WOS shows are still at 4pm-4.50pm, while the mid-week shows - now on Wednesday - are generally 11.30-ish. In Scotland anyway, they were followed by 5 mins of Late Call (a religious slot) then closedown. Again, the 1976 evening shows are all listed as "Professional Wrestling", and appear to have been produced not by ITV Sports, but by Thames (for Brent), ATV Network Productions (Solihull) and possibly someone else for Preston.

(Comments are by Kenny McBride.)

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S 4/1/75 (Bradford, taped 2/1/75)

Middleweight: Alan Dennison (Bradford) (F) v Robby Baron (London) (0)

Catchweight: Mick McManus (New Cross) (SS) v Steve Best (York) (0)>

Heavyweight: Big Bruno Elrington (Portsmouth) v Dennis Mitchell (Bradford) (DQ)

S 11/01/75 (Bradford, taped 2/1/75)

Catchweight: John Guil Don (Salvador) (KO) v Steve Haggerty (Irish Canadian)

Catchweight: Les Kellett (Bradford) v Ivan Penzekoff (Bolton) (NC)

Heavyweight: Lee Sharron (Leeds) (0) v Ray Steele (Wakefield) (F)

S 18/01/75 (Solihull, taped 14/1/75)

Catchweight: Klaus Kauroff (Germany) (KO) v Roy St Clair (Redruth)

Middleweight: Sid Cooper (Bradford) (F) v Kung Fu (FF)

Heavy-Middleweight: Bert Royal (Bolton) v Brian Abbot (Nottingham)

(Jackie Robinson replaced Abbot and lost one fall to nil)

S 25/1/75 (Solihull, taped 14/1/75)

Middleweight: John Naylor (Wigan) (0) v Vic Faulkner (Bolton) (F)

Lightweight: Jim Breaks (Bradford) (SS) v Bobby Ryan (Stoke-on-Trent) (S)

Tag Team: The Rockets (Tug Wilson and Mark Rocco)(FF) v The Barons (Jeff Kaye and Mick McMichael) (F)

S 1/2/75 (Walthamstow, taped 23/1/75)

Heavyweight: Jose Maringa (Colombo) v Steve Veidor (Croydon)

Light-Heavyweight: Robby Baron (Sydenham) (0) v Johnny Kwango (Lagos) (F)

Middle-Heavyweight: Colin Bennett (Bradford) (F) v Mick McManus (New Cross) (KO)

(Mal Kirk replaced Maringa and lost by DQ)

S 8/2/75 (Walthamstow, taped 23/1/75)

Mid-Heavyweight: Caswell Martin (W. Indies) (F) v The Exorcist (FF) (This may have aired on 1/2/75 instead.)

Welterweight: Sid Cooper (Yorkshire) (0) v Clive Myers (W. Indies) (F)

Heavyweight: Johnny Czeslaw (Poland) v Mal Kirk (Pontefract)

(Bob Kirkwood replaced Kirk and won by one, submission to nil)

S 15/2/75 (Gravesend, taped 13/2/75)

Heavyweight: Roy St. Clair (Manchester) v Mike Marino (Streatham)

Middleweight: Gold Belt Maxine (Ellesmere Port) v Ivan Penzecoff (Bolton)

Mid-Heavyweight: Steve Logan (Brixton) v Romany Riley (Maidstone)

S 22/2/75 (Gravesend, taped 13/2/75)

Heavyweight: Prince Kumali (Guyana) (0) v Tibor Szakacs (Hungary) (F)

Welterweight: Dick Couldon (Dick Conlan) (Lewisham) (0) v Ken Joyce (Rushden) (F)

Heavyweight: Les Kellett (Bradford) (FF) v Tug Holton (Waterloo) (F)

S 1/3/75 (Preston, taped 19/2/75)

Catchweight: Bobby Barnes (Sydenham) v Mick McMichael (Doncaster)

Catchweight: Mick McManus (New Cross) (FS) v John Naylor (Wigan) (F)

International Heavyweight: Masambula (W. Africa) v Pete Roberts (Birmingham) (NC)

(Robby Baron replaced Barnes and lost by one fall to nil)

S 8/3/75 (Preston, taped 19/2/75)

Heavyweight: Steve Veidor (Ellesmere Port) v Big Bruno (Portsmouth)

International Lightweight: Jim Breaks (Bradford) (SS) v Zoltan Boscik (Hungary) (F)

Heavy Middleweight: Steve Taylor (Bradford) (0) v Bobby Barnes (London) (F)

(John Cox replaced Veidor and lost by one submission to nil)

S 15/3/75 (Sheffield, taped 5/3/75)

Midheavyweight: Rolando Aguirre (Peru) (S) v Harry Palin (Widnes) (0)

Catchweight: Kung Fu (FF) v Steve Taylor (Bradford) (F)

Heavyweight: Dennis Mitchell (Bradford) (F) v Roy Glendenning (Bury) (F)

S 22/3/75 (Sheffield, taped 5/3/75)

Catchweight: Bobby Barnes (Chatham) (F) v Vic Faulkner (Bolton) (F)

Heavy Middleweight: Jon Guil Don (San Salvador) (F) v Alan Dennison (Denholme) (FF)

Welterweight: Clive Myers (W. Indies) v Alan Bardouille (Bradford) (DKO)

S 29/3/75 (Solihull, taped 25/3/75)

World of Sport trophy quarter-final: Lightweight: John Naylor (Wigan) (F, KO) v Colin Bennett (Wilsden) (F)

Tag Team: The Dennisons: Alan Dennison and Sid Cooper (S) v The Rockets: Mark Rocco and Tug Wilson (F)

World of Sport trophy quarter-final: Lightweight: Bobby Ryan (Stoke) (0) v Jack Robinson (Manchester) (F)

Bank Holiday Special (Easter Monday)

31/3/75 (Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, taped 18/3/75)

TV's wrestling King of Britain for than 15 years Mick McManus, at 50, says his age is catching up with him and he'll retire soon. See him, and his famous elbow slams, against Redruth's superstitious (no third match) star, Tony St. Clair. Another TV drawcard and a Midland area champion, Pete Roberts, is matched against Count Bartelli.

Middleweight: Mick McManus (F) v Tony St. Clair (F)

Heavyweight: Pete Roberts (FF) v Count Bartelli (F)

(The show ran 1.10pm-1.50pm, I think as part of a WOS special.)

S 5/4/75 (Solihull, taped 25/3/75)

World of Sport trophy quarter-final: Lightweight: Steve Grey (Dulwich) (F) v Julian Maurice (France) (0)

Catchweight: Brian Maxine (Ellesmere Port) (S) v Vic Faulkner (Bolton) (F)

World of Sport trophy quarter-final: Lightweight: Leon Fortuna (F) v Maurice Hunter (Widness) (0)

W 8/4/75 (11.35pm-12.20am Closedown)

Kent Walton introduces top bouts from Ossett Town Hall, Yorkshire. (Taping date unknown)

Light Heavyweight: Mark Rocco (Manchester) v Catweasle (Doncaster)

Mid-Heavyweight: Abe Ginsberg (Manchester) v Mike Marino (London)

(This is the first evening show of the year. For some reason, the evening shows are all listed as "Professional Wrestling", while the section in the WOS panel just says "Wrestling". They were both ITV Sport Productions, so I can't see any difference. A few of the 1988 shows were listed as "Professional Wrestling", so maybe there's a connection. Or maybe not.)

S 12/4/75 (Gravesend, taped 10/4/75)

Featuring the first semi-final for the World Of Sport Lightweight Trophy."

Heavyweight: Steve Veidor (Croydon) (F) v Neil Sands (Essex) (0)

Mid-Heavyweight: Alan Dennison (Yorkshire) (S) v Les Kellet (Bradford) (DQ0

Lightweight Semi-Final: Jack Robinson (Manchester) (0) v Leon Fortuna (Tonga) (F)

W 15/4/75 (11.40pm-12.25am Closedown)

From Brent Town Hall, Middlesex

Heavyweight: Wayne Bridges (Gillingham) (F) v Tibor Szakacs (Budapest) (FF)

Catchweight: Sid Cooper (Queensbury) (0) v Bill Torontos (Chicago) (F) >

S 19/4/75 (Gravesend, taped 10/4/75)

Featuring the second semi-final for the World Of Sport Welterweight Trophy.

Mid-Heavyweight: Bob Kirkwood (Portsmouth) (F) v Billy Torontos (Chicago) (0)

Light-Heavyweight: Johnny Kwango (Lagos) (F) v Bobby Barnes (Lewisham) (S)

Welterweight Semi Final: John Naylor (Wigan) (F) v Steve Grey (Peckham) (0)

W 26/4/75 (Walthamstow, taped 17/4/75)

Heavyweight: Mike Marino (Streatham) (FF) v Johnny Yearsley (Cardiff) (F)

Middleweight: Peter La Paque (Leicester) (0) v Brian "Gold Belt" Maxine (Ellesmere Port) (S)

Catchweight: Alan Sargeant (Romford) (0) v Robby Baron (Sydenham) (F)

S 3/5/75 (Walthamstow, London, taped 17/4/75)

Heavy-Middleweight: Bert Royal (Bolton) (0) v Kung Fu (F)

Tag Team: Mick McManus (New Cross) and Steve Logan (Brixton) (FF) v The New Barons: Mick McMichael and Eddie Capelli (F)

Final of World Of Sport Trophy Tournament: Leon Fortuna (Tonga) (F) v John Naylor (Wigan) (FF)

W 6/5/75 (11.35pm-12.15am CD)

Kent Walton introduces two top bouts from Brent Town Hall, Middlesex.

Catchweight: Julian Morice (France) (F) v John Hall (Croydon) (0)

Heavyweight: Les Kellett (Bradford) (FF) v Johnny Czeslaw (Poland) (F)

S 10/5/75 (Nantwich, taped 30/4/75)

Heavyweight: Gwyn Davies (Maesteg) (FF) v Tibor Szakacs (Hungary) (F)

Middleweight: Harry Palin (Widnes) v Tug Wilson (Belfast) (KO)

Catchweight: Pete Roberts (Worcester) (F) v Brian Abbott (Nottingham) (0)

S17/5/75 (Nantwich, taped 30/4/75)

Catchweight: Les Kellett (Bradford) (FF) v Al Martin (Wrexham) (F)

Heavweight: Count Bartelli (Crewe) (S) v John Elijah (Walthamstow) (0)

Middleweight: Alan Wood (Chorley) (F) v Steve Taylor (Bradford) (0)

S 24/5/75

Live England v Scotland Football

S 31/5/75 (Sheffield, taped 21/5/75)

Mid-Heavyweight: Bobby Graham (Sheffield) (F) v Billy Torontos (DQ)

Middleweight: Kung Fu (F, KO) v Peter Preston (Bradford) (F)

Heavyweight: Pat Roach (Birmingham) (S) v Mike Marino (London)  (F, COR)

S 7/6/75

England v Scotland Schoolboys

W 10/6/75 (11.20pm-12.18am Closedown)

Kent Walton is at the ringside of the Royal Spa Centre, Royal Leamington Spa (taped 6/5/75), for two top bouts.

Heavy-Middleweight: Bert Royal (Bolton) (FF) v Alan Dennison (Denholme) (S)

Catchweight: Jim Breaks (Bradford) v Vic Faulkner (Bolton) (DQ)

S 14/6/75

National Association of Youth Clubs Final

W 17/6/75 (11.35pm-12.18pm Closedown)

Kent Walton provides the commentary from the Royal Spa Centre, Royal Leamington Spa (taped 6/5/75), for two bouts:

Catchweight: Brian "Gold Belt" Maxine (Ellesmere Port) (S, RSF) v John Naylor (Wigan) (F)

Mid-Heavyweight: Bob Abbott (Nottingham) (F) v Mike Marino (England, Italy) (FF)

S 21/6/75 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 27/5/75)

Middleweight: Mick West (Kent) (0) v Robby Baron (Sydenham) (F)

Middleweight: Tony St. Clair (Manchester) v Mick McManus (New Cross) (RSF)

Heavyweight: Pete Roberts (Worcester) v The Exorcist (S)

(This show runs 4pm-4.55pm most weeks from now until the end of the summer. I guess with no football results to report, they could afford a little extra wrestling.)

W 25/6/75 (Leamington Spa, taped 6/5/75)

Dave Taylor (F, DQ) v Paul Mitchell (F)

Steve Grey (F) v Colin Bennett (FF)

S 28/6/75 (Hemel Hempstead, 27/5/75)

Catchweight: Spencer Churchill (Kew) (F) v Mel Stuart (Maidstone) (0)

Heavyweight: Steve Veidor (Croydon) (FF) v Prince Kumali (Guyana) (S)

Heavyweight: Romany Riley (Ashford) (F) v John Elijah (Walthamstow) (0)

S 5/7/75 (Bradford, taped 2/7/75)

Heavyweight: John Cox (York) v Shirley Crabtree (Halifax)

International Heavyweight: Lee Sharron (Leeds) (F) v The Red Indian War Eagle (America) (F, DQ)

Heavyweight: Pete Curry (Salford) (F) v Steve Veidor (London) (FF)

(Since he's listed under his real name, I assume this is Shirley's last TV appearance under said real name? He re-appears shortly as Daddy, tagging with 'Stacks.)

Bill Turner replaced Cox and lost by KO.

W 8/7/75 (11.35pm-12.18am Closedown)

Kent Walton commentates on tonight's wrestling bill from St. George's Hall, Bradford (taped 4/6/75), which features:

local mid-heavyweight Steve Taylor (F) against Hull's Geoff Kaye (0), and

a middleweight bout between "The Masked" Kung Fu (KO) and Manchester's Mark Rocco. (F)

S12/7/75 (Bradford, taped 2/7/75)

Welterweight: Michael Bennett (Wilsden) (FS) v Bobby Ryan (Stoke) (F)

Special Challenge: Pete Preston (Cleckheaton) (0) v Les Kellett (Bradford) (FF)

International Heavyweight: Gwyn Davies (Wales, Heavyweight Champion Of Great Britain) (F, DQ) v Gargantua

S19/7/75 (Southport, taped 9/7/75)

International Heavyweight: Tibor Szakacs (Hungary) (F) v Steve Logan (Bermondsey) (0)

Heavyweight: Count Bartelli (Crewe) (F) v Colin Joynson (Manchester) (F) (NC)

Tag Team: Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy v The Saints (Roy and Tony St. Clair) (DQ)

(The first appearance of Shirley Crabtree under the Big Daddy name in the TV Times listings.)

W 22/7/75 (11.35pm-12.18am Closedown)

Kent Walton is your commentator at St. George's Hall, Bradford (taped 4/6/75), for:

Welterweight: Vic Faulkner (British Welterweight Champion) (FF) v Mick McMichael (Doncaster) (F)

Catchweight: Bert Royal (British Heavy-Middleweight Champion) (F DQ) v Brian Maxine (British Middleweight Champion) (F)

26/7/75 (Southport, taped 9/7/75)

Heavyweight: Wayne Bridges (Barnhurst, Kent) (F) v Ian Muir (London) (0)

Catchweight: Peter Kaye (Nelson) (F) v Jack Robinson (Manchester) (F)

Middleweight: Mick McMichael (Doncaster) (F) v "Strong Man" Alan Dennison (0)

W 29/7/75 (11.35pm-12.18am Closedown)

Kent Walton introduces three top bouts from St. George's Hall, Bradford. Little Prince - Muhammed Alam - (RSF) clashes with Dave Shade of Doncaster in a welterweight battle.

The supporting lightweight bouts promise to be equally hot. One has a local derby flavour to it, with Colin Bennett (KO), a fireman from Wilsden, near Bradford, tackling Mick James, a master builder from Leeds. Both were rivals when they fought as amateurs before turning pro...

The other is a mini Battle of the Roses as Dave Ramsden of Ossett, Yorkshire takes on opponent Jack Robinson, who comes from Manchester. (Match not listed in results from the live show.)

S 2/8/75 (Crawley, taped 31/7/75)

Heavyweight: Johnny Czeslaw (Poland) (0) v War Eagle (Canada) (F)

Catchweight: John Naylor (0) v Robby Baron (Sydenham) (F)

Mid-Heavyweight: Mel Stuart (Maidstone) (F) v Les Kellett (Bradford) (KO)

S 9/8/75 (Crawley, taped 31/7/75)

Heavyweight: Mike Marino (Streatham) (F) v Wayne Bridges (Gillingham) (0)

Welterweight: Ken Joyce (Rushden) (F) v Steve Grey (Peckham) (0)

Catchweight: Steve Best (Leeds) (F) v Mick McManus (New Cross) (FF)

(WOS shows go to 4pm-4.50pm from the above show on.)

S 16/8/75

International Golf

S 23/8/75 (Woking, taped 21/8/75)

Midheavyweight: Tony St. Clair (Manchester) (F) v Bob Kirkwood (Portsmouth) (0)

Lightheavyweight: Johnny Kwango (Lagos) (F) v Ivan Penzecoff (Bolton) (0)

Heavymiddleweight: Bert Royal (Bolton) (F) v Steve Logan (Brixton) (F)

S 30/8/75 (Wolverhampton, taping date unknown)

Middleweight: Johnny Peters (Thirsk) (0) v The Reverend Mike Brooks (Throckley) (F)

And now, for the first time on television, it's team wrestling:


Black Jack Mulligan and Peter Kaye, England, take on world lightweight champion George Kidd and Lee Thomas for Scotland. Mulligan and Kidd, Kaye and Thomas will fight individual six 5-minute round contests, and then pair up representing their countries in a 20-minute tag match.

(Kidd beat Mulligan one fall to nil, Thomas beat Kaye one fall to nil, and Scotland won by one fall and a submission to one fall, completing a three match sweep.)

S 6/9/75 (Wolverhampton, taping date unknown)

Lightweight: Roger Green (The College Boy) v John Fay (Ireland) (NC)

International Heavyweight: Kendo Nagasaki (Masked Wrestler) (KO) v Jamaica Kid (W. Indies)

European Lightweight Championship: Challenger Bobby Ryan (Stoke) (FF) v Champion Jim Breaks (Bradford) (S)

S 13/9/75 (Blackburn, taped 11/9/75))

Semi-finals of the Super Heavyweight Knockout Competition, starring four giant wrestlers: Mike Marino (London), Man Mountain Moran, Kendo Nagasaki and 25 stone Big Daddy (Yorkshire).

(Marino scored a fall then KOd Moran, while Nagasaki beat Daddy by one fall to nil)

Catchweight: Vic Faulkner (Bolton) (FF) v Tiger Woods (Wigan) (S)

S 20/9/75 (Blackburn, taped 11/9/75)

Catchweight: Alan Dennison (Bradford) v John Naylor (Wigan) (NC)

Heavyweight: Count Bartelli (Crewe) (F) v Mark Rocco (Manchester) (0) ('Dirty' Jack Pye was the special referee for this match)

The Final of the Super-Heavyweight Knockout Competition

Last week, London's Mike Marino, the 6ft 6in Man Mountain Moran, Kendo Nagasaki and the 25-stone Big Daddy met in the semi-finals to provide the two finalists for this week's clash of the giants. (Nagasaki fought Marino; with the score level at one submission each, Nagasaki won by knockout.)

S 27/9/75 (Woking, taped 21/8/75)

Heavyweight: Steve Veidor (Croydon) (F) v Johnny Yearsley (Cardiff) (0)

Catchweight: Bobby Barnes (Lewisham) (S) v Les Kellett (Bradford) (FF)

Catchweight: Bill Torontos (Chicago) (0) v John Elijah (Walthamstow) (F)

S 4/10/75

International Golf

S 11/10/75 (Southend, taped 8/10/75)

Lightheavweight: Johnny Kwango (W. Africa) (F) v Dave Freeman (Essex) (0)

Catchweight: Catweazle (Yorkshire) (F) v Mick McManus (New Cross) (SS)

Heavyweight: Wayne Bridges (Gillingham) v Steve Viedor (Croydon) (NC)

S 18/10/75 (Southend, taped 8/10/75)

Heavyweight: Klondyke Jake (The North) v Count Bartelli (Crewe) (DQ)

Heavyweight: Mike Marino (Streatham) (S, RSF) v John Elijah (Walthamstow) (0)

Welterweight: Clive Myers (W. Indies) (F) v Steve Grey (Peckham) (0)

S 25/10/75 (Sheffield, taped 22/10/75)

Middleweight: Bert Royal (Bolton) (F) v Steve Taylor (Queensbury) (0)

Heavyweight: Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Bill Turner (Musselburgh)

Welterweight: Johnny Saint (Manchester) (F) v Keith Martinelli (Bolton) (F)

S 1/11/75 (Sheffield, taped 22/10/75)

Mid-heavyweight: Count Bartelli (Crewe) (S) v Mike Marino (London) (F)

Catchweight: Kung Fu (DQ) v Jack Martin (Wrexham)

Welterweight: Vic Faulkner (Bolton) v John Naylor (Wigan) (DKO)

S 8/11/75 (Woking, taped 5/11/75)

Welterweight: Sid Cooper (Yorkshire) (F) v Tony Costas (Cyprus) (0)

Mid-Heavyweight: Bob Kirkwood (Portsmouth) v Les Kellett (Bradford)

Bobby Barnes replaced Kellett and won by two falls to one.

Heavyweight: Steve Veidor (Croydon) (F) v Judo Al Hayes (Westminster) (0)

S 15/11/75

Tennis - The Dewar Cup

S 22/11/75 (Gravesend, taped 20/11/75)

Catchweight: Clive Myers (W. Indies) (F) v Steve Grey (Peckham) (0)

Catchweight: Johnny Saint (Manchester) (F) v Mick McManus (New Cross) (F)

Heavyweight: Lee Bronson (Balham) (0) v Steve Logan (Brixton) (F)

S 29/11/75 (Gravesend, taped 20/11/75)

Lightheavyweight: Johnny Kwango (Lagos) (0) v Beautiful Bobby Barnes (Lewisham) (S)

Catchweight: Bert Royal (Bolton) (F) v Johnny Yearsley (Cardiff) (F)

Catchweight: Catweazle (Hexthorpe) (F) v Dave Freeman (Chelmsford) (0)

S 6/12/75 (Solihull, taped 2/12/75)

Heavyweight: Honey Boy Zimba (Africa) (F, KO) v Farmer Boy Floyd (Thirsk) (0)

Heavyweight: Kendo Nagasaki (FS) v Big Daddy (Leeds) (F)

Catchweight: Johnny Saint (Manchester) (F) v Mick McMichael (Doncaster) (F)

S 13/12/75 (Solihull, taped 2/12/75)

Catchweight: Kung Fu v Strongman Alan Dennison (Bradford) (NC)

Heavyweight: Pete Curry (Salford) (F) v Count Bartelli (Crewe) (S)

European Lightweight Championship: Bobby Ryan (FF) (Hanley) v Jim Breaks (Bradford) (S)

S 20/12/75 (Wythenshawe, taped 17/12/75)

Lightweight: Tally Ho Kaye (Burnley) (0) v Little Prince (Pakistan) (F)

Heavyweight: Judo Pete Roberts (Worcester) (FF) v Terry Rudge (Rushden) (F)

Welterweight: Mick McManus (New Cross) (F) v Vic Faulkner (Bolton) (F)

S 27/12/75 (Wythenshawe, Cheshire, taped 17/12/75)

Catchweight: Rollerball Rocco (Bolton) (S) v Benny Boothman (King Benn) (Keighley) (0)

Superheavyweight: Rex Strong (Blackpool) & Kendo Nagasaki (0) v Big Daddy (Leeds) & Giant Haystacks (FF)

International Heavyweight: Dalibar Singh (India) (F, DQ)v Bobby Graham (Sheffield)

The following matches took place at live events during 1975 but were not broadcast:

Wolverhampton, 18/3/75: Kung Fu (2) v Johnny Saint (1), Sid Cooper (2) v Bobby Ryan (1), Sean Regan (2) v Johnny Wilson (1), John Naylor (1) v Bob Richards (0)

Sheffield, 21/5/75: Exorcist (KO) v Jeff Kaye, Les Kellett v Ray Steele (NC), John Kowalski (1) v Tibor Szakacs (1)

Bradford, 14/5/75: Bruno Elrington (KO) v Ray Steele, Don Vines (KO) v John Rees

Woking, 5/11/75: Zoltan Boscik (1) v Steve Grey (0), Klondyke Jake (KO) v Romany Riley (0)

Preston, 27/11/75: Jim Breaks (2) v King Benn (1), Terry Rudge (DQ) v Steve Logan), Brian Maxine (2) v Mick McMichael (1)