FA Cup Final Day

Arguably the biggest show of the year was the annual FA Cup Final day special, shown on ITV early in the afternoon before the big match. The traditional slot debuted in 1961.

We have listed the line-ups for each year plus the football results.

6/5/61, Wembley, 1.05

Billy Two Rivers v Francis Sullivan

Commentary by both Peter Cockburn & Kent Walton.

Tottenham Hotspur 2, Leicester City 0

5/5/62, Wembley, 1.20

Bill Howes (European mid-heavyweight champion) v Jacques Lageott (French champion)

Plus appearances "depending on time" from Steve Logan, Gerry Hogan, Jacky Pallo, Monty Swann and Akid Yoshihara. (McManus vs Pallo in a 1-1 draw aired.)

Tottenham Hotspur 3, Burnley 1

25/5/63, Wembley, 1.20-2.40

Mick McManus (Southern area welterweight champion) (W) v Jackie Pallo

Mike Marino (W) v Ski Hi Lee

Steve Logan (W) v Steve Veidor

Sid Cooper (W) v Zolton Boscik

Johnny Kwango (W) v Keith Williams

Manchester United 3, Leicester 1

2/6/64, Wembley, 1.24-2.40 and 3.45-3.55 and 4.50-5.15

Mick McManus/Steve Logan v Vic Faulkner/Bert Royal (The Royals)

Gomez Maxmilliano v Johnny Czeslaw

Joe Murphy v Al Nicol

Al Miquet v Jim Breaks

West Ham United 3, Preston North End 2

1/5/65, Wembley

Our reports on the live event have the following results. We do not currently have confirmation of which matches aired.

Ricky Starr (KO) v Johnny Czeslaw
Mick McManus/Steve Logan (2) v Johnny Kwango/Lindsey Caulder (1)
Jackie Pallo (1) v Bernard Murray (0)
Tony Charles (0) v  Eric Taylor (0)

Liverpool 2, Leeds United 1

S 14/5/66 (Brent Town Hall)

Welterweight: Mick McManus (KO) v Alan Dennison

Tag Team Contest: Bert Royal and Vic Faulkner (Bolton) (W) v Daniel Aubriot and Gil Cesca (Paris)

Light-Heavyweight: Rikki Starr (W) v Steve Logan

Everton 3, Sheffield Wednesday 2

20/5/67 The Clifton Hall, Rotherham, Yorkshire

Middleweight - Jackie Pallo (London) v. Bert Royal (Bolton)

Tag Team - Black Diamonds, Abe Ginsberg (Manchester) and Eric Cutler (Sheffield) v. St. Clair Brothers, Roy and Tony (Manchester)

Heavyweight - Bill Robinson (Manchester) v. Robert Gastel (Paris)

Welterweight - Vic Faulkner (Bolton) v. Gil Cesca (Paris)

Tottenham Hotspur 2, Chelsea 1

S 18/5/68, Trowell, 12.40-1.40

Mick McManus (1) v Alan Miquet (1)

Ted Heath (W) v Chic Purvey

Yorkshire Terriers (Chic Purvey/Steve Clements) (DQ) v Hells Angels (Bobby Barnes/Adrian Street)

West Bromwich Albion 1, Everton 0

S 26/4/69, Wembley (12.50-1.50)

Mick McManus/Steve Logan (W) v Vassilios Mantopolous/Armand Zarpanalian (billed as 'Our Man Zorba'!)

George Kidd (W) v Leon Fortuna

Les Kellett (DQ) v Abe Ginsberg-DISQ

Not billed: Sean Regan (KO) v Mark Anthony, Johnny Czeslaw (1) v Ray Fury (1), Adrian Street (KO) v Roger Green

Manchester City 1, Leicester City 0

11/4/70, Halifax (taped 6/4/70)

Les Kellett (W) v Steve Haggetty

Jackie Pallo (RSF) v Mick McMichael

Mick McManus/Steve Logan (W) v Roy St Clair/Tony St Clair

Chelsea 2, Leeds United 2 Replay: Chelsea 2, Leeds United 1

S 8/5/71, St Albans

Kendo Nagasaki (1) v Wayne Bridges (0)

Steve Veidor (1) v Mike Marino (1)

Mick McManus/Steve Logan (W) v Johnny Kincaid/Johnny Kwango

Arsenal 2, Liverpool 1

S 6/5/72, Wembley (taped 29/4/72)

Mick McManus (1) v Jeff Kaye (0)

Les Kellett (1) v Steve Logan (0)

The Borg Twins (1) v Adrian Street/Bobby Barnes (Hells Angels) (1)

Leeds United 1, Arsenal 0

S 5/5/73, Walthamstow (taped 3/5/73)

Mick McManus & Steve Logan (W) v Barons

Jackie Pallo (W) v Johnny Kwango

Jim Breaks (British Lightweight champion) (RSF) v Johnny Saint

Sunderland 1, Leeds United 0

S 4/5/74 Walthamstow (taped 18/4/74)

Mick McManus & Steve Logan (FF) v Steve Best/Johnny Saint (F)

Brian Maxine (S) v Clive Myers (0)

Bruno Elrington (W) v Bert Mychel

Liverpool 3, Newcastle United 0

S 3/5/75 (Walthamstow, London, taped 17/4/75)

Heavy-Middleweight: Bert Royal (Bolton) (0) v Kung Fu (F)

Tag Team: Mick McManus (New Cross) and Steve Logan (Brixton) (FF) v The New Barons: Mick McMichael and Eddie Capelli (F)

Final of World Of Sport Trophy Tournament: Leon Fortuna (Tonga) (F) v John Naylor (Wigan) (FF)

West Ham United 2, Fulham 0

S 1/5/76

Although it was FA Cup Final day, wrestling did not air.

Southampton 1, Manchester United 0

May 21st 1977 Southend (taped 11/5/77)

Mick McManus (F) v Steve Grey (0)

World Lightweight champion Johnny Saint (FF) v Kader Hassouni (F)

Tony St.Clair/Kung Fu (FF) v Colin Joynson/Romany Riley (S)

Manchester United 2, Liverpool 1

May 6th 1978 (Croydon, taped 19/4/78)

Mick McManus (S) v Kung Fu (F) (NC)

Big Daddy/Tony St.Clair (DQ, F) V Giant Haystacks & Bruiser Muir (S)

Jim Breaks (S) v Steve Grey (F)

Ipswich Town 1, Arsenal 0

May 12th 1979 (Guildford, 24/4/79)

British Welterweight champion Jim Breaks (S) v Steve Grey (F)

Big Daddy/Ringo Rigby (FF) V John Quinn/Mark Rocco (S)

Arsenal 3, Manchester United 2

May 10th 1980 (Wembley)

World Heavyweight champion Wayne Bridges (F) v John Quinn (F, RSF)

(Quinn won the title on a stoppage.)

West Ham United 1, Arsenal 0

May 9th 1981 (Walthamstow, taped 29/4/81)

Little Prince (F) v Peter Kaye (F)

(Prince replaced the billed Sammy Lee)

Big Daddy/Alan Kilby (F, DQ) V Giant Haystacks & Wild Angus (F)

Tottenham Hotspur 1, Manchester City 1 Replay: Tottenham Hotspur 3, Manchester City 2

May 22nd 1982 (Croydon, taped 11/5/82)

Big Daddy/Kwik-kik Lee (Akira Maeda) (FF) v Crusher Brannigan/Tony Walsh (F)

(Walsh replaced Skull Murphy.)

Tottenham Hotspur 1, Queens Park Rangers 1 Replay: Tottenham Hotspur 1, Queens Park Rangers 0

May 21st 1983 (Basildon, taped 10/5/83)

Big Daddy/Kid Chocolate (F, KO) V Masked Marauders (S)

Manchester United 2, Brighton & Hove Albion 2 Replay: Manchester United 4, Brighton & Hove Albion 0

May 19th 1984 (Walton on Thames, taped 2/5/84)

Big Daddy/Drew McDonald V Giant Haystacks/Fit Finlay

(McDonald replaced the billed Honey Boy Zimba.)

Everton 2, Watford 0

May 18th 1985 (Watford, taped 23/4/85)

European Welterweight champion Baron von Chenok (S) v Danny Collins (FF)

Big Daddy/Mick McMichael (F, COR) V Pete LaPaque/Tommy Lorne (0)

Manchester United 1, Everton 0

May 10th 1986 (Heanor)

Big Daddy/Danny Collins (FF) V Dave Finlay/Scrubber Daly (KO)

Liverpool 3, Everton 1

16th May 1987 (Bedworth, taped 25/3/87)

Steve Logan (F) v Greg Valentine (0)

Battle royale: Giant Haystacks (W), Scrubber Daly, Pat Roach, Terry Rudge, Johnny Wilson, King Kendo, King Kong Kirk, Colonel Brody

Coventry 3, Tottenham Hotspur 2

14th May 1988

We do not have listings for an English broadcast.

Wimbledon 1, Liverpool 0