Shows were broadcast on Saturdays only. Wrestling was now a standalone programme.

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January 4th 1986 (Chester, taped 27/11/85)

Skull Murphy (S) v Clive Myers (F, DQ)

First to 10 knockdowns: Bernie Wright (7) v John Savage (10)

Kid Chocolate (0) v King Ben (F)

January 11th 1986 (Chester, taped 27/11/85)

Marty Jones (F, COR) v The Emperor (S)

Eddie Riley (F) v Ian McGregor (F)

January 18th 1986 (St Albans, taped 11/12/85)

Little Prince (F) v Keith Haward (FF)

European Welterweight champion Danny Collins (FF) v Jacques Le Jacques (S)

January 25th 1986 (St Albans, taped 11/12/85)

Knockout tournament:

Pat Roach (F, COR) v Johnny Kincaid (F)

Ray Steele v Gil Singh (Pts)

Singh (F) v Roach (0)

February 1st 1986 (Cleckheaton, taped 9/1/86)

Mike Bennett/Blackjack Mulligan/Bernie Wright (S, F) V Greg Valentine/Samson Ubo/Mike Jordan (F)

Dave Finlay (KO) v Danny Collins

February 8th 1986 (Cleckheaton, taped 9/1/86)

Colonel Brody (FS) v Steve Logan (F)

Ray Steele (FF) v Black Salem

February 15th 1986 (Wolverhampton, taped 28/1/86)

Pete Roberts (FF) v Barry Douglas (F)

Dave Finlay (KO) v Jackie Turpin

February 22nd 1986 (Wolverhampton, taped 28/1/86)

Colonel Brody (F) v Pat Roach (FF)

Clive Myers (F) v Steve Grey (FF)

March 8th 1986 (Hertford, taped 12/2/86)

Alan Kilby (F) v John Elijah (F)

Big Daddy/Danny Collins (F, COR) V Bull Pratt/Mel Stuart (0)

March 15th 1986 (Hertford, taped 12/2/86)

Johnny Wilson (F) v Skull Murphy (SS)

World Mid-Heavyweight champion Marty Jones (FF) v Johnny Kincaid (F)

March 22nd 1986 (Dewsbury, taped 27/2/86)

Grand Prix Belt tournament semi-final: Steve Logan (FF) v Ian McGregor (F)

Dave Finlay (KO v Grasshopper

March 29th 1986 (Dewsbury)

Grand Prix Belt tournament semi-final: Mike Bennett (SS) v Kid Chocolate (F)

Clive Myers (FF) v Steve Grey (F)

April 5th 1986 (Fleetwood, taped 4/3/86)

Grand Prix Belt tournament Final: Mike Bennett (SS) v Steve Logan (F)

Golden Grappler trophy quarter-final: Greg Valentine (FF) v Sid Cooper (F)

April 12th 1986 (Fleetwood, taped 4/3/86)

Big Daddy/Danny Collins (FF) V The Emperor/Bernie Wright (S)

Golden Grappler trophy quarter-final:: Mick McMichael (F, RSF) v Mike Jordan (F)

Ray Steele (F) v Terry Rudge (0)

April 19th 1986 (Dorking, taped 18/3/86)

Dave Finlay (S, RSF) v Alan Kilby (0)

Golden Grappler trophy quarter-final: Peter Kaye (SS) v Johnny Kidd (0)

Marty Jones (F) v Tom Tyrone (0)

April 26th 1986 (Dorking, taped 18/3/86)

Golden Grappler trophy quarter-final: Richie Brooks (KO) v Mike Bennett

British Heavyweight champion: Ray Steele (F) v Pat Roach (FF)

May 3rd 1986 (Heanor, taped 16/4/86)

Golden Grappler trophy semi-final: Greg Valentine (FF) v John Wilkie (0)

(Wilkie appears to have substituted for Peter Kaye.)

Golden Grappler trophy semi-final: Richie Brooks (F) v Mick McMichael (F, S)

Golden Grappler trophy final: Mick McMichael (F) v Greg Valentine (FF)

May 10th 1986 (Heanor)

FA Cup Final day

Big Daddy/Danny Collins (FF) V Dave Finlay/Scrubber Daly (KO)

May 17th 1986 (Leeds, taped 10/4/86)

John Elijah (F) V Mohammed Butt (F)

Mohammed Afzal (F, DQ) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

Barry Douglas (F) V Ali Shan (FF)

May 24th 1986 (Leeds, taped 10/4/86)

Clive Myers (F) v Caswell Martin (F)

Colonel Brody (F) v Ray Steele (FF)

May 31st 1986 (Walkden, taped 23/4/86)

Pat Roach (KO v Dave Bond (F)

World Mid-Heavyweight champion Marty Jones (F) v Bull Blitzer (FF)

June 7th 1986 (Walkden, taped 23/4/86)

Danny Collins (F) v Mal Sanders (S) (DDQ)

King Ben/Kid McCoy (FF) V Mike Jordan/Rick Wiseman (F)

June 14th 1986 (Battersea, taped 14/5/86)

Masked Samurai (S) v Tom Tyrone (F, DQ)

Steve Grey (S) v Richie Brooks (F)

Alan Kilby (F) v John Savage (Johnny Smith) (F) (DCOR)

June 21st 1986 (Battersea, taped 14/5/86)

Marty Jones (COR) v Barry Douglas

Ray Steele (F) v Caswell Martin (F)

June 28th 1986 (Digbeth, taped 21/5/86)

Gil Singh (SS) v Steve Logan (F)

Big Daddy/Jackie Turpin (FF) V Masked Samurai/Lucky Gordon (0)

July 5th 1986 (Digbeth, taped 21/5/86)

British Heavyweight champion Pat Roach (RSF) v Ray Steele (F)

Dave Finlay (F) v Clive Myers (0)

July 12th 1986 (Stourbridge, taped 11/6/86)

Kid McCoy/Ian McGregor/Spiderman (FFF) V Sid Cooper/Tallyho Kaye/Mike Jordan (S, F)

Steve Grey (F) v Richie Brooks (FF)

July 19th 1986 (Stourbridge, taped 11/6/86)

Johnny Wilson (S) v Drew McDonald (F)

Skull Murphy (F, S) v Pete Roberts (F)

July 26th 1986 (Buxton, taped 18/6/86)

Gil Singh (F, DQ) v Skull Murphy (S)

Alan Kilby (F) v King Ben (F)

Ray Robinson (F) v Simon Hurst (0)

August 2nd 1986 (Buxton, taped 18/6/86)

Clive Myers (F, S) v Zoltan Boscik (F)

British Welterweight champion Danny Collins (F, RSF) v Mal Sanders (S)

August 9th 1986 (Bridlington, taped 3/7/86)

Steve Lannigan (0) v Pat Patton (0)

Rick Wiseman (F) v Jeff Kerry (0)

Greg Valentine (F) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

Bernie Wright (S) v Peter Collins (0)

Battle royale: Greg Valentine (W), Bernie Wright, Steve Lannigan, Jeff Kerry, Blackjack Mulligan, Peter Collins, Rick Wiseman, Pat Patton

August 16th 1986 (Bridlington, taped 3/7/86)

Scrubber Daly v Steve Logan (DQ)

British Lightweight champion Steve Grey (S, F) v Richie Brooks (F)

August 23rd 1986 (Hertsmere/Borehamwood, taped 15/7/86)

Tom Tyrone (F) v John Elijah (F)

Jean La Force (RSF) v Len Hurst

August 30th 1986 (Hertsmere/Borehamwood, taped 15/7/86)

Spiderman (Ray Crawley) (F) v Mike Jordan (FF)

Dave Finlay (F, S) v Ringo Rigby (F)

September 6th 1986 (Skegness, taped 7/8/86)

Alan Kilby (FF) v King Ben (F)

Big Daddy/Richie Brooks (FF) V Drew McDonald/Sid Cooper (0)

Pat Roach (F) v Skull Murphy (0)

September 13th 1986 (Skegness, taped 7/8/86)

Jolly Fisherman trophy:

Greg Valentine (F, DQ) v Bernie Wright (S)

Ray Robinson (F) v Ian McGregor (F)

(Valentine appears to have won the final by default)

September 20th 1986 (Stratford on Avon, taped 27/8/86)

Patrick Flyer (F) v Pete Lapaque (S)

British Heavyweight title tournament semi-final: Ray Steele (F) V Dave Taylor (F)

(Steele appears to have advanced in the tournament despite the draw.)

British Heavyweight title tournament semi-final: Gil Singh (FF) V Caswell Martin (F)

September 27th 1986 (Stratford on Avon, taped 27/8/86)

Ringo Rigby (FF) v Steve Lannigan (S)

Fit Finlay/Skull Murphy (S, F) V Don Eagle & Johnny Wilson (F)

October 4th 1986 (Southport, taped 3/9/86)

Don Eagle (F) v Steve Logan (0) (NC)

Zoltan Boscik (F, S) v Kid McCoy (F)

Chic Cullen (F) v Barry Douglas (0)

October 11th 1986 (Southport, taped 3/9/86)

Marty Jones (KO) v Roy Regal (F)

Kung Fu (F, DQ) v Jim Breaks (S)

Mal Sanders (F, S) v Steve Grey (0)

October 18th 1986 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 16/9/86)

Giant Haystacks (RSF) v John Cox

For the vacant British Heavyweight title: Gil Singh (F) v Ray Steele (F) (DCOR)

(The title remained vacant pending a rematch.)

October 25th 1986 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 16/9/86)

Pete Roberts (0) v Marty Jones (F, NC)

British Lightweight champion Steve Grey (F) v Mal Sanders (F, S)

1st November 1986 (Bradford, taped 2/10/86)

Alan Kilby (F) v Steve Logan (F) (NC)

Giant Haystacks (KO) v Tony Francis

Eddie Riley (F) v Mike Jordan (F)

8th November 1986 (Bradford, taped 2/10/86)

King Kong Kirk/Scrubber Daly (KO, F) V Bill Clarke/Lee McConnon (F)

For the vacant British Heavyweight title: Ray Steele (F) v Gil Singh (FF)

15th November 1986 (Loughborough, taped 15/10/86)

Barry Douglas (0) v Mohammed Butt (F)

Big Daddy/Peter Collins (FF) V King Kong Kirk/Scrubber Daly (0)

Greg Valentine (FF) v Ted Heath (S)

22nd November 1986 (Loughborough, taped 15/10/86)

British Lightweight champion Steve Grey (S) v Mal Sanders (S) (DKO)

Dave Finlay (F, RSF) v Chic Cullen (F)

6th December 1986 (Bolton, taped 5/11/86)

Kung Fu (FF) v Lucky Gordon (F)

King Kendo (F) v Romany Riley (F)

Rick Wiseman (F) v Jackie Turpin (0)

13th December 1986 (Bolton, taped 5/11/86)

Marty Jones (S, DQ) v Skull Murphy (S)

Caswell Martin (FF) v John Elijah (S)

20th December 1986 (Harrogate, taped 13/11/86)

Knockout tournament:

Zoltan Boscik (SS) v Johnny Kidd (F)

Kid McCoy (FF) v Jeff Kerry (F)

McCoy (S) v Boscik (0)

27th December 1986 (Harrogate, taped 13/11/86)

Mike Jordan (FF) v Eddie Riley (F)

King Ben (F) v Ian McGregor (0)

Big Daddy/Richie Brooks/Roy Regal (FF) V Giant Haystacks/Sid Cooper/Charles McGee (KO)

The following matches took place at events recorded for television but were not broadcast:

Clackheaton, 9/1/86: John Savage (1) v Ray Robinson (0), Ian McGregor (1) v Eddie Riley (0)

Wolverhampton, 28/1/86: Pat Patton (1) v Sid Cooper (0), Ali Shan (DQ) v Viking

Hertford, 12/2/86: King Ben (1) v Richie Brooks (0), Mick McMichael (DQ) v Peter Kaye

Dewsbury, 27/2/86: Caswell Martin (NC) v Mann Singh, Little Prince (1) v John Wilkie (0)

Fleetwood, 4/3/86: John Savage (1) v King Ben (0)

Dorking, 18/3/86: Len Hurst (DQ) v Ian Muir

Leeds, 10/4/86: Skull Murphy (1) v Steve Logan (0)

Heanor, 16/4/86: Pete Roberts (2) v Steve Logan (1), Jackie Turpin (2) v Eddie Riley (1)

Walkden, 23/4/86: Dave Finley (KO) v Ian McGregor, Alan Kilby (1) v Sid Cooper (0)

Digbeth, 21/5/86: Mal Sanders (1) v Jeff Kerry (0)

Stourbridge, 11/6/86: Mohammed Afzel (1) v John Wilkie (0), Grasshopper (1) v Matt Matthews (0)

Buxton, 18/6/86: Eddie Rilery (1) v Kid McCoy (0)

Bridlington, 3/7/86: Barry Douglas (1) v IanMcGregor (0)

Borehamwood, 15/7/86: Mal Sanders (RSF) v Paul Britton, Marty Jones v Ray Steele (RKO)

Skegness, 7/8/86: Grasshopper (1) v Eddie Riley (0)

Stratford, 27/2/86: Drew McDonald (DQ) v Mal Kirk

Hemel Hempstead, 16/9/86: King Ben/Kid McCoy (1) v Zoltan Boscik/John Wilkie (0)

Bradford, 2/10/86: Chic Cullen (DQ) v Skull Murphy

Lougborough, 15/10/86: Jackie Turpin (F) v Tony White (0)

Bolton, 5/11/86: Little Prince (1) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

Oldham, 10/12/86: Grasshopper/Pat Patton (2) v Pete LaPaque/Jimmy Ocean (0), Steve Logan (DQ) v Samurai

Hereford, 17/12/86: Steve Grey (1) v Tony Costas (0), Ringo Rigby (1) v Owen Storry (0)