Match-ups were not included in TV listings at this point. The dates may not be complete, though it appears there was no wrestling during the summer.

The Round The Rings shows were presented by David Southwood. The rest were simply billed as Professional Wrestling unless stated. The shows on Saturday evenings were in the Midlands and North only and not aired in London. All times are pm.

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Tuesday 22/1/57 (9-9.30)
Jack Laski v Ray Apollon

Tuesday 5/2/57 (9-9.30)
Fritz Mueller v Sandy Orford

Saturday 2/3/57, Victoria Hall, Hanley (10-10.30)
Aired as Round the Rings.

Saturday 16/3/57, Victoria Hall, Hanley (10-10.30)
Aired as Round the Rings.

(Lew?) Hessle (1) v ? Bataan (1)

Jack Beaumont (W) v Johnnie Kwango

Reg Williams (KO) Billy Joyce

Black Butcher Johnson (DQ) v ? McDonald

Saturday 16/3/57, Cambridge Road Baths, Huddersfield (9.30-10)
Georges Gordienko (billed as Gorgeous Gordineko) v Sandy Orford
Norman Walsh v Masambula

Tuesday 9/4/57, Wimbledon Palais (8.30-9)
Les Kellet v Knowles Peters

Tuesday 20/8/57, Wimbledon Palais (8.30-9)
Adjit Singh v Robert MacDonald

Saturday 21/9/57, Leeds Town Hall

Bert Royal v Les Kellett

Ken Joyce v Jack Dempsey

Eric Taylor v Arjit Singh

Bill Verna v Daula Singh

Saturday 5/10/57, Somme (?) Barracks, Sheffield

Dave Armstrong v Daula Singh

Tibor Szakacs v ? Mendoza

(Chic?) Purvey v ? Vulcan

Francis Sullivan v ?

Saturday 19/10/57, Liverpool Stadium

Saturday 26/10/57, Wimbledon Palais (1.40-4.30)
Part of Afternoon Out. Commentator Peter Cockburn.

Black Butcher Johnson v Ossie Mueller

? Poilve v (Ernest? Baldwin)

? Ehrl v Ernie Riley

Mick McManus v ? Cunningham

Saturday 2/11/57, Middlesborough Stadium

Saturday 16/11/57, Doncaster Corn Exchange

? Schumacher (W) v Mike Marino

Saturday 30/11/57, Middlesborough Stadium

Saturday 14/12/57, Belle Vue Stadium

Dara Singh v Jack Pye

Dean Stockton v Grabt Fodringham

Knowles Peters vs Reg Ray

Gwynn Davies v Tony Mancelli

Thursday 26/12/57, Wimbledon Palais (2.15-3.15)

Tibor Szakacs (1) v ? Hayes (1)

? Mann (2) v ? Coleman (0)

(Jack?) Dempsey (2) v Jackie Pallo (0)

? Nelson v (Farmer?) Allan