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(We now have a separate page dealing with non-wrestling shows on BBC TV and Radio that covered British wrestling-related topics during the TV wrestling era.)

12 March, 1938
Earl McCready (heavy-weight champion of the British Empire) v. Percy Foster (South Africa).

26 April, 1938
Earl McCready (heavyweight champion of the British Empire) v. Harry Anaconda.

7 May 1938

Jim Burnett vs Devalto, commentary on part of match by E.R. Voight (Western radio)

24 May 1938
Earl McCready (Heavyweight Champion of the British Empire) v Harry Anaconda.

28 May 1938
Earl McCready (Heavyweight Champion of the British Empire) v Harry Anaconda.

14 June, 1938
Earl McCready (heavyweight champion of the British Empire) v George Modrich
(Originally published as McCready v the Radio Times but revised in that day's edition of The Times, which is most likely correct due to its later publication).

6 July 1938

Earl McCready vs Tim Estejile from the Holborn Stadium, commentary by ER Voight (BBC Radio: The National Programme)

8 July, 1938
Wrestling demonstration

22 July, 1938
Wrestling demonstration

1 August, 1938
Wrestling demonstration

18 August, 1938
Earl McCready v Harry Anaconda.

20 August, 1938
Ruben Wright (USA) v Leo Lefevre (Canada)

31 August, 1938
Chick Knight v. Earl McCready (Heavyweight Champion of the British Empire).

2 September, 1938
Earl McCready v Harry Anaconda.
(Originally published as McCready v Lefevre in the Radio Times but revised in that day's edition of The Times, which is most likely correct due to its later publication).

17 December, 1938
Carl van Wurden v Al Lagran

16 January, 1939
Harry Anaconda v Alan Muir

24 January, 1939
M. Demitre (Canada) v Paul Lortie (France).

18 March, 1939
Seconds Out'
Harry Mizler, Kid Nitram, and Jimmy Lee take part in bouts of exhibition boxing. Beaumont explains and demonstrates the finer points of fencing assisted by international fencers, and Leo Lefebvre and Bob Lengedin, give an exhibition of Catch-as-Catch-Can wrestling. Boxing and wrestling commentaries by John Snagge and E. R. Voigt.

15 April, 1939
Harry Anaconda v Dave Armstrong.

28 April, 1939
Bob McNab v Van Vleit.

6 June, 1939
Dave Armstrong v Clem Lawrence.

10th August 1939
Charles Law v Costas Astreos

26 August, 1939
Harry Anaconda v Dave Armstrong.

10 June, 1946
Harry Anaconda v Bert Assirati ("Arranged by" S.E. Reynolds, Commentator E.R. Voight)

22 June, 1946
Charlie Green v George Broadfield ("Arranged by" S.E. Reynolds, Commentator E.R. Voight)

8 July, 1946
Saxon Elliott v Victor Bensen (sixteen times amateur champion).

15 July, 1946
Dick Rogers v 'Chick' Elliot

27 July, 1946
Tony Baer v Ted Beresford

31 July, 1946
Stanley Stone (Store?) v Charlie Law

2 August, 1946
Saxon Elliott v Ronnie Harrison

10 August, 1946
Jack Dale v Charlie Fisher

12 August, 1946
'Sonny' Wallis v Pte Barker

13 August, 1946
Saxon Elliott v Sydney Bala (an exercise in country styles - Westmorland, Cumberland, Cornish)

19 August, 1946
Glem Lawrence v Charlie Green

26 August, 1946
Joe Hill v Les Stent

30 August, 1946
An exhibtion of wrestling

7 October, 1946
Victor Coleman v Charles Law

23 October, 1946
Jack Dale v Stan Stone

8 November, 1946
Pat Kloke v Everett Thomas

9 December 1946

A.P. Lipman vs Fred Unwin

6 January, 1947
Archer O'Brien v Charles Law (The College Boy)

1 February, 1947
Harry Anaconda v Charlie Green

15 February, 1947
Saxon Elliott v Vic Coleman

29 March, 1947
An exhibition of wrestling

28 April, 1947
Johnny Lipman v B. Quesick.

26 May, 1947
Mick McManus v Al Lipman

5 June, 1947
Harry Anaconda v Harry Brooks

16 June, 1947
Tug Wilson v Stan Stone

28 June, 1947
Kid Pitman v Johnny Lipman

23 August, 1947
with McDonald Hobley assisted by Vic Coleman and Johnny Lipman.

8 September, 1947
McDonald Hobley takes a second lesson from Johnny Lipman and Saxon Elliott.

25 August 1955

Arenascope: Stars of sport and television in a series of light-hearted and serious competitions. Included professional wrestling by arrangement with Devereux Promotions Ltd and Wimbledon Palais.

4 January 1965 (Southend, broadcast on BBC 2, then available only in London, South East and Birmingham, commentary by Eddie Waring)

Mike Marino vs Jimmy Brown

Also appearing: Dai Sullivan, Gori Ed Mangotitch, Judo Al Hayed, Jimmy Devlin

24 May 1965 (BBC 1)

Dai Sullivan vs Andre Drapp

Jim Armstrong vs Eduoard Carpentier

Earl Macready vs Tony Rocca

(Not broadcast: Peter Kelly vs Tony Granzi, Chris Harris vs Abe Goldstein.)

Commentator: Eddie Waring

Screensport Wrestling

This series, produced by All Star Wrestling for boxing promoter Pat Brogan, aired on cable channel Screensport.

Hanley, 19/10/85

Rob Brookside (F) v John Kenny

Knockout tournament:

Frank Cullen (F) v Bobby Barnes

Mark Rocco (F) v Kung Fu

Rocco (F) v Cullen


Count Bartelli (S) v Warlord (S)

Crewe, 22/11/85

Rocky Moran/Mark Rocco (2) v Johnny Saint/Mal Sanders (1)

Count Bartelli (2) v Ian Wilson (1)

Frank Cullen (1) v Kung Fu (1)

Jon Cortez (1) v Johnny England

Rocky Moran (1) v Mal Sanders)

Hanley, 18/1/86

Count Bartelli (S) v Tarantula (0)

(This was Bartelli's retirement bout)

Kung Fu v Crusher Mason (NC)

Jon Cortez (2) v Jackie Robinson (1)

Pat Barrett (KO) v John Kowalski

Blondie Barratt (1) v Wayne Martin (0)

Rob Brookside/Martin (2) v Barratt/Shane Stevens (1)

Hanley, 8/2/86

British Heavy-Middleweight champion Rocky Moran (F) v Keith Haward (F)

British Middleweight champion Brian Maxine (FF) v Keith Martinelli (F)

Mal Sanders (F, KO) v Carl Jason (S)

John Quinn (F) v Johnny South (0)

Pat Barrett/Quinn (S, RSF) v South/Sandy Scott

Hanley, 1/3/86:

Mark Rocco (KO) v Jamaica Kid

Johnny Saint (FF) v Jim Breaks (F)

John Wilkie (FF) v Keith Myatt (S)

Dave Taylor (0) v Hugo von Wallenstein (0)

Kung Fu (1) v Johnny Palance (0)

Hanley, 12/4/86

We do not have results for this show other than John Quinn beating Tony St Clair in a tournament final for the vacant World Heavyweight title.

Hanley, 31/5/86

Rob Brookside (1) v Shane Stevens (0)

Keith Haward (DQ) v Mal Sanders

Sandy Scott (1) v John Kenny (0)

Mark Rocco (KO) v Brian Maxine

Rocco won battle royale

Hanley, 28/6/86

Pat Barrett (1) v Dave Taylor (0)

Chic Cullen (2) v Johnny Saint (1)

Jim Breaks (1) v Moe Hunter

Johnny Kidd (2) v Blondie Barratt (1)

Hanley, 3/8/86

Knockout tournament:

Pat Barett (1) v Dave Bond (0)

Steve Fury (1) v Steve Peacock (1)

(Fury advanced on a coin toss)

Mark Rocco (1) v Mickey Gold (0)

Screaming Eagle (KO) v Ian Wilson

Barrett (1) v Eagle (0)

Rocco (KO) v Fury

Barrett v Rocco (NC)

Hanley, 30/8/86

Neil Sands (F) v Bill Bromley (0)

Dave Tayloy (F) v Shane Stevens (0)

Bobby Barnes/Blondie Barratt (FF) v Rob Brookside/Johnny Kidd (F)

Mal Kirk (0) v Tony St Clair (0)

Burslam, 27/9/86

Knockout tournament:

Blondie Barratt/Rocky Moran (1) v Brian Maxine/Keith Myatt (0)

Clive Myers/Fuji Yamada (1) v John Wilkie/Chris McNeill (0)

Myers/Yamada (1) v Barratt/Moran (0)


Pat Barrett v Chic Cullen


This was an annual series broadcast on S4C (the Welsh version of Channel 4) each year between 1987 and 1995. Many shows were repeated on S4C Digidol (the satellite version of the channel) during 2002 and 2003. As well as matches taped in Wales by promoter Orig Williams, the show also featured matches from the end of year tournaments in Germany and Austria.

We are very short on listings and results for Reslo, so please do e-mail us if you have any further details.

Merthyr Tydfil, 29/3/90

Giant Haystacks (W) v Boston Blackie

Pat Roach (W) v Skull Murphy

Tony St.Clair (W) v Steve Adonis

Cage: Jamaica George (W) v Richie Brooks

El Bandito (Orig Williams)/Steve Regal v Colonel Brody/Klaus Klauroff

Dave Finlay v Danny Collins (D)

Tony Stewart v Gary Welsh.

Cardiff, 30/3/90

CARDIFF – 30/3/90. Filmed for Welsh TV…Dave Finlay (W) v Kid McCoy

Cage: Danny Collins (W) v Richie Brooks

El Bandito (Orig Williams) (W) v Blondie Barratt

Colonel Brody (W) v Steve Regal

Giant Haystacks/Klaus Kauroff (W) v Boston Blackie/Jamaica George

European Heavyweight champion Pat Roach (W) v Ray Steele

Jimmy Ocean/Ricky Knight v Tony Stewart/Gary Welsh

Caernarvon, 6/4/90

CARNARVON – 6/4/90. Filmed for Welsh TV…Mark Rocco v Danny Collins (DKO)

Steve Regal v Mongolian Mauler (NC)

Richie Brooks (W) v King Ben

El Bandito (Orig Williams) (W) v Barry Douglas

Tony Stewart v Kid McCoy (NC)

Dave Finlay/Skull Murphy (W) v Boston Blackie/Gary Welsh

Chain: Dave Finlay (W) v Tony St.Clair

Beaumaris, 7/3/91

BEAUMARIS – 7/3/91. Filmed for Welsh TV…Giant Haystacks (W) v Steve Adonis

Chain: Dave Finlay (W) Danny Collins

Johnny Saint (W) v Kid McCoy

Cage: Marty Jones (W) v Skull Murphy

Klondyke Kate/Nicky Monroe v Julie Starr/Michelle Martell

Steve Regal/El Bandito (Orig Williams) v Johnny South/Shane Stevens

Caernarvon, 27/2/95

Ladder: Dave Finlay (W) v Boston Blackie

Disco Damon (Doc Dean) v Danny Collins

Legend of Doom (W) v American Avalanche

Klondyke Kate (W) v Julie Starr

Tina St.Clair (W) v Nicky Monroe

Klondyke Kate/Nicky Monroe (W) v Julie Starr/Tina St.Clair

Legend of Doom/Ulf Hermann/James Mason (W) v American Avalanche/Dale Preston/Dave Taylor

Knockout tournament:

Tony St.Clair (W) v Steve Prince

Drew McDonald (W) v Lion Satoshi (Satoshi Kojima)

St.Clair (W) v McDonald


Rumble won by Tony St.Clair.

Sky Sports Classics

This series of 8 shows aired on Sky Sports 3 in the summer of 1998. Hosted by Jeff Stelling, it combined archive matches with contemporary interviews with former TV stars.

Live At Johnny's

This chat show on digital channel BBC Three, presented by Johnny Vaughan, included weekly clips from Premier Promotions shows.

The Wrestling Channel

This satellite channel (Sky 427), which launched in March 2004, aired programming from several British promotions:

World of Sport: This was the most watched programming on the channel, with matches from the ITV archive covering 1970 to 1988. We now have complete listings for the bouts aired on the channel to date.

Frontier Wrestling Alliance: Two series of original programming aired in 2004 and 2005.

UK Round-Up: This aired matches from various UK events.

1PW: This promotion, which combines American and British wrestlers, has had several events shown in the 'Supercard' slot and recently (June 2006) received a fortnightly 2-hour slot.

LDN: This promotion is started fortnightly broadcasts late in 2006.

For current details of the World of Sport schedule, please visit

Waddell's Wrestling Show

This series, hosted by Sid Waddell and featuring ITV archive footage, began airing on ESPN Classics (Sky 442) on 13 July 2006.


This satellite station aired programming from two promotions, Insane Championship Wrestling and UK Wrestling. The ICW programming was dropped in 2012 after the channel mistakenly broadcast it before the watershed, attracting the ire of regulators Ofcom.

British Wrestling Round-Up

This series began airing one a month on Challenge TV in 2013. Most footage came from a 2012 multi-promotional event filmed in London. Other bouts included archive footage from FWA-produced shows and new programming from Preston City Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Elite.