Shows between January and March did not always have match listings in the TV Times. After the summer break, each week's listing of wrestling in the TV Times included the words "By arrangement with Joint Promotions".

All shows are on Saturday unless stated. Between 31/12/60 and 25/3/61 there were two broadcasts (of completely different events) on Saturday: an afternoon show airing in London and the South and an evening show airing in the Midlands and North. (For some evening shows we have the full live event results listed. It's unknown which matches aired, but it's likely to have been only one or two given the timeslot.)

Several shows in 1961 had Peter Cockburn as commentator rather than regular host Kent Walton. We have noted these dates. All other dates either had Walton, or no commentator was listed.

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7/1/61, Wembley, 3.31-4.50

Kurt Stein v Digger Powell

Eric Taylor v Dennis Dean

Bud Cody v Charles Fisher

Commentator Peter Cockburn

7/1/61, Preston, 7-7.30

Johnny Allan v Jose Arroyo

Eric Cutler v Sid Cooper

Josef Ski v Cliff Beaumont

Jack Beaumont v Maurice Whitfield

14/1/61, Kingston Upon Thames, 3.30-4.50

Gaucho Patino v Steve Logan

Alan Dennis v Jackie Pallo

Bernard Murray v Al Nicol

Commentator Peter Cockburn

14/1/61, Blackburn, 7-7.30

21/1/61, Lime Grove 3.30-4.50

Felix Lamban v Eric Taylor

Tony Mancelli v Iska Kahn

Al Nicol v Chic Osmond

Commentator Peter Cockburn

21/1/61, Bulwell, Near Nottingham, 7-7.30

28/1/61, Wembley Town Hall, 3.33-4.50

Mike Marino v Texas Bud Cody

Tony Charles v Inca Peruano

Johnny Czeslaw v Denis Dean

Commentator Peter Cockburn

28/1/61, Sheffield, 7-7.39

Ian Campbell 2-1 Kiwi Kingston

Bob McDonald 2-1 Les Kellett

Chic Purvey 2-1 Alan Dennison

El Mansour 2-1 Bobby Graham

4/2/61, Seymour Hall, 3.30-4.50

Billy Robinson v Kiwi Kingston

Black Kwango v Enrico Marques

Ferdinand Bawin v Mick McManus

Commentator Peter Cockburn

4/2/61, Doncaster, 7-7.30

Ernie Riley (W) v Sheik El Mansour

Jack Beaumont (W) vs Dean Stockton

Tommy Mann (W) v Al Gardin

Bert Royal vs Antonio Montorro (draw)

11/2/61, Kingston Upon Thames, 3.25-4.50

Joe Cornelius v Frank Orlik

Jack Dempsey (British Welterweight Champion) v Mike Donlevy

Steve Logan v Bob Sweeney

Commentator: Peter Cockburn

11/2/61, Hanley, 7-7.30

Mike Marino 1-1 Hassan Ali Bey

Majid Ackra KO Frank O’Donnell

Masambula DQ Francis St Clair Gregory

Emile Poilve KO Count Daidone

18/2/61, Lime Grove, 3.36-4.50

Tony Charles v Vic McManus

Tibor Szakacs v Albert Wall

Bill Howes v John Allen

Commentator Peter Cockburn

(McManus was almost certainly a mistyped Mick McManus)

18/2/61, Coventry, 7-7.30

Matches at the live event included Mike Marino v Jose Arroyo, Tony Charles v Julien Morice, Mick McManus v Inca Peruano and Jim Breaks v Eric Cutler.

25/2/61, Beckenham, 3.30-4.50

Tibor Szakacs v Doug Joyce

Tommy Man v Bert Royal

Jackie Pallo v Stefan Milia

Commentator Peter Cockburn

25/2/61, Ellesmere Port, 7-7.40

Billy Two Rivers v Francis St Clair Gregory

Roy St Clair v Abe Ginsberg

Jim Hart v Joe Critchley

Ernie Riley v ?

4/3/61, Purley, 3.45-4.50

Bill Howes v Shamus Donlevy

Black Kwango v Fryziak

Harry Fields v Alan Colbeck

Commentator Peter Cockburn

4/3/61, Newark on Trent, 7-7.30

Mike Marino v Jose Arroyo

Tony Charles v Julien Morice

Mick McManus v Inca Peruano

Jim Breaks v Eric Cutler

11/3/61, Wembley, 7-7.30

Tony Charles v Bob Anthony

Horst Hoffman v Johnny Yearsley

Spencer Churchill v Monty Swann

Commentator Peter Cockburn

(The same show also aired from 3.45 to 4.50 in some regions)

18/3/61, Lime Grove, 3.30-4.50

Francis Sullivan v Douglas Joyce

Albert Wall v The Black Mask

Bill Howes v Eric Taylor

Tom Mann v Gunther Nordoff

Commentator Peter Cockburn

18/3/61, Wallasey, 7-7.30

Matches at the live event included Alf Cadman v Jamie Olivera, Bert Royal v Vic Stewart, Jim Hart v Gerry Hogan and Jim Mellor v Joe Critchley.

25/3/61, Beckenham, 7-7.30

Enrico Marques v Irish Ivor Barratt

Melwyn Riss v Len Wilding

Dino Bavo v Gwyn Davies

Commentator Peter Cockburn

(The same show aired at 3.30-4.50 in some regions. The 7-7.30 show presumably only showed one bout. Irish Ivor Barratt may well have been Pat Barratt. Dino Bavo was also listed as Dean Bravo in some areas. He was almost certainly Dino Bravo, a wrestler from whom the later WWF star took his name.)

1/4/61, Tottenham, 3.45-4.30

John Lees v Gordon Nelson

Steve Logan v Arthur Beaumont

Mick McManus v Gil Sesca

Commentary by Peter Cockburn.

8/4/61, Shoreditch, 3.45-4.30

Johnny Allen v Kurt Stein

Dean Stockton v Seamus Donlevy

Jackie Pallo v Johnny Foley

Commerntary by Peter Cockburn

15/4/61, Wembley, 3.30-4.45

Bernard Vignalle v Gerhardy de Jaeger

Johnny Czeslaw v Joe Cornelius

Commentary by Peter Cockburn


Wrestling was not shown, because of the football Amateur Cup Final.

29/4/61, Bolton, 3.45-4.30/4.45 (depended on region(

Hassan Ali Bey (DQ) v Jim Hussey

Jim Mellor (W) v Eric Cutler

Dean Stockton (1) v Gerry Hogan (1)

Taped but not broadcast: Hans Streiger v Eric Leiderman

6/5/61, Wembley, 1.05

Billed but possibly not broadcast: Billy Two Rivers v Francis Sullivan

Mick McManus (1) v Jack Cunningham (1)

Joe Cornelius (2) v Johnny Allan (1)

Commentary by both Peter Cockburn & Kent Walton. This was the first FA Cup Final day wrestling special.

13/5/61, Harrogate, 3.50-5

Ray Apollon v Dennis Mitchell

Clayton Thomson v Bob Steele

Jean Morandi v Don Branch

20/5/61, Wembley, 3.45-4.30

Mike Marino (2) v Josef Zaranoff (1)

Billed bit possibly not broadcast: Ted Hannon v Julien Morice

Tony Charles (1) v Alan Colbeck (1)

Commentary by Peter Cockburn

27/5/61, Purley, 3.55-5

Bill Robinson v Georges Gordienko

Jacques Lageat v Johnny Yearsley

Steve Logan v Dean Stockton

Commentary by Peter Cockburn

6/6/61, Hanley, 3.45-5 (recorded 3/6/61)

Hans Streiger (W) v Dean Stockton

Francis St Clair Gregory (W) v Johnny Czeslaw

Billy Two Rivers (W) v Tony Mancelli

Taped but not broadcast: Jim Hussey (W) v Hassan Ali Bey

10/6/61, Morecambe, 3.45-5

Sheikh Youseff v Ian Campbell

Reni Ben Cehmoul v Chic Purvey

Les Kellet v Frank O'Donnell

Alan Colbeck v Roy St Clair

17/6/61, Dorking, 3.55-5

Tibor Szakacs (W) v Matthieu Rosges

Jackie Pallo (W) v Bobby Steele

Johnny Kwango v Monty Swann

Jack Dempsey v Bernard Murray

Dick Conlon v Mick McMichael

2/9/61, Acton, 4.10-5

Clayton Thomson v Francis Sullivan

Cliff Belshaw v Jim Breaks

John Foley v Al Nicol

Eric Leiderman v Reg Williams

An article in that week's TV Times quoted Joint Promotion's secretary Arthur Green as having been to St Louis to meet NWA president Sam Muchnick. Green reported seeing Pat O'Connor wrestle in front of 12,000 fans and said he discussed the possibility of bringing O'Connor and Buddy Rogers over to wrestle in Britain.

9/9/61, Bolton

Dean Bravo KO Dai Sullivan

Al Brown 1-1 Abe Ginsberg

Ernie Riley 1-1 Arjit Singh

16/9/61, Sheffield

No matches listed.

23/9/61, Purley, 3.55-5

William Hall v Lino Di Santo

Jean Rabutt v Mick McManus

Bob Anthony v Mick McMichael

Tony Charles v Monty Swann

30/9/61, Wembley, 3.45-5

Jack Dempsey v Chick Purvey

Gerhardt de Jager v Sandy Scott

Steve Logan v Ajit Singh

Joe Cornelius v Jim Hussey

Commentator Peter Cockburn

7/10/61, Halifax, 3.45-4.55

Julien Morice (2) v Jim Breaks (1)

Eric Taylor (2) v Bert Royal (1)

14/10/61, Tottenham, 3.45-4.55

Billy Howes 2-1 Majid Ackra

Johnny Kwango 2-1 Don Branch

Jackie Pallo 2-1 Keith Williams

21/10/61, Lime Grove, 3.55-5

Ricky Waldo v Bill Rawlings (DQ)

Billed but possibly not broadcast: Robert McDonald v Eric Taylor (British Mid-Heavyweight champion)

Alan Colbeck (European Welterweight Champion) (2) v Bob Archer O'Brien (1)

Bernard Murray v Al Nicol

28/10/61, Barking, 3.45-5

Len Wilding (1) v Jack Cunningham (1)

Mick McManus (2) v Marcel Gobi (1)

Frankie Townsend (2) v Big Bill Verna (1)

Johnny Czeslaw (2) v Dean Stockton (Dene Stockton) (1)

Commentary by Peter Cockburn

4/11/61, Walthamstow, 3.55-4.55

Gomez Maximilliano 1-1 Johnny Allan

Cliff Beaumont 2-1 Peter Szakacs

Masambula 2-1 Seamus Donlevy

11/11/61, Beckenham, 3.45-5

Roy St Clair (2) v Mike Donlevy (1)

Joachim LaBarba v Mick McManus (KO)

Luther Lindsay (Official coloured heavyweight champion of the world) (KO) v Ivan Josef Zaranoff

John Czeslaw v Bob Sweeney

18/11/61, Morecambe

Barry Douglas (W) v Bill Rawlings

Sandy Scott (W) v Johnny Allan

Ian Campbell (W) George Nutall

The 17/11/61 edition of Midlands magazine show Look Around asked "Wrestling: Is it sport". According to an article in the TV Times the show concluded that there were widespread suspicions about wrestling's legitimacy but that most fans "didn't care".

25/11/61, Portchester Hall, London, 4-5

Geoff Portz v Albert Wall

(Portz was replaced by Ernie Riley)

Josef Zaranoff v Bill Rawlings

Johnny Aleen v Reg Williams

Harry Fields 2-0 Frank O'Donnell

Commentary by Peter Cockburn

2/12/61, Lewisham, 3.45-4.55

Billed but possibly not broadcast: Axel Diter v Masambula

Julien Maurice (1) v Jim Breaks (1)

Billed but possibly not broadcast: Bernard Murray v Jack Dempsey (British and Empire Welterweight champion)

Spencer Churchill (KO) v Jim Hart

9/12/61, Crewe Town Hall, 3.45-5

Bert Royal DKO Dean Stockton

Abe Ginsberg KO Jim Mellor

Mal Sample (2) v Terry Downs (1)

Reg Williams (2) v Chief Keita Meretana (1)

16/12/61, Bolton, 4-4.55

Ray Apollon (W) v Hassan Ali Bey

Cliff Beaumont (W) v Bernard Murray

Jack Beaumont (W) Phil Fogg

23/12/61, Trowell, Near Nottingham, 3.45-4.55

Sandy Orford (2) v Dai Sullivan (1)

Billy Howes (2) v Ernie Riley (1)

Tosh Togo (2) v Bobby Graham (1)

30/12/61, Seymour Hall, London, 4-4.55

Majid Ackra v Jim Armstrong

Steve Logan (W) v Tommy Mann

Tony Charles (KO) v Mike Donlevy

Roy St Clair v Brian Travers