Matches were now broadcast solely on Saturdays. The usual schedule was that a show would be taped midweek for broadcast on the following two Saturdays, though in some cases televised shows could be up to several months old.

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January 1 1977 (Woking, taped 29/12/76)

Magnificent Maurice/Bobby Barnes (2) v Peter Wilson/Johnny Wilson (1)

Johnny Kwango v Ivan Penzecoff

January 8th 1977 (Woking, taped 29/12/76)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Alan Sargeant (0)

Johnny Yearsley (F) v Steve Veidor (FF)

John Kowalski (0) v Tibor Szakacs (F)

Mick McManus (RSF) v Robbie Baron

January 15th 1977 (Bradford, taped 12/1/77)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Peter Kaye (S)

Giant Haystacks (S) v Kendo Nagasaki (RSF)

Mike Marino (FF) v Terry Rudge (F)

January 22nd 1977 (Bradford, taped 12/1/77)

Jeff Kaye (F) v Mick McMichael (FF)

Big Daddy (K) v Beau Jack Rowlands

Brian Maxine v Kung Fu (NC)

January 29th 1977 (Croydon, taped 25/1/77)

Billy Torontos (F) v Zoltan Boscik (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Lee Bronson (F)

Steve Veidor (F) v Roy St.Clair (0)

February 5th 1977 (Croydon, taped 25/1/77)

Mike Marino (RSF) v Gil Singh

Mark Rocco (F) v Kung Fu (F)

Big Daddy (KO )v Johnny Czeslaw

February 12th 1977 (Darlington, taped 9/2/77)

Bobby Ryan (F) v Blackjack Mulligan

Bert Royal (FF) v Ray Thunder (S)

Vic Faulkner (0) v Jim Breaks (S)

February 19th 1977 (Darlington, taped 9/2/77)

Johnny Saint (F) v Sid Cooper (0)

Catweazle (F) v Magnificent Maurice (SS)

Alan Dennison (COR) v Gypsy Smith

Vic Faulkner/Bobby Ryan/Johnny Saint 3-2 Jim Breaks/Sid Cooper/John Gypsy Smith

The matches on the February 12th and February 19th shows made up a series won by the TV All Stars against The Rest by a 5-2 margin.

February 26th 1977 (Wembley, taped 21/2/77)

Clive Myers (F) v Alan Sargeant (0)

Mick McManus (S, RSF) v Catweazle (S)

Gil Singh/Rajendra Singh (FF) v Johnny Czeslaw/Ivan Penzecoff (FF)

March 5th 1977 (Wembley, taped 21/2/77))

Romany Riley (F) v Johnny Wilson (0)

Brian Maxine (FF) v Robbie Baron (F)

Dave Bond (0) v Steve Logan (F)

March 12th 1977 (Buxton, taped 9/3/77)

Tony St.Clair (0) v Colin Joynson (0)

Mick McManus (S, RSF) v John Naylor (F)

Big Daddy (KO) v Buster Hunt (0)

March 19th 1977 (Buxton, taped 9/3/77)

Dynamite Kid (COR) v Tiger Woods (Alan Woods) (0)

British welterweight champion Vic Faulkner (F) v Jim Breaks (S, DQ)

Gwyn Davies (COR) v Han Steiger (0)

Breaks won the title as British championships could change via disqualification.

March 26th 1977 (Walthamstow, taped 23/3/77)

Mike Marino (F) v Dave Bond (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (SS) v John Kowalski (F)

Clive Myers (0) v Clayton Thomson (F)

April 2nd 1977 (Walthamstow, taped 23/3/77)

Bruiser Ian Muir (0) v Wayne Bridges (DQ)

Zoltan Boscik/Billy Torontos (FF) V Alan Sargeant/Steve Grey (F)

Tony St.Clair (FF) v Mick McManus (F)

Sid Cooper (1) v John Hall (0) (This match may not have been broadcast)

April 9th 1977 (Leamington Spa, taped 5/4/77)

Bert Royal (F) v Tony Walsh (0)

Vic Faulkner (COR) v Moe Hunter (0)

Bobby Ryan (KO) v Peter Kaye (0)

M April 11th 1977 (Digbeth, taped 29/3/77)

Marty Jones (F) v King Ben (0)

Count Bartelli (F, DQ) v Terry Rudge (0)

Mark Rocco (F) v Gil Singh (FS)

This show was broadcast on Easter Monday.

April 16th 1977 (Leamington Spa, taped 5/4/77)

Alan Dennison (FF) v Ian Gilmour (F)

Big Daddy (KO) v Al Martin

Leon Arras (0) v Catweazle (DQ)

(Martin replaced John Cox)

April 23rd 1977 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 19/4/77)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Rajendra Singh (0)

Mick McManus (SS) v Peter Wilson (0)

Wayne Bridges (F) v Bruiser Ian Muir (0)

April 30th 1977 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 19/4/77)

Rex Strong (0) v John Elijah (DQ)

Brian Maxine (SS) v Ivan Penzecoff (F)

Johnny Yearsley (0) v Lee Bronson (F)

May 7th 1977 (Sheffield, taped 4/5/77)

Kung Fu (F) v Tiger Woods (Alan Woods) (0)

Pat Roach (F) v Gwyn Davies (S)

Bert Royal / Vic Faulkner (FF) v Johnny Czeslaw/Ivan Penzecoff (F)

May 21st 1977 Southend (taped 11/5/77)

FA Cup Final day

Mick McManus (F) v Steve Grey (0) >

World Lightweight champion Johnny Saint (FF) v Kader Hassouni (F)

Tony St.Clair/Kung Fu (FF) v Colin Joynson/Romany Riley (S)

May 28th 1977 (Sheffield, taped 4/5/77)

Gil Singh (FF) v Johnny Yearsley (F)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Ian Gilmour (0)

Steve Logan (F) v Marty Jones (F, DQ)


Wrestling appears not to have been broadcast.

June 6th 1977 (Digbeth, taped 29/3/77)

Peter Kaye (0) v Kung Fu (F)

Big Daddy (KO) v Tony Walsh (0)

Ray Steele (S) v Ali Shan (F)

This was a rare Monday broadcast. It was a late replacement for ITV's planned coverage of the Queen's Jubilee. The coverage was cancelled because of a strike by Thames TV staff.

June 11th 1977 (Woking, taped 1/6/77)

Bruno Elrington (F) v Johnny Wilson (0)

Johnny Czeslaw (F) v Mark Rocco (F, KO)

Lee Bronson (F) v Bronco Wells (0)


Wrestling appears not to have been broadcast.


Wrestling appears not to have been broadcast.

July 2nd 1977 (Woking, taped 1/6/77)

Roy St.Clair (0) v John Elijah (F)

Pat Roach (FF) v Rex Strong (F)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Sid Cooper (0)

July 9th 1977 (Leicester, taped 5/7/77)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Ring Gladiator (Tony Rowley) (0)

Big Daddy/Bobby Ryan (KO) v Phil Pearson/Mike Dean (S)

Johnny Saint (FF) v Alan Dennison (F)

July 16th 1977 (Leicester, taped 5/7/77)

Count Bartelli (F) v Honey Boy Zimba (0)

British Welterweight champion Jim Breaks (S) v Vic Faulkner (FF)

Peter Kaye (F) v Johnny England (0)

July 23rd 1977 (Southport, taped 20/7/77)

Catweazle (F) v Jack Martin (Al Martin) (0)

Mick McManus (COR) v Mike Jordan (F)

Tony St.Clair (F, COR) v Colin Joynson (F)

July 30th 1977 (Southport), taped 20/7/77)

Marty Jones (FF) v John Naylor (F)

Big Daddy (RSF) v Sandy Scott (0)

Dynamite Kid (F, KO) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

August 6th 1977 (Southend, taped 11/5/77)

Roy St.Clair v Johnny Wilson (DKO)

Mark Rocco (S) v Lee Bronson (F)

Brian Maxine (0) v Clayton Thomson (DQ)

August 13th 1977 (Picketts Lock, Edmonton)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Tony Skarlo (0)

Mick McManus (FF) v Billy Torontos (0)

Zoltan Boscik/Sid Cooper (S) V Alan Sergeant/Steve Grey (DQ)

Dino Skarlo v Steve Kelly (This match appeared on The Wrestling Channel reruns. It's not clear if the match was originally broadcast in 1977 or if it was simple recorded and unaired.)

August 20th 1977 (Morecambe, taped 17/8/77)

Count Bartelli (0) v Gil Singh (F)

Marty Jones v Mark Rocco (DDQ)

Johnny Saint (F) v John Naylor (0)

(Count Bartelli replaced Davis. Johnny Saint replaced Alan Sargeant.)

August 27th 1977 (Morecambe, taped 17/8/77)

Sid Cooper (S) v Bobby Ryan (FF)

Mick McManus (FF) v Zoltan Boscik (F)

Dynamite Kid (FF) v Jackie Robinson (F)

August 29th 1977 (Harrogate, taped 24/8/77)

Bert Royal (F) v Honey Boy Zimba (0)

Vic Faulkner (FF) v Peter Kaye (0)

September 3rd 1977 (Wolverhampton, taped 30/8/77)

Knockout tournament:

Big Daddy (KO) v Rex Strong (0)

Giant Haystacks (RSF) v Tony St Clair (F)

Daddy (COR) v Haystacks

(Haystacks walked out of the ring and refused to wrestle.)

September 10th 1977 (Wolverhampton, taped 30/8/77)

Mike Marino (F) v Sandy Scott (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Marty Jones (F)

Jim Breaks (S) v Jackie Turpin (0)

September 24th 1977 (Picketts Lock, Edmonton, taped 29/7/77)

Bobby Barnes (S) v Johnny Kwango (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (COR) v Pete Roberts (F)

Steve Veidor (F) v Mark Rocco (0)

October 8th 1977 (Croydon, taped 4/10/77)

Wayne Bridges (FF) v Ed Wensor (F)

Steve Kelly (F) v Mick Shannon (0)

Kung Fu/Pete Roberts (F, DQ) V Johnny Kincaid/Dave Bond (S)

October 15th 1977 (Skegness, taped 10/8/77)

King Ben (FF) v Little Prince (F)

Big Daddy (FF) v Colin Joynson (F)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Tallyho Kaye (RSF)

October 22nd 1977 (Skegness, taped 10/8/77)

Bobby Ryan (FF) v Jackie Robinson (F)

Giant Haystacks (RSF) v Count Bartelli (F)

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (FF) V Jim Breaks/Alan Dennison (F)

October 29th 1977 (Chester, taped 26/10/77)

Catweazle (0) v John Naylor (F)

Mick McManus/Steve Logan (F) V Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (F)

Tony St.Clair (F, COR) v Mark Rocco (F)

November 5th 1977 (Chester, taped 26/10/77)

Johnny Saint (0) v Jim Breaks (F)

Giant Haystacks v Big Daddy (NC)

British Lightweight champion Dynamite Kid (FF) v Tallyho Kaye (S)

November 12th 1977 (Aylesbury, taped 7/11/77)

Johnny Kincaid (F) v Johnny Wilson (0)

Kung Fu (F) v Mark Rocco (F) (DKO)

Zoltan Boscik (S) v Steve Kelly (0)

November 19th 1977 (Aylesbury, taped 7/11/77)

Big Daddy (F) v John Elijah (0)

Tony St.Clair (F, DQ) v Butcher Bond (S) >

Mal Sanders (0) v Steve Grey (F)

November 26th 1977 (Bradford, taped 23/11/77)

Phil Pearson (0) v King Ben (F)

Mick McManus (0) v Alan Dennison (S) (NC)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Steve Logan (0)

(Phil Pearson replaced Pat Patton.)

December 3rd 1977 (Bradford, taped 23/11/77)

Bobby Ryan (FF) v John England (S)

Kung Fu (KO) v Ring Gladiator (Tony Rowley (0)

Pat Roach (F) v Gwyn Davies (F, DQ)

December 6th 1977 (Royal Albert Hall, London, taped 30/11/77)

For vacant British welterweight title:Jim Breaks (SS) V Vic Faulkner (F)

Kung Fu/Pete Roberts (FF) V Mick McManus/Peter Kaye (F)

December 10th 1977 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 6/12/77)

Clive Myers (0) v Steve Grey (0) (DKO)

Tony St.Clair (F, COR) v Dave Bond (0)

Jim Breaks (0) v Dynamite Kid (F)

December 17th 1977 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 6/12/77)

Bobby Barnes (S) v Peter Wilson (0)

Roy St.Clair (0) v Wayne Bridges (F) (NC)

Pat Roach (0) v Lee Bronson (DQ)

December 24th 1977 (Wolverhampton, taped 20/12/77)

Big Daddy/Tony St.Clair (F, KO) V Giant Haystacks/Baron Donovan (0)

Catweazle (F, DQ) v Peter Kaye (S)

December 31st 1977 (Wolverhampton, taped 20/11/77)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Kid Chocolate (0)

Kung Fu (F, DQ) v Steve Logan (F)

Mark Rocco (F) v Bert Royal (F, COR)

Plus the ceremonial unmasking of Kendo Nagasaki

The following matches took place at taped events but were not broadcast:

Darlington, 9/2/77: Bobby Ryan/Vic Faulkner/Johnny Saint (S, FF) v Jim Breaks/Sid Cooper/Gypsy Smith (SS)

Royal Albert Hall, 30/11/77: Dynamite Kid (F) v Steve Grey (0), Tony St Clair (KO) v Colin Joynson (0), Wayne Bridges (F) v Mike Marino (0), Big Daddy (KO) v Sandy Scott, British Heavy-middleweight champion Mark Rocco (FF) v Bert Royal (0)