The 30/3/59 show was the only one with match listings in the TV Times. All shows were broadcast on Saturday unless stated, and all broadcast times are pm.

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3/1/59, Coventry Drill Hall 9-9.45

Josef Zaranoff v Alan Garfield

Black Kwango vs 'Gori' Ed Mangotich

Doug Joyce v Steve Logan

Ivor Barratt v Spencer Churchill

7/2/59, Lime Grove 3.45-4.30

(Bert?) Royal (1) v Eric Taylor (1)

(Farmer Johnny?) Allan W v Arthur Jackson

(Bernard?) Murray (DQ) (Chic?) Purvey

Alan Colbeck (W) v (Al?) Nicol

14/2/59, Crossington Street Baths, Leicester, 3.10-4.15

A Rawlings (W) v ? Deaking

Alan Colbeck (1) v ? O'Brien (1)

? Portz W v T Ricardo

21/2/59, Orchid Ballroom, Purley, 3.40-4.40

(Johnny?) Da Silva (W) v ? Yearsley

? Kovacs (W) v ? Verna>

(Billy ?) Howes (W) vs ? Dieter

Jackie Pallo (W) v ? Burke

(Cliff?) Beaumont (W) v ? O'Brien

14/3/59, Bolton 3.25-4.30

The live event started at 3pm with a billed line-up of Francis Gregory v Ernie Baldwin, Bob Steele v Danny Flynn, Reg Ray v Joe Critchley and Vic Stewart v Arthur Ricardo.

30/3/59, Orchid Ballroom, Purley

Mike Marino v Dennis Mitchell

Inca Perunano v Tony Vallon

This show was broadcast on Easter Monday.

19/9/59, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton, 9-9.30

Dave Armstrong v Bob McDonald

Tony Zale v Joe Critchley

Jim Hart v Bobby Graham

Vic Stewart v Johnny Allan

17/10/59, Doncaster, 9-9.30

31/10/59, York, 9-9.30

7/11/59, Orchid Ballroom, Purley, 3.50-4.30

Billy Two Rivers v Billy Rawlinson

21/11/59, Hanley, 9-9.30

Billy Two Rivers 2-1 Ray Hunte

Frank O’Donnell KO Tony Zale

Fernand Bawin KO Les Kellett

Jim Hussey 2-1 Bill Verna

5/12/59, Orchid Ballroom, Purley, 3.25-3.40

Jim Rawlings v Black Kwango

5/12/59, Somme Barracks, Sheffield, 9-9.30

Also on 5/12/59, the magazine show Let's Go with Bernard Braden and Huw Thomas featured a piece on professional wrestling.

(Note two shows aired on 5/12/59.)

26/12/59, Seymour Hall, 3.45-4.35