Matches were now broadcast solely on Saturdays. The usual schedule was that a show would be taped midweek for broadcast on the following two Saturdays, though in some cases televised shows could be up to several months old.

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January 8th 1977 (Woking, taped 29/12/76)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Alan Sargeant (0)

Johnny Yearsley (F) v Steve Veidor (FF)

John Kowalski (0) v Tibor Szakacs (F)

January 15th 1977 (Bradford, taped 12/1/77)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Peter Kaye (S)

Giant Haystacks (S) v Kendo Nagasaki (RSF)

Mike Marino (FF) v Terry Rudge (F)

January 22nd 1977 (Bradford, taped 12/1/77)

Jeff Kaye (F) v Mick McMichael (FF)

Big Daddy (K) v Beau Jack Rowlands

Brian Maxine v Kung Fu (NC)

January 29th 1977 (Croydon, taped 25/1/77)

Billy Torontos (F) v Zoltan Boscik (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Lee Bronson (F)

Steve Veidor (F) v Roy St.Clair (0)

February 5th 1977 (Croydon, taped 25/1/77)

Mike Marino (RSF) v Gil Singh

Mark Rocco (F) v Kung Fu (F)

Big Daddy (KO )v Johnny Czeslaw

February 12th 1977 (Darlington, taped 9/2/77)

Bobby Ryan (F) v Blackjack Mulligan

Bert Royal (FF) v Ray Thunder (S)

Vic Faulkner (0) v Jim Breaks (S)

February 19th 1977 (Darlington, taped 9/2/77)

Johnny Saint (F) v Sid Cooper (0)

Catweazle (F) v Magnificent Maurice (SS)

Alan Dennison (COR) v Gypsy Smith

February 26th 1977 (Wembley, taped 21/2/77)

Clive Myers (F) v Alan Sargeant (0)

Mick McManus (S, RSF) v Catweazle (S)

Gil Singh/Rajendra Singh (FF) v Johnny Czeslaw/Ivan Penzecoff (FF)

March 5th 1977 (Wembley, taped 21/2/77))

Romany Riley (F) v Johnny Wilson (0)

Brian Maxine (FF) v Robbie Baron (F)

Dave Bond (0) v Steve Logan (F)

March 12th 1977 (Buxton, taped 9/3/77)

Tony St.Clair (0) v Colin Joynson (0)

Mick McManus (S, RSF) v John Naylor (F)

Big Daddy (KO) v Buster Hunt (0)

March 19th 1977 (Buxton, taped 9/3/77)

Dynamite Kid (COR) v Tiger Woods (Alan Woods) (0)

British welterweight champion Vic Faulkner (F) v Jim Breaks (S, DQ)

Gwyn Davies (COR) v Han Steiger (0)

Breaks won the title as British championships could change via disqualification.

March 26th 1977 (Walthamstow, taped 23/3/77)

Mike Marino (F) v Dave Bond (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (SS) v John Kowalski (F)

Clive Myers (0) v Clayton Thomson (F)

April 2nd 1977 (Walthamstow, taped 23/3/77)

Bruiser Ian Muir (0) v Wayne Bridges (DQ)

Zoltan Boscik/Billy Torontos (FF) V Alan Sargeant/Steve Grey (F)

Tony St.Clair (FF) v Mick McManus (F)

Sid Cooper (1) v John Hall (0) (This match may not have been broadcast)

April 9th 1977 (Leamington Spa, taped 5/4/77)

Bert Royal (F) v Tony Walsh (0)

Vic Faulkner (COR) v Moe Hunter (0)

Bobby Ryan (KO) v Peter Kaye (0)

M April 11th 1977 (Digbeth, taped 29/3/77)

Marty Jones (F) v King Ben (0)

Count Bartelli (F, DQ) v Terry Rudge (0)

Mark Rocco (F) v Gil Singh (FS)

This show was broadcast on Easter Monday.

April 16th 1977 (Leamington Spa, taped 5/4/77)

Alan Dennison (FF) v Ian Gilmour (F)

Big Daddy (KO) v Al Martin

Leon Arras (0) v Catweazle (DQ)

(Martin replaced John Cox)

April 23rd 1977 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 19/4/77)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Rajendra Singh (0)

Mick McManus (SS) v Peter Wilson (0)

Wayne Bridges (F) v Bruiser Ian Muir (0)

April 30th 1977 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 19/4/77)

Rex Strong (0) v John Elijah (DQ)

Brian Maxine (SS) v Ivan Penzecoff (F)

Johnny Yearsley (0) v Lee Bronson (F)

May 7th 1977 (Sheffield, taped 4/5/77)

Kung Fu (F) v Tiger Woods (Alan Woods) (0)

Pat Roach (F) v Gwyn Davies (S)

Bert Royal / Vic Faulkner (FF) v Johnny Czeslaw/Ivan Penzecoff (F)

May 21st 1977 Southend (taped 11/5/77)

FA Cup Final day

Mick McManus (F) v Steve Grey (0)

World Lightweight champion Johnny Saint (FF) v Kader Hassouni (F)

Tony St.Clair/Kung Fu (FF) v Colin Joynson/Romany Riley (S)

May 28th 1977 (Sheffield, taped 4/5/77)

Gil Singh (FF) v Johnny Yearsley (F)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Ian Gilmour (0)

Steve Logan (F) v Marty Jones (F, DQ)


Wrestling appears not to have been broadcast.

June 6th 1977 (Digbeth, taped 29/3/77)

Peter Kaye (0) v Kung Fu (F)

Big Daddy (KO) v Tony Walsh (0)

Ray Steele (S) v Ali Shan (F)

This was a rare Monday broadcast.

June 11th 1977 (Woking, taped 1/6/77)

Bruno Elrington (F) v Johnny Wilson (0)

Johnny Czeslaw (F) v Mark Rocco (F, KO)

Lee Bronson (F) v Bronco Wells (0)


Wrestling appears not to have been broadcast.


Wrestling appears not to have been broadcast.

July 2nd 1977 (Woking, taped 1/6/77)

Roy St.Clair (0) v John Elijah (F)

Pat Roach (FF) v Rex Strong (F)

Zoltan Boscik (F) v Sid Cooper (0)

July 9th 1977 (Leicester, taped 5/7/77)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Ring Gladiator (Tony Rowley) (0)

Big Daddy/Bobby Ryan (KO) v Phil Pearson/Mike Dean (S)

Johnny Saint (FF) v Alan Dennison (F)

July 16th 1977 (Leicester, taped 5/7/77)

Count Bartelli (F) v Honey Boy Zimba (0)

British Welterweight champion Jim Breaks (S) v Vic Faulkner (FF)

Peter Kaye (F) v Johnny England (0)

July 23rd 1977 (Southport, taped 20/7/77)

Catweazle (F) v Jack Martin (Al Martin) (0)

Mick McManus (COR) v Mike Jordan (F)

Tony St.Clair (F, COR) v Colin Joynson (F)

July 30th 1977 (Southport), taped 20/7/77)

Marty Jones (FF) v John Naylor (F)

Big Daddy (RSF) v Sandy Scott (0)

Dynamite Kid (F, KO) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

August 6th 1977 (Southend, taped 11/5/77)

Roy St.Clair v Johnny Wilson (DKO)

Mark Rocco (S) v Lee Bronson (F)

Brian Maxine (0) v Clayton Thomson (DQ)

August 13th 1977 (Picketts Lock, Edmonton)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Tony Skarlo (0)

Mick McManus (FF) v Billy Torontos (0)

Zoltan Boscik/Sid Cooper (S) V Alan Sergeant/Steve Grey (DQ)

August 20th 1977 (Morecambe, taped 17/8/77)

Count Bartelli (0) v Gil Singh (F)

Marty Jones v Mark Rocco (DDQ)

Johnny Saint (F) v John Naylor (0)

(Count Bartelli replaced Davis. Johnny Saint replaced Alan Sargeant.)

August 27th 1977 (Morecambe, taped 17/8/77)

Sid Cooper (S) v Bobby Ryan (FF)

Mick McManus (FF) v Zoltan Boscik (F)

Dynamite Kid (FF) v Jackie Robinson (F)

August 29th 1977 (Harrogate, taped 24/8/77)

Bert Royal (F) v Honey Boy Zimba (0)

Vic Faulkner (FF) v Peter Kaye (0)

September 3rd 1977 (Wolverhampton, taped 30/8/77)

Knockout tournament:

Big Daddy (KO) v Rex Strong (0)

Giant Haystacks (RSF) v Tony St Clair (F)

Daddy (COR) v Haystacks

(Haystacks walked out of the ring and refused to wrestle.)

September 10th 1977 (Wolverhampton, taped 30/8/77)

Mike Marino (F) v Sandy Scott (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (KO) v Marty Jones (F)

Jim Breaks (S) v Jackie Turpin (0)

September 24th 1977 (Picketts Lock, Edmonton, taped 29/7/77)

Bobby Barnes (S) v Johnny Kwango (0)

Kendo Nagasaki (COR) v Pete Roberts (F)

Steve Veidor (F) v Mark Rocco (0)

October 8th 1977 (Croydon, taped 4/10/77)

Wayne Bridges (FF) v Ed Wensor (F)

Steve Kelly (F) v Mick Shannon (0)

Kung Fu/Pete Roberts (F, DQ) V Johnny Kincaid/Dave Bond (S)

October 15th 1977 (Skegness, taped 10/8/77)

King Ben (FF) v Little Prince (F)

Big Daddy (FF) v Colin Joynson (F)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Tallyho Kaye (RSF)

October 22nd 1977 (Skegness, taped 10/8/77)

Bobby Ryan (FF) v Jackie Robinson (F)

Giant Haystacks (RSF) v Count Bartelli (F)

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (FF) V Jim Breaks/Alan Dennison (F)

October 29th 1977 (Chester, taped 26/10/77)

Catweazle (0) v John Naylor (F)

Mick McManus/Steve Logan (F) V Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (F)

Tony St.Clair (F, COR) v Mark Rocco (F)

November 5th 1977 (Chester, taped 26/10/77)

Johnny Saint (0) v Jim Breaks (F)

Giant Haystacks v Big Daddy (NC)

British Lightweight champion Dynamite Kid (FF) v Tallyho Kaye (S)

November 12th 1977 (Aylesbury, taped 7/11/77)

Johnny Kincaid (F) v Johnny Wilson (0)

Kung Fu (F) v Mark Rocco (F) (DKO)

Zoltan Boscik (S) v Steve Kelly (0)

November 19th 1977 (Aylesbury, taped 7/11/77)

Big Daddy (F) v John Elijah (0)

Tony St.Clair (F, DQ) v Butcher Bond (S)

Mal Sanders (0) v Steve Grey (F)

November 26th 1977 (Bradford, taped 23/11/77)

Phil Pearson (0) v King Ben (F)

Mick McManus (0) v Alan Dennison (S) (NC)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Steve Logan (0)

(Phil Pearson replaced Pat Patton.)

December 3rd 1977 (Bradford, taped 23/11/77)

Bobby Ryan (FF) v John England (S)

Kung Fu (KO) v Ring Gladiator (Tony Rowley (0)

Pat Roach (F) v Gwyn Davies (F, DQ)

December 6th 1977 (Royal Albert Hall, London, taped 30/11/77)

For vacant British welterweight title:Jim Breaks (SS) V Vic Faulkner (F)

Kung Fu/Pete Roberts (FF) V Mick McManus/Peter Kaye (F)

December 10th 1977 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 6/12/77)

Clive Myers (0) v Steve Grey (0) (DKO)

Tony St.Clair (F, COR) v Dave Bond (0)

Jim Breaks (0) v Dynamite Kid (F)

December 17th 1977 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 6/12/77)

Bobby Barnes (S) v Peter Wilson (0)

Roy St.Clair (0) v Wayne Bridges (F) (NC)

Pat Roach (0) v Lee Bronson (DQ)

December 24th 1977 (Wolverhampton, taped 20/12/77)

Big Daddy/Tony St.Clair (F, KO) V Giant Haystacks/Baron Donovan (0)

Catweazle (F, DQ) v Peter Kaye (S)

December 31st 1977 (Wolverhampton, taped 20/11/77)

Dynamite Kid (F) v Kid Chocolate (0)

Kung Fu (F, DQ) v Steve Logan (F)

Mark Rocco (F) v Bert Royal (F, COR)

Plus the ceremonial unmasking of Kendo Nagasaki

The following matches took place at taped events but were not broadcast:

Darlington, 9/2/77: Bobby Ryan/Vic Faulkner/Johnny Saint (S, FF) v Jim Breaks/Sid Cooper/Gypsy Smith (SS)

Royal Albert Hall, 30/11/77: Dynamite Kid (F) v Steve Grey (0), Tony St Clair (KO) v Colin Joynson (0), Wayne Bridges (F) v Mike Marino (0), Big Daddy (KO) v Sandy Scott, British Heavy-middleweight champion Mark Rocco (FF) v Bert Royal (0)