Wrestling was broadcast on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. The taping schedule varied from week to week depending on the location. Where no taping date is given, the matches will usually have been broadcast live (on Saturdays) or later the same evening (on Wednesdays).

We have listed matches that took place at the events but were not billed for broadcast in the Midlands. These may have been shown in some or all parts of the country.

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S 4/1/69, Brent

Mike Marino v Al Fontayne

Lindy Caulder v Mike Eagers

Billy Torontos v Johnny Kwango

W 8/1/69, Southport

Jim Hussey (W) v Billy Howes

Colin Joynson (KO) v Steve Young

S 11/1/69, Southport (taped 8/11/69)

Peter Stewart (W) v Bobo Matu

John Lees (RSF) v Gwynn Davies

Steve Logan (1) v Johnny Eagles (1)

W 15/1/69, Sheffield

Dory Dixon (DQ) v Roy Davis

Jackie Pallo (RSF) v Alan Colbeck

S 19/1/69, Sheffield (taped 15/1/69)

Jim Breaks (British lightweight champion) (W) v Zolton Boscik

Al Miquet (1) v Mike Bennett (0)

Shozo Kobayashi (RSF) v Tibor Szakacs

W 22/1/69, Blackburn

Gwynn Davies (KO) v Geoff Portz (billed as Davies v Jan Louis Breston)

Masambula (W) v Pete Stewart

S 25/1/69, Blackburn (taped 25/1/69)

Steve Veidor (1) v Josef Molnar (1)

Colin Joynson (W) v Pete Roberts

Billy Howes (W) v Albert Wall

W 29/1/69

Wrestling was not broadcast because of football.

S 1/2/69, Greenwich

Les Kellet v Al Fontayne

Alan Sargeant v Zoltan Boscik

Vladimir v Wayne Bridges

W 5/2/69

Wrestling appears not to have been shown, with figure skating in its place.

S 8/2/69, Greenwich (taped 1/2/69)

Mick McManus (RSF) v Roger Green

Clay Thomson (W) v Tug Holton

Charles Verhulst (W) v Honeyboy Zimba

W 12/2/69

Wrestling was not broadcast

S 15/2/69, Wolverhampton (taped 11/2/69)

Les Kellett (1) v Bert Royal (1)

Josef Molnar (KO) v Pete Roberts

Quasimodo (KO) v Roy St Clair

Not billed: Johnny Eagles (W) v Peter Stewart, Vic Faulkner (W) v Alan Woods

W 19/2/69

Wrestling was not broadcast because of football.

S 22/2/69, Blackpool (taped 19/2/69)

Mick McManus (W) v Leon Fortuna

Rocky Wall (KO) v Prince Kumali

Pete Roberts (W) v Colin Joynson

Not billed: Al Miquet (W) v Ian Gilmour

W 26/2/69, Hemel Hempstead (taped 25/2/69)

Wolfgang Starck (1) v Tony Charles (1)

Ray Fury (KO) v Lee Sharron

Not billed: Crusher Verdu (W) v Roy St Clair, Iggy Borg (1) v Jon Cortez (1)

S 1/3/69, Wembley

Al Hayes (1) v Mike Marino (1)

Honeyboy Zimba (1) v Ivan Penzekoff (0)

Julien Morice (1) v Ray McGuire (1)

W 5/3/69, Hemel Hempstead

Jon Cortez vs Ignatius Borg

Roy St Clair vs Oscar Verdu

S 8/3/69, Wembley (taped 1/3/69)

Mick McManus (W) v Len Hurst 

Tony Charles (KO) v Bob Kirkwood

Robby Baron (1) v Jim Fitzmaurice (1)

W 12/3/69

Wrestling was not broadcast because of football.

S 15/3/69, Huddersfield (taped 11/3/69)

Jackie Pallo (1) v Vic Faulkner (1)

Bert Royal (1) v Mick McMichael (1)

Alan Dennison (W) v Jon Cortez

Al Nicol (DQ) v Sid Cooper

(The billed line-up was Pallo-Royal and Dennison-Faulkner.)

W 19/3/69, Trowell (taped 18/3/69)

Masambula (KO) v Colin Joynson

Mick McMichael (W) v Jeff Kaye

S 22/3/69, Trowell (taped 18/3/69)

Mick McManus (RSF) v Ted Heath;

Dory Dixon (W) v Steve Haggetty

Bert Mychel (1) v Barry Douglas (1)

W 26/3/69

Wrestling was not broadcast because of football. Jackie Pallo appeared in that week's TV Times as the guest in Kathie Webber's Star Cooks Course.

S 29/3/69, Hemel Hempstead

Ian Campbell (W) v John Cox

Johnny Kwango (1) v Peter Rann (1)

Clay Thomson (1) v Steve Haggetty (0)

W 1/4/69, Croydon (most likely taped 31/3/69)

Tibor Szakacs (DQ) v Yuri Borienko

Wayne Bridges (W) v Prince Kumali

Alan Miquet (1) v ? Bailey

Not billed: Steve Veidor v Sean Regan (NC), Terry Rudge (KO) v Kalmen Gaston

S 5/4/63, Hemel Hempstead (taped 29/3/69)

Mike Eagers 1-0 Leon Fortuna

Les Kellett kod Tug Holton

Professor Adiwasser bt Roy St Clair


W 9/4/69, Winsford

Abe Ginsberg (W) v Peter Stewart.

S 12/4/69, Winsford (taped 9/4/69)

Billy Howes (DQ) v Steve Logan

Les Kellett (KO) v Pete Roberts

Alan Woods (1) v Johnny Eagles (0)

W 16/4/69, Bradford (taped 14/4/69)

Steve Veidor v John Lees (NC)

Jim Breaks (W) v Mike Bennett

S 19/4/69, Bradford (taped 14/4/69)

Peter Preston (RSF) v Mick McMichael

Alan Colbeck (W) v Al Miquet

Peter Stewart (W) v Roy St Clair

W 23/4/69, Shoreditch

Crusher Verdu (W) v Wayne Bridges

Zolton Boscik (1) v Julien Morice (1)

S 26/4/69, Wembley (12.50-1.50)

Mick McManus/Steve Logan (W) v Vassilios Mantopolous/Armand Zarpanalian (billed as 'Our Man Zorba'!)

George Kidd (W) v Leon Fortuna

Les Kellett (DQ) v Abe Ginsberg-DISQ

Not billed: Sean Regan (KO) v Mark Anthony, Johnny Czeslaw (1) v Ray Fury (1), Adrian Street (KO) v Roger Green

This was the annual FA Cup Final day special. It appears Street vs Green may have been shown in some areas but not in London.

W 30/4/69, Shoreditch (taped 23/4/69)

Steve Veidor (KO) v Honeyboy Zimba

Peter Rann (W) v Linde Caulder

S 3/5/59,  W 7/5/69 and S 10/5/69

Wrestling was not broadcast. A show was recorded in Sheffield on 7/5/69 featuring Ian Campbell v Jock Cameron (NC), Alf Marquette (DQ) v Alan Colbeck, Pancho Zapatta (W) v Jeff Kaye, Mike Marino (DQ) v Steve Logan, Seiji Siguyama (RSF) v Henri Pierlot and Jon Cortez (1) v Jim Breaks (0).

W 14/5/69, Morecambe

Adrian Street (1) v Ted Heath (0)

Seiji Siguyama (DQ) v Roy Bull Davis

Barry Douglas v Abe Ginsberg

S 17/5/69, Morecambe (taped 14/5/69)

Les Kellett (KO) v Bobby Graham

Jon Cortez (1) v Zolton Boscik (1)

W 21/5/69, Croydon (taped 20/5/69)

Mick McManus (W) v Alan Sergeant

Tibor Szakacs (1) v Pat Roach (1)

Not billed: Jon Cortez (KO) v Julien Morice

S 24/5/69, St Albans (taped 23/5/69)

Jean Ferre (KO) v Jim Hussey

Ray Fury (KO) Ivan Penzekoff

Bob Kirkwood (W) Terry Rudge

(Ferre would later be known as Andre The Giant.)

W 28/5/69, Croydon (taped 20/5/69)

Bruno Elrington (W) v John Lees

Mike Eagers (1) v Brian Maxine (1)

S 31/5/69, St Albans (taped 23/5/69)

Len Hurst (KO) v Sid Cooper

Steve Veidor (W) v Johnny Czeslaw

Adrian Street Esq (W) v Pancho Zapatta

W 4/6/69

Wrestling was not broadcast because of football.

S 7/6/69, Wolverhampton (taped 3/6/69)

Les Kellett (W) v Ian Gilmour (billed as Kellett v Bert Royal)

Vic Faulkner (1) v Johnny Saint (1)

Masambula (DQ) v Steve Logan

Not billed: Alan Woods (W) v Terry Downs 

W 11/6/69, Watford

Bobby Barnes/Adrian Street (Hells Angels) (W) v Peter Szakacs/Kalmen Gaston (Magyars)

Alan Sergeant (2) v Ray McGuire (0)

S 14/6/69, Wembley

Albert Sanniez (KO) v Dick Conlon

Mike Eagers (1) v Chris Bailey (0)

Mike Marino (1) v Tibor Szakacs (1)

W 18/6/69, Watford (taped 11/6/69)

Jackie Pallo (KO) v Roger Green

Al Hayes 1-1 Sean Regan

S 21/6/69, Wembley (taped 14/6/69)

Mick McManus (W) v Reg Trood;

Zolton Boscik (1) v Julien Morice (0)

Wayne Bridges (2) v Steve Haggetty (0)

W 25/6/69, Bedford (taped 23/6/69)

Steve Veidor (1) v Wild Angus (1)

Johnny Kwango (1) v Al Fontayne (0)

Not billed: Jim Hussey (W) v Bob Kirkwood

S 28/6/69, Bedford (taped 23/6/69)

Mike Marino (W) v John Cox

Also billed: Leon Fortuna v Tony Costas

Honeyboy Zimba v Steve Haggetty

W 2/7/69, Huddersfield (taped 1/7/69)

Jim Breaks (W) v Jim McKenzie

Roy St Clair (DQ) v Gargentua

S 5/7/69, Huddersfield (taped 1/7/69)

Steve Logan (DQ) v Les Kellett

Lee Thomas v Tony Orford (NC)

Alan Dennison (0) v Mick McMichael (0)

W 9/7/69, Barrow in Furness

Les Kellett/Mike Marino (1) v Jim Hussey/Roy Davis (1)

Jim Breaks (1) v Ted Hannon (0)

S 12/7/69, Barrow in Furness (taped 9/7/69)

Mick McMichael (1) v Peter Preston (1)

Alan Colbeck (KO) v Al Nicol

Albert Wall (DQ) v Wild Angus

W 16/7/69, Hemel Hempstead (taped 15/7/69)

Pat Roach (W) v Al Hayes

Sid Cooper (1) v Jon Cortez (1)

Not billed: Tibor Szakacs (W) v Tony Charles, Bobby Barnes (KO) v Eddie Capelli

S 19/7/69, Wembley

Jackie Pallo (KO) v P.Szakacs

Reg Trood (1) v Tiger Ryan (0)

Sean Regan (1) v Al Fontayne (0)

W 23/7/69

Wrestling was broadcast but no venue or listing was billed.

S 26/7/69, Wembley (taped 19/7/69)

Mick McManus (W) v Alan Dennison 

Steve Veidor (1) v John Lees (1)

Julien Morice (1) v Robby Baron (0)

W 30/7/69, Wolverhampton

Alf Marquette v Bob Francini

Johnny Saint v Adrian Street

S 2/8/69, Wolverhampton (taped 30/7/69)

Abe Ginsberg v Eric Cutler

Alan Dennison v Steve Young

Jackie Pallo v Mick McMichael

Hans Streiger v ? Duval

W 6/8/69, Southport

Les Kellett (W) v Tony Charles

Colin Joynson (KO) v Alf Marquette

S 9/8/69, Southport (taped 6/8/69)

Vic Faulkner (W) v Johnny Saint

Rocky Wall v Gwynn Davies (DKO)

Terry Downs (RSF) v Mike Dallas

W 13/8/69, Halifax

Les Kellett v Steve Logan (DDQ)

Not billed: Jeff Kaye 1-0 Al Nicol

The billed line-up was Mick McManus v Colin Joynson and Tony Orford v Jeff Kaye

S 16/8/69, Halifax (taped 13/8/69)

Mick McManus (W) v Mick McMichael

Tony Orford (1) v Colin Joynson (1)

Tom Dowrie v Pete Ginsberg

W 20/8/69, Croydon (taped 19/8/69)

Steve Veidor (1) v Albert Wall (1)

Johnny Czeslaw (W) v Clay Thomson

Not billed: Jon Cortez (KO) v Chris Bailey, Peter Szakacs (1) v Eddie Capelli (0), Pat Roach (W) v Jock Cameron

S 23/8/69, Catford

Johnny Kwango (DQ) v Brian Maxine

Adrian Street (1) v Johnny Williams (0)

Tibor Szakacs (1) v Ray Hunter (1)

W 27/8/69, Croydon

Blackbear Angus v Pat Roach

Chris Bailey v Jon Cortez

S 30/8/69, Catford (taped 23/8/69)

Mick McManus (KO) v Roger Green

Ray Fury (1) v Ivan Penzekoff (0)

Alan Sergeant (1) v Al Miquet (0)

W 3/9/69, Corby

Tony Charles (W) v Honeyboy Zimba

Zolton Boscik (1) v Leon Fortuna (0)

S 6/9/69, Corby (taped 3/9/69)

Ray Hunter (DQ) v Bruno Elrington

Adrian Street (1) v Ray McGuire (0)

Terry Rudge (1) v Ted Heath (0)

W 10/9/69 and S 13/9/69, Keighley

No matches were billed but the taped bouts were:

Jackie Pallo v Bert Royal (DKO)

Vic Faulkner (1) v Roger Green (0)

Gwynn Davies (1) v Steve Veidor (0)

Rocky Albert Wall (KO) v Mal Kirk

Bobby Graham (1) v Les Herberts (may be Ken Herberts) (0)

It appears Wall-Kirk and Faulkner-Green were shown on the Wednesday.

W 17/9/69 and S 20/9/69, Croydon (taped 16/9/69)

No matches were billed but the taped bouts were:

Bruno Elrington (KO) v Wayne Bridges

Brian Maxine (0) v Jean Corne (0)

Tibor Szakacs (W) v Roy Bull Davis

Len Hurst (0) v Peter Szakacs (0)

Johnny Kwango (1) v Steve Haggetty (0)

It appeares Szakacs-Davis and Maxine-Corne were shown on the Wednesday.

W 24/9/69, Wembley (taped 20/9/69)

Mick McManus (KO) v Ivan Penzekoff

Julien Morice (W) v Johnny Williams

S 27/9/69, Wembley (taped 20/9/69)

Jackie Pallo (W) v Len Hurst

Also billed: Dany Brecht v Mike Marino, Bobby Barnes v Lindy Caulder 

W 1/10/69, Sheffield

Bert Royal (1) v Colin Joynson (1)

Albert Sanniez (W) v Alan Sergeant

S 4/10/69, Sheffield (taped 1/10/69)

Roy Bull Davis v Barry Douglas (DDQ)

George Kidd (W) v Alan Dennison

Vic Faulkner (KO) v Mike Dallas

W 8/10/69, Southport

Tony Charles (DQ) v Steve Logan

Pete Stewart (W) v Tony St Clair

S 11/10/69, Southport (taped 8/10/69)

Gwynn Davies (1) v Tibor Szakacs (1)

Johnny Saint (W) v Mohammed Meru Ullah

Adrian Street (W) v Mick McMichael

W 15/10/69, Croydon (taped 14/10/69)

Ray Hunter (DQ) v Don Vines

Adrian Street (W) v Peter Szakacs;

Joe Queseck (1) v Johnny Williams (0)

S 18/10/69, St Albans

Mick McManus/Steve Logan (W) v Len Hurst/Johnny Kwango

Also billed: Leon Fortuna v Jimmy Fitzmaurice, Ken Joyce v Ray McGuire

W 22/10/69, Croydon (taped 14/10/69)

Tibor Szakacs bt Guy Lamarre

Ray Fury 1-0 Terry Rudge 

S 25/10/69, St Albans (taped 18/10/69)

Jackie Pallo (W) v Arjit Singh

Pat Roach (1) v Prince Kumali

Zolton Boscik (1) v Tony Costas

W 29/10/69, Nottingham

Alan Dennison (W) v Ian Gilmour

Lee Sharon v Tony Orforf

S 1/11/69, Nottingham (taped 29/10/69)

Jackie Pallo v Mick McMichael (DDQ)

John Cox (KO) v Roy St Clair

Lee Sharron (KO) v Tony Orford

W 5/11/69, Bolton

Steve Wright (KO) v Johnny Locke

Billy Howes (KO) v Luis Salazaar

S 8/11/69, Bolton (taped 5/11/69)

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (W) v Adrian Street/Steve Young

Bobo Matu (W) Bob Francini

Keith Williams (W) v Dave Barrie

W 12/11/69, Venue not listed though possibly Lime Grove

Jack Cameron v Mike Powers

Ted Heath v Peter Preston

S 15/11/69, Hemel Hempstead

Tibor Szakacs (W) v John Lees

Brian Maxine (1) v Julien Morice (0)

Tony Charles (1) v Henri Pierlot (1)

W 19/11/69, Lime Grove (possibly taped 12/11/69)

Mal Kirk v Wayne Bridges

Dave Barrie (billed as Berry) v Mike Jones

S 22/11/69, Hemel Hempstead (taped 15/11/69)

Mick McManus (W) v Johnny Kincaid

Mike Marino (W) v Johnny Czeslaw

Alan Sergeant (1) v Robby Baron (0)

W 26/11/69 and S 29/11/69, Brierly Hill (taped 25/11/69)

Manuel Polman (W) v Mick McMichael

Andy Robbins (RSF) v Lee Sharron

Carlos Moll (DQ) v Gargentua

Dave Barrie v Bill Ross (NC)

Al Nicol (1) v Alan Colbeck (1)

W 3/12/69, Leeds (taped 1/12/69)

White Wolf (RSF) v Henri Pierlot

Tibor Szakacs (W) v Enrique Edo Juan

Andy Robbins v Jock Cameron (NC)

Not billed: Colin Bennett 1-0 Mike Jowett

S 6/12/69, Leeds (taped 1/12/69)

Vic Faulkner/Bert Royal (1) v Abe Gibserg/John Foley (Black Diamonds)

Les Kellett (W) v Steve Young

Ted Heath (DQ) v Ivan Penzekoff

W 10/12/69, Croydon (taped 9/12/69)

Bruno Elrington (W) v Al Hayes

Adrian Street (KO) v Al Nicol

Not billed: Peter Rann 1-0 Arjit Singh

S 13/12/69 or W 17/12/69, Croydon (taped 9/12/69) 

Pat Roach (DQ) v Ray Hunter

Alan Sergeant (W) v Zolton Boscik (billed as Sargeant v Gypsy Gitan Gan Zals)

S 13/12/69 or W 17/12/69, St Albans 

Mick McManus (KO) v Johnny Saint

Mike Marino (1) v Jim Moser (0)

Len Hurst (1) v Leon Fortuna (0)

S 20/12/69, St Albans

Les Kellett (W) v Johnny Yearsley

Steve Veidor (1) v Wayne Bridges (0)

Brian Maxine (1) v Johnny Williams (0)

F 26/12/69

Billy Whitewolf v Jim Hussey

Vic Faulkner/Bert Royal (the Royals) vs Al Miquet/Jon Cortez (The Jet Set)

This Boxing Day broadcast replaced the usual Wednesday slot.

S 27/12/69, Liverpool

Tony Charles (1) v Clayton Thomson (1)

Steve Veidor (DQ) v Gwynn Davies

Colin Joynson (W) v Peter Stewart

W 31/12/69

Wrestling was not broadcast