Shows were broadcast on Saturdays only.

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January 7th 1984 (Macclesfield, taped 7/12/83)

Owen Hart (F) v Steve Logan (F)

Marty Jones (KO) v Ross Hart

Ringo Rigby/John Naylor (S) V Bobby Barnes & Sid Cooper (F)

January 21st 1984 (Guildford, taping date unknown)

Steve Kelly (0) v Tony Walsh (F)

Peter Kaye (S) v Danny Collins (F, DQ)

Jon Cortez (F) v Keith Haward (FF)

January 28th 1984 (Croydon, taped 11/10/83)

Gil Singh (FF) v Terry Rudge (F)

Pat Roach (FF) v Tom Tyrone (F)

February 4th 1984 (Worcester, taped 25/1/84)

Ringo Rigby (F) v Caswell Martin (0)

World Mid-Heavyweight champion Dave Finlay (F, S) v Alan Kilby (F)

(We also have an alternative listing for this show with Rigby vs Rocky Moran and Martin vs Giant Haystacks)

February 11th 1984 (Worcester, taped 25/1/84)

Pete Roberts (F) v Skull Murphy (F) (DDQ)

Marty Jones (FF) v Chic Cullen (F)

Steve Speed (0) v Steve Grey (F)

(Speed replaced the billed Clive Myers

February 18th 1984 (Winsford, taped 2/2/84)

Steve Logan (F) v Mick McMichael (0)

Mohammed Butt (F) v Barry Douglas (F)

Big Daddy/Pat Patton V Masked Marauder/Tony Walsh (0) (Marauder & Walsh replaced the billed Tony Francis & Sid Cooper)

February 25th 1984 (Winsford, taped 2/2/84)

Knockout tournament:

Pete La Paque (Pts) v Rick Wiseman

Jim Breaks (S) v Mal Sanders (0)

Not broadcast: Danny Collins (Pts) v Sid Cooper

Not broadcast: Eddie Riley (1) v Jack Regan (0)

Breaks (SS) v Riley (0)

Collins (COR) v Pete LaPaque

Collins (F, DQ) v Breaks)

March 10th 1984 (Rotherham, taped 29/2/84)

Jim Breaks (0) v Danny Collins (F)

World Mid-Heavyweight champion: Dave Finlay (F, S) v Steve Logan (0)

March 17th 1984 (Derby, taped 5/3/84)

Pat Roach (FF) v Johnny Wilson (F)

Clive Myers (F) v Steve Grey (F)

Ringo Rigby (F) v Bobby Barnes

March 24th 1984 (Derby, taped 5/3/84)

Chic Cullen (F) v Keith Haward (F) (DCOR)

Skull Murphy (F) v Pete Roberts (F)

March 31st 1984 (Guildford, taping date unknown)

International tag tournament:

Dave Finlay/Rocky Moran (Northern Ireland) (FF) v Owen Hart/Ross Hart (Canada) (F)

Vic Faulkner/Marty Jones (England) (FF) v Len Hurst/Jim Moser (West Indies) (F)

Faulkner/Jones (SS) v FInlay/Moran

(The billed semi-finals were Jones/Faulkner v Finlay/Moran and Kid Chocolate/Moser v Harts)

April 7th 1984 (Blackburn, taped 4/4/84)

Alan Kilby (FF) v John Elijah (S)

Giant Haystacks v Gil Singh (DQ)

April 14th 1984 (Blackburn, taped 4/4/84)

British Welterweight champion Jim Breaks (F) v Danny Collins (F) (NC)

Dave Finlay (0) v Marty Jones (F, COR)

April 21st 1984 (Lichfield, taped 11/4/84)

Caswell Martin (F) v Steve Logan (0)

Tom Tyrone (F) v Ray Steele (F)

Big Daddy/Roy Scott (FF) V Tiny Callaghan/Lucky Gordon (F)

April 28th 1984 (Lichfield, taped 11/4/84)

Jack Flash Shirlow (F, DQ) v Drew McDonald (S )

Rocky Moran (FF) V Chic Cullen (F)

Rasputin (S, KO) v Andy Blair (0)

May 5th 1984 (Nottingham, taped 26/4/84)

Golden Gown tournament semi-finals:

Vic Faulkner (S) v Kid Chocolate (0)

Sid Cooper (1) vs Ian McGregor (0)

British Welterweight champion Danny Collins (FF) v Jim Breaks (S)

May 12th 1984 (Nottingham, taped 26/4/84)

Gil Singh (F) v Barry Douglas (0)

Marty Jones (F) v Pete Roberts (F)

Golden Gown tournament final:

Vic Faulkner (F) v Sid Cooper (S)

(As the match was a draw, a rematch was scheduled. It was shown on 23/6/84.)

May 19th 1984 (Walton on Thames, taped 2/5/84)

FA Cup Final day

Big Daddy/Drew McDonald V Giant Haystacks/Fit Finlay

(McDonald replaced the billed Honey Boy Zimba.)

We do not have listings for May 26th 1984.

June 2nd 1984 (Walton on Thames, taped 2/5/84)

Alan Dennison (DQ) v Bobby Barnes

Steve Grey (FF) v Johnny Kidd (F)

June 16th 1984 (Walton on Thames, taped 2/5/84)

Alan Kilby (FF) v Mal Sanders (F)

British Heavy-Middleweight champion Chic Cullen (FF) v Rocky Moran (S)

June 23rd 1984 (Brierley Hill, taped 13/6/84)

Ringo Rigby (S) v John Wilkie (0)

Goldem Gown tournament final rematch: Vic Faulkner (F, DQ) v Sid Cooper (0)

World Mid-Heavyweight champion Dave Finlay (FF) v Clive Myers (F)

June 30th 1984 (West Bromwich, taped 28/6/84)

Peter Kaye (S) v Ian McGregor (0)

Pat Roach (FF) v Terry Rudge (F)

Danny Collins/Steve Speed (FF) V Derek Collins/Pete LaPaque (F)

July 7th 1984 (West Bromwich, taped 28/6/84)

Ray Robinson (0) v King Ben (F)

Chic Cullen (F) v Alan Kilby (F)

Marty Jones (FF) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

July 14th 1984 (Barking, taped 11/7/84)

Mohammed Butt v Len Hurst (NC)

Johnny Wilson (F) v John Elijah (F)

Big Daddy/Danny Collins (F, COR) & Bobby Barnes/Sid Cooper (S)

July 21st 1984 (Barking, taped 11/7/84)

Steve Logan (F) v Peter Wilson (0)

Keith Haward (F) v Steve Grey (F)

Scrubber Daly\Lucky Gordon (SS) V Drew McDonald & Andy Blair (0)

July 28th 1984 (Chester, taped 25/7/84)

Gil Singh (RSF) v Rasputin

Barry Douglas (S) v Ray Steele (F) (DKO)

Big Daddy/Danny Collins (FF) V Scrubber Daly/Lucky Gordon (0)

August 4th 1984 (Chester, taped 25/7/84)

Vic Faulkner (F, DQ) v Jim Breaks (S)

British Heavy-Middleweight champion Chic Cullen (FF) v Alan Kilby (F)

Dave Finlay (S) v Mick McMichael (0)

August 11th 1984 (Southport, taped 8/8/84)

Bruiser Ian Muir v Dave Bond (DQ)

Clive Myers (FF) v Pat Patton (F)

Marty Jones (FF) v King Kendo (F)

August 18th 1984 (Southport, taped 8/8/84)

John Naylor (F) v Rick Wiseman (0)

Grasshopper (FF) v Ray Smith (F)

Giant Haystacks/Rasputin (F) V Pat Roach/Pete Roberts (F, DQ)

August 25th 1984 (Brierley Hill, taped 13/6/84)

Honey Boy Zimba (F, COR) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

Steve Logan (F) v Rocky Moran (F)

Eddie Riley (F) v Ian McGregor (F)

Lucky Gordon (COR) v Andy Blair

Battle royale won by Steve Logan

September 22nd 1984 (Malvern - we have listings for both 21/6/84 and 21/8/84 for the original taping, the latter of which seems more likely)

Marty Jones (FF) v Steve Lannigan (F)

British Welterweight champion: Danny Collins (F) v Steve Grey (FF)

September 29th 1984 (Malvern - we have listings for both 21/6/84 and 21/8/84 for the original taping, the latter of which seems more likely)

Ray Steele (COR) v Skull Murphy

Dave Finlay (FS) v Johnny Wilson (F)

October 6th 1984 (Croydon, taped 11/9/84)

Peter Kaye (SS) v Ian McGregor (F)

Roy Scott (0) v Drew McDonald (FF)

October 13th 1984 (Croydon, taped 11/9/84)

Sid Cooper (S) v Chic Cullen (FF)

Peter Kaye/Roy Scott/Sid Cooper (0) V Drew McDonald/Chic Cullen/Ian McGregor (S, F)

We do not have listings for October 20th 1984.


October 27th 1984 (Croydon, taped 11/9/84)

Grand Prix Belt tournament quarter-finals:

John Elijah (0) v Alan Kilby (F)

Johnny Wilson (FF) v Barry Douglas (F)

(Wilson replaced the billed Rasputin.)

November 3rd 1984 (Wolverhampton, taped 9/10/84)

Danny Collins (F) v Eddie Riley (0)

Dave Finlay (F, S) v Vic Faulkner (F)

Grand Prix Belt tournament quarter-final: Skull Murphy (KO) v Ray Robinson (F)

November 10th 1984 (Manchester, taped 1/11/84)

Big Daddy/Pete Ross (F, KO) V Bruiser Ian Muir/Tony Walsh (S)

Grand Prix Belt tournament quarter-final: Chic Cullen (FF) v Ripper Derek Collins (0)

November 17th 1984 (Manchester, taped 1/11/84)

Grand Prix Belt tournament semi-final: Alan Kilby (F) v Skull Murphy (S)

(As the match was drawn, a rematch was scheduled and broadcast on 15/12/84.)

British Welterweight champion Steve Grey (F) v Danny Collins (FF)

November 24th 1984 (Dartford, taped 13/11/84)

Greg Valentine (F) v Sid Cooper (0)

Big Daddy/Pete Ross (FF) V Scrubber Daly/Tiny Callaghan (S)

Grand Prix Belt tournament semi-final: Johnny Wilson (FF) v Chic Cullen (F)

December 1st 1984 (Dartford, taped 13/11/84)

Clive Myers (FF) v Johnny Kidd (0)

World Mid-Heavyweight champion Dave Finlay (F) v Marty Jones (S, DQ)

(Jones won the title as British championships could change on a disqualification.)

We do not have results for December 8th 1984.

December 15th 1984 (Aylesbury, taped 20/11/84)

Grand Prix Belt torunament semi-final rematch: Alan Kilby (S) v Skull Murphy (F, Pts)

Ian McGregor (F) v Eddie Riley (FF)

December 22nd 1984 (Aylesbury, taped 20/11/84)

Billy Jo Beck (0) v Ringo Rigby (FF)

Terry Rudge (S) v Tom Tyrone (0)

Len Hurst (FF) v Butcher Bond (F)

December 29th 1984 (Bury, taped 19/12/84)

Gil Singh (F) v Al Dean (0)

Greg Valentine (F, DQ) v Sid Cooper (F)

The following matches took place at events recorded for television but were not broadcast

Worcester, 25/1/84: Ringo Rigby (F) v Rocky Moran (0)

Rotherham, 29/2/84: Ray Steele (2) v Johnny South (1), Peter Kaye (1) v Mick McMichael (0), Vic Faulkner/Alan Kilby (2) v Kaye/South (1)

Derby 5/3/84: Mann Singh (1) v Dave Duran

Blackburn, 4/4/84: Ali Shan (F) v Drew McDonald (0)

Walton-on-Thames, 2/5/84: Pete Roberts (1) v Dave Bond (0)

Chester, 25/7/84: Marty Jones (FF) v Rocky Moran (F)

Malvern, 21/6/84: Mick McMichael (FF) v Johnny Kidd (F), Pat Roach (RSF) v Peter Wilson

Croydon, 11/9/84: Steve Grey (F) v Zoltan Boscik (0), Pete Roberts (F) v Terry Rudge (F)

Wolverhampton, 9/10/84: Toma Hanson (1) v John Cox (0), King Ben (1) v Frank Cullen (1), Pete Riverts (NC) v Gil Singh

Manchester, 1/11/84: Marty Jones (NC) v Ray Steele