Jr (W) v Rocky James

Johnny Kincaid (W) v Bull Pratt

Steve Kelly (W) v The Bulldog

The Guardsman (W) v Kurt Heinz

Battle Royale won by Masked Solitaire (Mel Eyres, aka Steve Serene)


Two events, without a promotional banner, were taped in Scotland with Kent Walton on commentary. The resulting shows appear to have aired in the on Grampian, Tyne Tees and Granada regions.

Abderdeen, 19/10/90.

Big Daddy/Johnny Kidd (W) v Anaconda/Kamikazi

Alan Kilby (W) v Jake Mitchell

Giant Haystacks (W) v Jamaica George

Danny Collins (W) v Tony Stewart

Ian McGregor (W) v Ray Robinson

Ian McGregor (DQ) v Ray Steele

Aberdeen, 20/10/90.

World Mid-Heavyweight champion Marty Jones (W) v Danny Collins

Big Daddy/Johnny Kidd (W) v Count von Zuppi & John Wilkie

Giant Haystacks (W) v Rory Campbell

Andy Robbins (W) v The Phantom

Greg Valentine (W) v Rex Lane

Chic Cullen (W) v Tony Stewart

Ian McGregor v Alan Kilby.(D)

Another two events were taped in 1993 (dates unknown) for broadcast on Grampian. Commentary was by Brian Crabtree and Dave Lanning:

Aberdeen, 11/10/93

Ian McGregor v Rex Lane

Dale Preston v Andy Strong

Big Daddy/Tony Stewart v Undertakers Doom & Gloom

Frank (Chic) Cullen v Mike Roberts

Giant Haystacks vs John Prayter

Pat Roach vs Bearcat Brody

Aberdeen, 12/10/93

We don't have the precise line-up but it appears to have been a different combination of matches with the same crew.

American Wrestling

As well as the occasional WWF broadcasts as part of the British wrestling slot in 1987 and 1988, there were several cases of American wrestling appearing on ITV:

Transatlantic Wrestling Challenge

This was a six-episode series originally aired in 2000 in the Meridian, Anglia and HTV regions. It was later shown nationally on digital channel ITV 2.

The series featured a 16 man tournament, with eight wrestlers from the UK and eight representing the United States. The tournament began with a round-robin stage of four groups:

The top two finishers in each group then advanced to the knockout stages. The tournament was won by Sinn, beating Gary Steele in the final. The last show also featured Nikita beating Riptide to win the TWC Ladies trophy.

Celebrity Wrestling

This reality game-show aired on ITV on Saturday evenings in 2005. After five weeks of extremely poor ratings, it was moved to Sunday mornings for the rest of its run. Despite the title, and the presence of pro wrestlers Roddy Piper, Joe Legend and D Lo Brown, the show did not feature wrestling matches, but ratheli Gladiators-style challenges. The show featured two teams:

The Crusaders

This team was trained by wrestler D-Lo Brown

The Warriors

This team was trained by wrestler Joe Legend

The Warriors won the team event.