Matches were broadcast on Saturdays only, with the exception of bank holiday specials.

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January 5th 1980 (Leeds, taped 3/1/80)

Zoltan Boscik (S) v Mal Sanders (FF)

Colin Joynson (F) v Steve Veidor (F) (DCOR)

Tony St Clair (F, DQ) v Mark Rocco (F)

(It is possible the St Clair - Rocco match was not broadcast.)

January 12th 1980 (Leeds, 3/1/80)

Marty Jones (KO) v Ringo Rigby (F)

Wayne Bridges (FF) v John Cox (0)

Peter Kaye (S, RSF) v Pat Patton (F)

January 19th 1980 (Leamington Spa, taped 9/1/80)

Chris Adams (FF) v John Yearsley (F)

Ken Joyce (FF) v Tony Costas (F)

Giant Haystacks/John Quinn (KO, RSF) V Honey Boy Zimba/Dave Bond

January 26th 1980 (Leamington Spa, taped 9/1/80)

Battle royale: Mick McManus, Jon Cortez (W), Catweazle, Tommy Lorne, Steve Peacock Jackie Turpin

Not billed, but probably broadcast: Jackie Turpin (F, DQ) v Mick McManus (S), Catweazle (FF) v Steve Peacock (F), Jon Cortez (FF) v Tommy Lorne (F)

(McManus was not allowed to take part in the battle royale because of his previous disqualification.)

February 2nd 1980 (Reading, taped 28/1/80)

Jon Cortez (FF) v Pete Lapaque (F)

Big Daddy/Pete Ross (FF) V African Kruger (Thys Kruger)/African Rand (Don Charles) (F)

Johnny Saint (F) v Steve Grey (FF)

February 9th 1980 (Reading, taped 28/1/80)

Tony Walsh (KO) v Jeff Kaye (F)

John Elijah (FS) v Cowboy Smith Hart (F)

Brian Maxine (F) v Mick McMichael (F) (NC)

February 16th 1980 (Southend, taped 13/2/80)

Bobby Barnes (F) v Mal Sanders (F)

John Quinn (COR) v Caswell Martin

Pat Roach (F, RSF) v Pete Roberts (F)

February 23rd 1980 (Southend, taped 13/2/80)

Alan Dennison (S) v Bob Anthony (0)

Romany Riley (F) v Len Hurst (F) (DCOR)

British Welterweight champion Jim Breaks (S) v Young David (F)

(Riley replaced the billed Mark Rocco)

March 1st 1980 (Lincoln, taped 28/2/80)

Bert Royal v Yasu Fuji (KO)

Big Daddy (KO) v Mike Dean

Marty Jones (FF) v John Naylor (F)

March 8th 1980 (Lincoln, taped 28/2/80)

Keith Hayward (FF) v Sid Cooper (S)

Chris Adams (F, DQ) v Mick McManus (F)

Bobby Ryan (KO) v Blackjack Mulligan

Chris Adams/Big Daddy/Bobby Ryan (KO, F) v Sid Cooper/Mike Dean/Blackjack Mulligan (0)

March 15th 1980 (Digbeth, taped 12/3/80)

Ringo Rigby (FF) v Steve Peacock (F)

John Quinn (KO) v Johnny Wilson

Wayne Bridges (FF) v Lee Bronson (0)

March 22nd 1980 (Digbeth, taped 12/3/80)

Mick McMichael (FF) v Vic Faulkner (FF)

(The third fall saw both men's shoulders pinned down.)

Yasa Fuji (F) v Colin Joynson (F, DQ)

Peter Kaye (COR) v Jackie Turpin (F)

March 29th 1980 (Walton on Thames, taped 5/2/80)

Jon Cortez (F, S) v Jeff Kaye (F)

Big Daddy/Kid Chocolate (F, COR) V Mark Rocco/Tony Walsh (S)

Johnny Kwango (F, DQ) v Lucky Gordon (0)

April 7th 1980 (Guildford, taped 25/3/80)

Chris Adams (FF) v Gary Wensor (F)

Bruiser Ian Muir/Pat Roach (0) V Steve Veidor/Pete Roberts (F, COR)

Gil Singh (FF) v John Cox (F)

April 12th 1980 (Bradford, taped 10/4/80)

Tony St Clair (FF) v Rex Strong (S)

Wayne Bridges (FF) v Caswell Martin (F)

Ray Steele (F, DQ) v Ox Brody (F)

April 19th 1980 (Bradford, taped 10/4/80)

Alan Kilby (F) v Honey Boy Zimba (F)

John Quinn (KO) v John Elijah

Jim Breaks (F) v Alan Dennison (SS)

April 26th 1980 (Belle Vue, taped 23/4/80)

Mal Sanders (COR) v Sid Cooper (S)

Tony St Clair (F, COR) v Yasu Fuji (F)

Jon Cortez (FF) v Steve Peacock (F)

May 3rd 1980 (Belle Vue, taped 23/4/80)

Gwyn Davies (F) v Steve Veidor (F) (NC)

Marty Jones (F, COR) v King Ben (F)

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (FF) V Peter Kaye/John England (0)

M May 5th 1980 (Guildford, taped 25/3/80)

Keith Haward (F) v Kurt Heinz (0)

World Lightweight champion Johnny Saint (FF) v Steve Grey (F)

This was a bank holiday special.

May 10th 1980 (Wembley)

FA Cup Final day

World Heavyweight champion Wayne Bridges (F) v John Quinn (F, RSF)

(Quinn won the title on a stoppage.)

May 17th and 24th 1980

Wrestling appears to have not been broadcast.

M May 26th 1980 (Croydon, taped 13/5/80)

Vic Faulkner (2) v Blackjack Mulligan (1)

John Naylor (FF) v Jackie Robinson (F)

John Quinn/Yasu Fuji (F, KO) V Steve Veidor/Lee Bronson (F)

This was a bank holiday special.

May 31st 1980 (Solihull, taped 28/5/80)

Sid Cooper (F) v Catweazle (F, DQ)

Wayne Bridges (FF) v Butts Giraud (F)

Jim Breaks (F) v Alan Dennison (FS)

June 21st 1980 (Adwick le Street, taped 22/5/80)

Tony Walsh (S) v Keith Haward (F, DQ)

Big Daddy/Chris Adams (F, KO) V King Kong Mal Kirk/Bruiser Ian Muir (S)

Mick McMichael (FF) v Jackie Turpin (F)

June 28th 1980 (Adwick le Street, taped 22/5/80)

Brian Maxine (F) v John Elijah (F)

John Quinn (RSF) v Ray Steele

Bobby Barnes (RSF) v Bob Anthony (S)

July 5th 1980 (Southport, taped 25/6/80)

Combat Challenge Shield semi-finals:

Mark Rocco (KO) v Mal Sanders (F)

Marty Jones (FF) v Young David (Davey Boy Smith) (F)


Mick McManus (F, KO) v Steve Grey (F)

July 12th 1980 (Southport, taped 25/6/80)

Mike Marino (FF) v Alan Kilby (F)

Giant Haystacks (KO) v Honey boy Zimba

Combat Challenge Shield final: Mark Rocco (SS) v Marty Jones (F)

July 19th 1980 (Catford/Lewisham, taped 14/7/80)

British Welterweight champion Alan Dennison (F) v Jim Breaks (F)

July 26th 1980: (Catford/Lewisham, taped 14/7/80)

Giant Haystacks & John Quinn V Pete Roberts & Johnny Wilson

Not billed but probably broadcast on this show or on 19 July:

Lee Bronson (FF) v Mann Singh (F)

Len Hurst (F) v Terry Rudge (0)

Mick McManus (SS) v Kid Chocolate (F)

Bill Torontos (F) v Kurt Heinz (0)

August 2nd 1980

Wrestling appears to have not been broacast.

August 9th 1980 (Bedworth, taped 5/8/80)

Peter Kaye (F) v John Naylor (F, DQ)

Tony St Clair (F) v Pat Roach (RSF)

Wayne Bridges (FF) v Ox Brody (F)

August 16th 1980 (Bedworth, taped 5/8/80)

Johnny Kwango (FF) v Johnny England (S)

Tim Fitmaurice (0) v Keith Haward (FF)

Ringo Rigby (FF) v Johnny South (F)

(Fitzmaurice replaced the billed Jon Cortez)

August 23rd 1980 (Hartlepool, taped 6/8/80)

Jackie Turpin (FF) v John Wilkie (0)

Big Daddy/Chris Adams (FF) V Yasu Fuji/Black Baron (S)

Alan Kilby (FF) v Mel Stuart (F)

August 25th 1980 (Croydon, taped 13/5/80)

Johnny Saint (S) v Zoltan Boscik (S) (RSF)

Marty Jones (F) v Young David (0) (NC)

Bert Royal (F, DQ) v Lucky Gordon (0)

August 30th 1980 (Hartlepool, taped 6/8/80)

Pat Patton (F) v Steve Peacock (S)

Gil Singh (F, DQ) v Mal Kirk (0)

Alan Dennison (0) v Jim Breaks (F)

(Kirk replaced the billed Beau Jack)

September 13th 1980: (Morecambe, taped 3/9/80)

Honey Boy Zimba (COR) v King Ben (F)

Bobby Bold Eagle (RSF) v Mark Rocco (F)

Ray Steele (F) v Peter Stewart (F)

September 20th 1980 (Morecambe, taped 3/9/80)

Steve Grey (FF) v Ken Joyce (F)

Mike Marino (F) v King Kong Mal Kirk (S) (DDQ)

Alan Kilby (FF) v Tony Walsh (F)

October 11th 1980 (Southend, taped 8/10/80)

Sharky Ward (S, RSF) v Jeff Kaye (0)

Giant Haystacks (KO) v Prince Mann Singh

Sammy Lee (F, COR) v Sid Cooper (0)

(Lee was Satoru Sayama, better known as Tiger Mask)

October 18th 1980 (Southend, taped 8/10/80)

Wayne Bridges v Lee Bronson

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (FF) V Pete LaPaque/Tommy Lorne (The Rockers) (F)

Chris Adams (F) v Bobby Barnes (S)

(Adams won a post-match judo throws challenge 10-9.)

November 1st 1980 (Solihull, taped 28/5/80)

Marty Jones (F) v Dave Bond (F)

Yasu Fuji (KO) v Pete Curry (F)

Mark Rocco (S) v Pete Roberts (F)

November 8th 1980 (Lincoln, taped 5/11/80)

Pat Roach (FF) v Peter Stewart (F)

Big Daddy/Sammy Lee (FF) V King Kong Mal Kirk & Sharky Ward (0)

Billed but not broadcast: American Dream Chris Colt v Mick McMichael (DQ) (It's believed Kent Walton announced the match was too violent. Colt left Joint promotions after a controversial match at the Royal Albert Hall on 19/11/80.)

November 15th 1980 (Lincoln, taped 5/11/80)

Jon Cortez (F) v Keith Haward (F)

Battle royale: Giant Haystacks (W), Black Baron, Johnny Wilson, Beau Jack, Tony Walsh, John Cox, Honey Boy Zimba, Bull Pratt

Gil Singh (FF) v John Elijah (F)

November 22nd 1980 (Chester, taped 18/11/80)

25th Anniversary KO Trophy Heats:

Young David (Davey Boy Smith) (FF) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

John Naylor (F) v Mick McManus (COR)

Peter Kaye (S, F) v Pat Patton (F)

Chris Adams (F) v King Ben (F)

(Adams advanced on a coin toss.)

Quarter-finals (decided by the first to 10 throws):

Peter Kaye (10) v Young David (Davey Boy Smith) (8)

Chris Adams (10) v Mick McManus (9)

November 29th 1980 (Chester, taped 18/11/80)

25th Anniversary KO Trophy Heats:

Jim Breaks (F, S) v Little Prince (F)

Steve Grey (FF) v Tony Costas (F)

(Grey was unable to continue in the tournament due to injury.)

Alan Kilby (F, DQ) v Lucky Gordon (F)

Alan Dennison (FF) v Mal Sanders (F)


Quarter-finals (decided by the first to 10 throws):

Alan Kilby received a bye

Alan Dennison beat Jim Breaks when Breaks walked out.

December 6th 1980 (Walthamstow, taped 26/11/80)

Jon Cortez (F) v Keith Haward (F) (NC)

Kurt Heinz (0) v Johnny Kwango (FF)

(Heinz replaced the billed American Dream Chris Colt.)

25th Anniversary Trophy Semi Final: Alan Kilby (F) v Chris Adams (F)

(The drawn result would be settled on the night of the tournament final.)

December 13th 1980 (Walthamstow, taped 26/11/80)

Mark Rocco (RSF) v Dynamite Kid (F)

Johnny Saint (FF) v Bob Anthony (F)

25th Anniversary Trophy Semi Final: Alan Dennison (SS) v Tallyho Kaye (F)

December 20th 1980 (Leicester, taped 17/12/80)

Jackie Robinson v Jackie Turpin (DCOR)

(Robinson replaced the billed Brian Maxine.)

Big Daddy/Kid Chocolate (F, KO) V Dave Bond/Tony Walsh (KO)

25th Anniversary Trophy: Alan Kilby and Chris Adams settled their drawn semi-final with a first to 10 throws challenge; Kilby won 10-9

25th Anniversary Trophy Final: Alan Dennison (S) v Alan Kilby (FF)

December 27th 1980 (Leicester, taped 17/12/80)

Caswell Martin (F) v Pete Roberts (F)

John Wilkie (0) v Lee Bronson (F, COR)

(Wilkie replaced the billed Giant Haystacks)

Mick McManus (SS) v Billy Torontos (F)