During this time, the TV Times would list several matches with the introduction "Featuring some or all of the following:". We have noted matches which were billed but not are not in our records as being broadcast. It is likely the shows were taped after the magazine's printing deadline and that the final match selection depended on time restraints.

The Saturday wrestling broadcasts came as part of the magazine show Saturday Sportstime.

Several shows in had Peter Cockburn as commentator rather than regular host Kent Walton. We have noted these dates. All other dates either had Walton, or no commentator was listed.

This was the first year in which wrestling was broadcast on both Saturday (S) and Wednesday (W). All broadcast times are pm.

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W 1/1/64, Seymour Hall, London, 10.40-11.50

George Catalina Drake v John Yearsey

Bernard Murray v Adrian Street

S 4/1/64, Wolverhampton, 3.40-5.05

Josef Zaranoff (1) v Billy Howes (1)

Terry Downs (W) v Al Brown

Ernie Riley (W) v Reg Williams

Also billed: Reverend Michael Brooks v Jim Mellor

M 6/1/64, Manchester

Eric Leiderman (W) v Jumo Odoma

Armand Zarpanalian (W) v Ivan Penzekoff

Karis El Greco (W) v Claude Trigeaud

Ricki Starr (DQ) v Pierre Chappelle

Rev Michael Brooks (DQ) v Alan Dennison

W 8/1/64, Croydon, 10.25-11.5

Francis Sullivan v Earl Maynard

Joe Murphy v Ted Hanan

S 11/1/64, Bermondsey, 3.55-.5.05

Harry Kendall (KO) v Joe Keegan

Vassilios Mantopolous (Greek champion) (1) v Mel Riss (1)

George Drake (W) v Francis Sullivan

Also billed: Arjid Singh v Ron Oakley

W 15/1/64, Croydon, 10.25-11.05

Zando Zabo v Johnny Allan

Eric Taylor v Tony Cassio

S 18/1/64, Bradford, 3.30-5.05 

Geoff Portz v Pepe Marquez

Ernie Riley (Light-heavyweight champion) v Brian Trevors

Alan Colbeck v Peter Szakacs

Bobby Steele v Zaffur Ealon

Ricki Starr v Arthur Ricardo

W 22/1/64, Croydon, 10.30-11.10

Gil Cesca v Jack Dempsey (British welterweight champion)

Johnny Czeslaw v John Lees

S 25/1/64, Kingston, 3.40-5.05

Mick McManus/Steve Logan (W) v Eddie Capelli/Spencer Churchill

Al Miquet (1) v Bernard Murray (1)

Josef Molnar (2) v Eric Taylor (1)

Also billed: Archer O' Brien v Ken Joyce (W)

W 29/1/64, Croydon, 10.50-11.10

Ivan Josef Zacanoff v Horst Hoffman (German heavyweight champion)

Ray Fury v Gordon Kilmartin 

S 1/2/64, Preston, 3.40-5.05

George Kidd (RSF) v Ian Gilmour

Eric Taylor (DQ) v Arthur Ricardo

Eric Sands (2) v  Barry Cannon (1)

Bobby Steele (1) v Shem Singh (1) (We also have a report of Steele winning by one fall to nil)

Not televised: Billy Joyce (1) v Dennis Mitchell (1) (Only the very beginning of this match was shown before the live broadcast ended).

The billed line-up was Taylor v Ricardo, Sands v Steele, Cannon v Gilmour and Billy Joyce v Dennis Mitchell

W 5/2/64, Belle Vue, 10.25-11.05

Ricky Star v Pedro LaChapelli

El Greco v Claude Trigeaud

Commentary by Peter Cockburn.

S 8/2/64, Lime Grove, 3.40-5.05

Andy Robbins (0) v Jim Rawlings (1)

Alan Colbeck (W) v Chic Purvey

Albert Wall (KO) v Frikki Alberta

Geoff Portz v Billy Robinson (D)

W 12/2/64, Belle Vue, 10.25-11.05 Armand Zaparnalion v Ivan Penzecoff

Alan Dennison v Reverend Michael Brooks

S 15/2/64, Wembley, 3.55-5.05

Georges Gueret (W) v Monty Swann

Linde Caulder (W) v Peter Szakacs

Honeyboy Zimba (W) v Brian Sparkes

Also billed: Catalina George Drake v Saif Shah

W 19/2/64, Belle Vue, 10.40-11.20

Eric Liedeman v Odeame

Ian Gilmour v Geoff Kay

S 22/2/64, Leeds, 3.55-5.05 George Kidd (RSF) v Al Miquet

Geoff Portz (DQ) v Jim Hussey

Jack Dempsey (KO) v Michel Saulnier

Albert Wall v Norman Walsh (W)

The billed line-up had Kidd v Saulnier and Dempsey v Miquet

W 26/2/64, Belle Bue, 10.30-11.10

Norman Walsh (British mid-heavyweight champion) v Big John Lees

Ray Appolon v Georges Gordienko

S 29/2/64, Barnsley, 3.40-5.05

Les Kellett v Barry Douglas (NC)

Chic Purvey (W) v Julien Morice

Tibor Szakacs (W) v Dennis Mitchell

Also billed: Doug Joyce v Pietro Capello (W)

W 4/3/64, Belle Vue, 10.40-11.20

Ricki Starr v Jim Rawlings

Frank O'Donnell v Abe Ginsberg

Commentary by Peter Cockburn.

S 7/3/64, Beckenham, 3.55-5.05

John DaSilva (1) v Andre Drapp (1)

Mick McManus (1) v Peter Szakacs (0)

Jackie Pallo (1) v Peter Rann (0)

Also billed: Cliff Beaumont (W) v Adrian Street

This was billed as Pallo's first appearance since guest-starring in The Avengers.

W 11/3/64, Belle Vue, 10.40-11.20

Henri Pierlot v Farmer John Allan

Colin Joynson v Lindy Caulder

S 14/3/64, Halifax, 3.55-5.05

Vic Faulkner/Bert Royal (Royals) (W) v Tom Dowie/Ted Hannon

Albert Wall (1) v Johnny Allan (1)

Bobby Steele (W) v Al Nicol

Also billed: Bob Sweeney v Bill Rawlings (NC)

The tag match was billed as England v Scotland.

W 18/3/64, Belle Vue, 10.30-11.10

George Kidd (World lightweight champion) v Alan Colbeck (European welterweight champion)

Eric Cutler v Ivan Penzecoff

Commentary by Peter Cockburn.

S 21/3/64, Lime Grove, 3.35-5.05

Gordon Nelson (1) v Ernie Riley (1)

Clay Thomson (1) v Jesse Hodgson (0)

Ian Gilmour (1) v Dave Shillitoe (0)

Billy Robinson (2) v John Cox (0)

W 25/3/64, Belle Vue, 10.40-11.20

Johnny Da Silva v Dave Armstrong

Colin Joynson v Sham Singh

Commentary by Peter Cockburn

S 28/3/64, Wallasey, 3.40-5.05

Jan Kovacs (2) v Jim Hussey (1)

Keith Williamson (1) v Jim Mellor (1)

Al Brown v Ken Cadman

Billy Howes (1) v Josef Zaranoff (1)

That week's issue of the TV Times had an article on Billy Howes mentioning that he was a special constable.

S 4/4/64, Barking, 3.55-5.05

Johnny Yearsley (W) v Warnia Zarzecki

Eddie Capelli (1) v Eric Sands (0)

Also billed: Spencer Churchill v Jim Armstrong, Ray Fury (DQ) v Doug Joyce

W 8/4/64, Solihull, 10.50-11.30 

Josef Kovacs v Abe Wall

Seamus Donlevy v Les Kellett

S 11/4/64, York, 3.40-5.05

Billy Howes v Norman Walsh (DQ)

Jackie Pallo (KO v Johnny Eagles

Dennis Mitchell (1) v Johnny Allan (1)

Billed but likely not broadcast: John Ure v Barry Douglas (W)

W 15/4/63, Solihull, 10.30-11.10

Roy 'Bull' Davies v 'Dazzler' Joe Cornelius

Mike Donlevy v Bob Steele

Commentary by Peter Cockburn 

S 18/4/64, Barking, 3.55-5.05

Jackie Pallo (W) v Sid Cooper (Billed as Norman Cooper)

Honeyboy Zimba v (W) Tug Holton

Julien Morice (W) v Tony Skarlo

Also billed: Ron Oakley v Clayton Thomson (W)

W 22/4/64, Solihull, 10.40-11.20

Roy St Clair v Joe Keegan

Alf Cadman vs Masambula

Commentary by Peter Cockburn

W 25/4/64, Ellesmere Port, 3.55-5.05

Jan Kovacs (W) v Jim Olivera

Terry Downs v Stephan Milla (draw)

Terry Nylands v Keith Williamson (may have been replaced by Jim Breaks)

Billy Two Rivers (W) v Reg Williams

That week's issue of the TV Times had an article on the growing popularity of tag team wrestling.

W 29/4/64, Wolverhampton, 10.40-11.20

Andy Robbns v Monty Swann

Tibor Szakacs v Jim Olivera

S 2/5/64, Wembley, 1.24-2.40 and 3.45-3.55 and 4.50-5.15

Mick McManus/Steve Logan v Vic Faulkner/Bert Royal (The Royals)

Gomez Maxmilliano v Johnny Czeslaw

Joe Murphy v Al Nicol

Al Miquet v Jim Breaks

This was the Cup Final Day spectacular.

W 6/5/64, Wolverhampton, 10.45-11.25

Ernie Riley v Eric Taylor

Prince Kumali ("The Giant African Negro") v Johnny Da Silva

S 9/5/64, Bolton, 3.40-5.14

Gwynn Davies v Georges Gordienko (W)

Colin Joynson (1) v Bobby Steele (1)

Johnny Czeslaw v Ernie Riley (W)

Alf Cadman v Leon Arras (replaced by Cadman (RSF) v Vic Stewart

(The above was the billing in the TV Times. However other records show the broadcast as coming from Trowell and featuring Bert Royal v Chic Purvey;Vic Faulkner v Sid Cooper,
Billy Howes v Norman Walsh and Ted Hannon v Larry Doncaster). We also have an alternative listing for Bolton that doesn't mention TV with a line-up of Roy Bull Davis (W) v Joe Cornelius, Joe Critchley (W) v Al Brown), Josef Zaranoff (W) v Terry O'Neill and Royal/Faulkner (W) v Black Diamonds.

W 13/5/64, Wembley, 10.25-11.05

Prince Kumali v Gordon Nelson

Jack Dempsey (British welterweight champion) v Eddie Capelli

(We have an alternative listing for this date of a Manchester show with Billy Joyce (DQ) v Josef Kovacs, Albert Wall (W) v David Armstrong, Eric Taylor (RSF) v Frank O'Donnell, Bobby Steele (W) v Eric Sands, Keith Williams (1) v Mick McMichael and Masambula (KO) v Reg Williams.)
S 16/5/64, Croydon, 4.10-5.15

Joe Cornelius v Enrique Don Juan (replaced by Cornelius (W) v Earl Maynard)

Modesto Aledo (Spanish lightweight champion) v Ted Hannan (W)

Peter Rann v Ken Joyce (W)

Monty Swann v Ray Fury (Southern area light-heavyweight champion) (W)

W 20/5/64, Wembley, 10.25-11.05

Gomez Maximilliano (DQ) v Hans Streiger

Cliff Beaumont (W) v Steve Milla

S 23/6/54, Scarborough, 3.40-5.15

Billy Howes v Johnny Allan (NC)

Alan Dennison (W) v Micky Gold

Terry Downs (W) v Eric Cutler

Billy Joyce v Johnny Allan

Billy Two Rivers v Spartacus

(The TV Times billed Rivers v Spartacus, Cutler v Downs, Joyce v Andy Robbins and Gold v Johnny Eagles)

W 27/5/64, Lewisham, 10.25-11.05

Les Kellett v Spencer Churchill

Reg Trood v Joe Keegan

30/5/64, Keighley, 3.55-5.15

Jim Breaks (2) v Paul Duval (0)

Eddie Capelli (0) v Alan Colbeck (0)

Eric Taylor (1) v Spencer Churchill (0)

Also billed: Eric Sands v Al Nicol

S 6/6/64, Huddersfield, 3.45-5.15

Albert Wall v John Lees

Chic Purvey v Al Nicol

Bert Royal v Roy St Clair

Vic Faulkner v Barry Cannon

S 13/6/64, Wembley, 10.25-11.05

Julien Morice (2) v Peter Szakacs (1)

Lindy Caulder (2) v Alan Dennison (1)

Sheik Youseff v Prince Kumali

Mick McManus (KO) v Mick McMichael

W 17/6/64, Wembley, 10.25-11.05

Steve Veidor v John Yearsley

Tiger Ryan v Johnny Kwango

S 20/6/64, Bridlington, 2.50-3.35 and 3.55-4.40

Rene Ben Chemoul v Ivan Penzecoff

Reg Williams v Terence Ricardo

Jim Breaks (British lightweight champion) v Jack Dempsey (British welterweight champion)

Andy Robbins v Frank O' Donnell

W 24/6/64, Belle Vue, 11.10-11.48 (taped 13/5/64)

Masambula v Reg Williams

Mick McMichael v Keith Williams

Commentary by Peter Cockburn

S 27/6/64 There was no wrestling broadcast because of the Wimbledon tennis championships

W 1/7/64, Belle Vue, 10.25-11.05 (taped 13/5/64)

Billy Joyce (European heavyweight champion) v Jan Kovacs

Bob Steele v Eric Sands

W 8/7/64, Belle Vue (taped 3/6/64)

Earl Maynard v Barry Douglas

Ted Hannon v Barry Cannon

S 11/7/64, Morecambe Winter Gardens, 3.55-5.15

Gordon Nelson v Alan Garfield (replaced by Ian Campbell (W) v Nelson)

Enrique Edo Juan v Pedro Cappello (W) (also listed as Pietro Capello)

Paul Luty v John Cox (replaced by Les Kellett (W) v Paul Luty)

Eric Sands v Bobby Steele (W)

W 15/7/64, Belle Vue (taped 3/6/64)

Roy St Clair v Alf Cadman

Mick McMichael v Johnny Eagles

S 18/7/64, Shoreditch Town Hall, 3.55-5.15

Steve Logan/Mick McManus (W) v Monty Swann/Alan Miquet

Pedro Wiracoqha (W) v Seamus Donlevy

Stefan Milla vs Peter Szakacs (W)

Peter Rann v Kalwen Gaston

W 22/7/64, Belle Vue (taped 10/6/64)

Terry Camm v Jean Morandi

Bill Rawlings (Jim Rawlings?) v Jesse Hodgson

Commentary by Peter Cockburn

S 25/7/64, Barking Assembly Hall

Roy Davis v Ivan Josef Zaranoff

Spencer Churchill v Honey Boy Zimba

Joe Cornelius v Billy Howes

Pasquale Salvo v Dick Conlan

W 29/7/64, Belle Vue (taped 3/6/64)

Josef Zaranoff v Johnny Allan

Jack Dempsey v Alan Dennison

S 1/8/64, Wryton Stadium, Bolton, 4-5.15

Jackie Pallo v Bobby Steele

Alf Cadman v Terry Downs

Chich Purvey v Jack Dempsey

Masambula v Bill Rawlings (Jim Rawlings?)

W 5/8/64, Belle Vue (taped 10/6/64)

Norman Walsh v Henri Pierlot

Jim Armstrong v Arthur Ricardo;

S 8/8/64, Lewisham Town Hall, 4.15-5.15

Ian Campbell v Gordon Nelson

Cliff Belshaw v Ron Oakley

Ed Capelli v Ivan Penzekoff

Ray Fury v Clayton Thomson

W 12/8/64, Belle Vue, 10.25-11.05

Billy Joyce b Jan Kovacs

Bob Steele v Eric Sands

Commentatry by Peter Cockburn

S 15/8/64, Barking, 4-5.15

Mick McManus vs Stefan Milla

Joe Cornelius v Prince Kumali

Alan Miquet v Peter Rann

Archer O'Brien v Zaffer Ealam

An article in that week's TV Times claimed some wrestlers earned up to £5,000 a year.

W 19/8/64, Belle Vue (taped 10/6/64)

Les Kellett v Tony Cassio (W)

Ken Cadman (W) v Terry Downs

S 22/8/64, Wembley Town Hall

Georges Gordienko (KO) v Henri Pierlot

Peter Szakacs (1) v Joe Murphy (1)

Steve Veidor (2) v Tug Holton (1)

Ajit Singh (1) v Ernest Riley (2)

W 26/8/64, Wembley Town Hall

Tibor Szakacs (W) v Gwyn Davies

Johnny Kwango (W) v Abe Ginsberg

S 29/8/64, Bradford

Geoff Portz v Gwynn Davies

Ernest Riley v Jim Rawlings (Bill Rawlings?)

Mike Bennett v Terry Nylands

Chick Purvey/Ted Hannon v Eric Sands/Mick McMichael

W 2/9/64, Wembley

Billy Torontos v Honey Boy Zimba (W)

Adrian Street (W) v Tony Skarlo

S 5/9/64, Trowell 

Masambula (DQ) v Pietro Capello

Les Kellett v Roy St Clair

Colin Joynson (1) v Johnny Kwango (1)

Jim Elder (W) v Eric Cutler

W 9/9/64, Solihull Civic Centre

Les Kellett v Vic Stewart

Gwyn Davies vs Georges Gordienko

S 12/9/64, Walthamstow

Sean Regan (W) v Don Memdoza

Johnny Kwango (KO) v Billy Catanzaro

Peter Maivia (1) v Joe Cornelius (1)

Also billed: Billy Howes v Charlie Fisher

W 16/9/64, Wembley Town Hall

Farmer John Allan v Hans Streiger

Bob Steele v Jack Dempsey

S 19/9/64, Lewisham

Steve Logan (W) v Ezzard Hart

Mick McManus (2) v Ray McGuire (0)

Also billed: Great Vladimir ("From behind the Iron Curtain") v Johnny DaSilva, Kal Gaston v Tony Salvo

W 23/9/64, Wembley Town Hall

Johnny Yearsley v Timmy Geoghegan

Lindy Caulder v Cliff Beaumont

S 26/9/64, Croydon

Jackie Pallo (KO) v Dave Phillips

Ray Fury (1) v Arjit Singh (0)

Michel Saulnier (1) v Terry Jowett (0)

Also billed: Josef Zaranoff (W) v Billy Torontos

W 30/9/64, Wembley Town Hall

Lee Edwards v Honey Boy Zimba (W)

Leon Fortuna v Peter Rann (W)

S 3/10/64, Northampton

Bert Royal (2) v Tony Charles (1)

Johnny Kwango (KO) v Ivan Penzekoff

Ramon Napolitano (2) v Steve Veidor (1)

Also billed: Reg Trood v Mickey Gold

The 5/10/64 edition of Coronation Street featured Stan Ogden becoming a wrestler!

W 6/10/74, Watford Town Hall

Josef Zaranoff v Roy Davis

Jean Moranti v Tony Charles

This week's edition of the TV Times said wrestling drew 8 million viewers and Mick McManus earned £5,000 a year.

S 10/10/64, Nottingham

Mick McManus (2) v Bobby Steele (1)

Mick McMichael (2) v Mike Bennett (1)

Also billed: Eric Leiderman v Johnny Allan (W)

Eric Taylor v Tom Dowie

W 14/10/64

Wrestling was replaced with coverage of the Olympics. Kent Walton provided profiles for the athletics competitors.

S 17/10/64, Sheffield

Jim Lewis (1) v Jeff Kaye (0)

Les Kellett (W) v Bill Rawlings (Jim Rawlings?)

Ricky Starr (KO) v Tony Cassio

Doug Joyce (W) v Masambula

W 20/10/64

Wrestling was replaced with coverage of the Olympics

S 24/10/64, Tottenham

Johnny Czeslaw v Spencer Churchill (W)

Jackie Pallo (W) v Johnny Eagles

Eddie Capelli (W) v Bernard Murray

Angelo Guisto v Honeyboy Zimba

W 28/10/64, Watford Town Hall

George Kidd v Alan Miquet

Tony Cassio v Doug Joyce

S 31/10/64, Bradford

Tony Orford (1) v Jean Morandi (0)

Eric Sands (W) v Jack Dempsey

Alan Colbeck (1) v Linde Caulder (0)

Also billed: Harry Fields v Ed Capelli 

W 4/11/64, Croydon

Adrian Street v Idra Musa

Earl Maynard v Alan Garfield

S 7/11/64, Wallasey, 4.5-5

Vic Stewart (1) v Monty Swann (0)

Jan Kovacs (KO) v Josef Zaranoff

Vincente Castella (1) v Al Brown (0)

Joe Cornelius (DQ) v Roy Davis

W 11/11/64

Wrestling was not broadcast.

S 14/11/64, Kingston upon Thames

Dave Phillips (1) v Colin Joynson (0)

Mick McManus (W) v Terry Jowett

Julien Morice (1) v Peter Szakacs (1)

Also billed: Gordon Nelson v Jaroni Abraham

W 18/11/64, Croydon

Geoff Portz v Ramon Napolitano

Juri Borienko v Sean Regan

S 21/11/64, Eltham

Quarter-finals of a 12 stone international tournament:

Vincente Castella (1) v Keith Williams (0)

Bobby Steele (1) v Terry Nylands (0)

Nino Pizzaro (1) v Sid Cooper (0)

Alan Miquet (Points) v Mike Bennett

W 25/11/64, Eltham Baths, London

Bob Archer O'Brien v Ray McGuire

Paul Vachon v Earl Maynard

(Vachon would later be known as Butcher Vachon in the United States.)

S 28/11/64, Beckenham

Alan Colbeck (1) v Leon Fortuna (0)

Mick McManus (2) v Peter Cortez (0)

Peter Maivia (KO) v Frank Hurley

Also billed: Ray Fury v B Towton

W 2/12/64, Beckenham

Joe Murphy v Terry Nylands

Tony Charles v Clayton Thomson

S 5/12/64, Huddersfield

Steve Veidor (W) v Jamie Olivera

Eric Leiderman (DQ) v Steve Logan

Tournament match: Mike Bennett (W) v Nino Pizzaro 

Also billed: Alan Colbeck v Johnny Eagles

W 9/12/64, Huddersfield

Frank O'Donnell v Les Kellett

Jeff Cox v Bill Rawlings (Jim Rawlings?)

S 12/12/64, Preston

George Kidd (1) v Lindy Caulder (0)

Eric Sands (2) v Terry Downs (0)

Alan Colbeck (1) v Ted Hannon (0)

Also billed but not broadcast: Bill Rawlings (2) v Blackburn Roberts (1)

W 16/12/64, Preston

Fu'Man'Chu (W) v Billy Graham

John Lees (1) v Gwynn Davies (2)

S 19/12/64, Eltham

Johnny Yearsley v El Greco

Joe Cornelius v Geoff Portz

Kalmen Gaston v Tiger Ryan

Tournament match: Venta Castella (1) v Bobby Steele (0)

Josef Zaranoff v Andre Drapp (not billed in the TV Times)

W 23/12/64, Eltham

Jon Cortez v Stefan Milla

Andre Doff v Josef Zaranoff

S 26/12/64, Croydon, 3.15-5

Steve Logan (W) v Reg Trood

Clay Thomson (1) v Spencer Churchill (1)

Gordon Nelson (W) v Ramon Napolitano

Joe Cornelius (W) v Paul Vachon

Also billed: Tony Skarlo v Stefan Milla

Vachon's billed opponent was Francis Sullivan.

W 30/12/64, Croydon

Seamus Donlevy v Rana Singh

Johnny Yearsley v Tibor Szakacs