Shows were broadcast on Saturdays only.

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January 2nd 1982 (Oldham, taped 18/11/81)

Johnny Saint (F) v Vic Faulkner (F)

Knockout tournament:

Giant Haystacks v Ray Steele (DQ)

Pat Roach (F) v Wild Angus (0)

Roach (FF) v Steele (F)

January 9th 1982 (Catford/Lewisham, taped 30/11/81)

Knockout tournament:

Jim Breaks (F) v Alan Dennison (0)

Johnny Kidd (0) v Jackie Turpin (F)

Turpin (FF) v Jim Breaks (S)


Marty Jones (FF) v Brett Hart (F)

January 16th 1982 (Catford/Lewisham)

Sid Cooper/Pete Lapaque/Tommy Lorne (S) V Mal Sanders/Steve Grey/Steve Logan (FF)

World Heavy-middleweight champion Mark Rocco v Dynamite Kid (DKO)

January 23rd 1982 (Aylesbury, taped 7/12/81)

Mick McManus (F) v Len Hurst (S, DQ)

Wayne Bridges (0) v Pete Roberts (FF)

Dave Bond (F) v Caswell Martin (F)

January 30th 1982 (Aylesbury, taped 7/12/81)

Bruiser Ian Muir (S) v Tom Tyrone (FF)

Alan Kilby v Johnny Wilson (NC)

Ringo Rigby (KO) v Tony Walsh (S)

February 6th 1982 (Preston, taped 7/10/81)

Mick McManus (F) v Alan Dennison (S) (DDQ)

Marty Jones (FF) v Johnny South (F)

King Kong Mal Kirk v Wild Angus (NC)

February 13th 1982 (Lincoln, taped 27/1/82)

Peter Kaye (S) v Kid Chocolate (F)

Battle royale: Big Daddy (W), Jim Harris, King Kendo, Mike Dean, Tony Francis, Johnny Wilson, John Cox and Mel Stuart

Ken Joyce (FF) v Johnny Kidd (F)

February 20th 1982 (Burnley, taped 3/2/82)

Bernie Wright b Steve Logan

Alan Kilby (2) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

Pat Patton (KO) v Tom Wilkie

Tom Tyrone (2) v Bill Bromley (1)

Tom Tyrone/Alan Kilby (F) V Blackjack Mulligan/Bill Bromley (0)

Steve Logan/Pat Patton (F) V John Wilkie/Bernie Wright (0)

February 27th 1982 (Burnley, taped 3/2/82)

Catweazle (FF) v Sid Cooper (S)

Giant Haystacks (F) v Pat Roach (F) (DDQ)

Mark Rocco (FF) v Kung Fu (F)

March 13th 1982 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 9/3/82)

Dave Finlay (FF) v Young David (Davey Boy Smith) (F)

Big Daddy (KO) v Jim Harris

Kwik-kik Lee (Akira Maeda) (COR) v Lucky Gordon

March 20th 1982 (Hemel Hempstead, taped 9/3/82)

Tom Tyrone (F, DQ) v Mal Kirk (F)

Jim Breaks/Johnny England (S) v Steve Logan/Pat Patton (F)

Alan Kilby (FF) v Ray Robinson (F)

March 27th 1982 (Royal Albert Hall, taped 17/2/82)

John Elijah (FF) v Bill Bromley (F)

Marty Jones (F) v Caswell Martin (F) (NC)

Mark Rocco (RSF) v Steve McHoy (F)

April 3rd 1982 (Royal Albert Hall, taped 17/2/82)

Alan Kilby (F, DQ) v Tony Walsh (0)

World Heavyweight champion Wayne Bridges (S, F) v Pete Roberts (F)

Johnny Saint (S, RSF) v Jan Curtis (0)

April 10th 1982 (Wolverhampton, taped 6/4/82)

Crusher Brannigan (S, RSF) v Len Hurst

British lightweight champion Steve Grey (F) v Jim Breaks (S, F)

Kwik-kik Lee (Akira Maeda) (COR) v Ed Wensor

April 17th 1982 (Bolton, taped 7/4/82)

Sid Cooper (S) v Vic Faulkner (F, DQ)

Ray Steele (F) v Steve McHoy (F)

Dave Smith (0) v Pete Roberts (F) (NC)

April 24th 1982 (Bolton, taped 7/4/82)

Grasshopper (F) v Dave Lawrence (F)

Kwik-kik Lee (Akira Maeda) (F, DQ) v Crusher Brannigan (F)

Gil Singh (KO) v Johnny Powers

May 1st 1982 (Lincoln, taped 27/1/82)

Chris Adams (FF) v Ed Wensor (F)

Johnny Saint (F, S) v Jackie Turpin (F)

Jim Breaks (S, RSF) v Mick McMichael (F)

May 8th 1982 (Bedworth, taped 5/5/82)

Mal Sanders (F) v Johnny Apollon (0)

Marty Jones (S) v Dave Finlay (F, S)

Mick McManus (S) v Catweazle (S)

May 22nd 1982 (Croydon, taped 11/5/82)

FA Cup Final day

Big Daddy/Kwik-kik Lee (Akira Maeda) (FF) v Crusher Brannigan/Tony Walsh (F)

(Walsh replaced Skull Murphy.)

No wrestling aired between May 29th and June 19th 1982 as the slot was filled with football matches. We have one record of a bout between Peter Kaye and Young David (Davey Boy Smith), taped in Great Yarmouth on 10 April airing on an unknown date. (David won by disqualification.) This record may be incorrect.

June 26th 1982 (Bedworth, taped 11/5/82)

Kamakazi (F) v Peter Kaye (RSF)

Pat Roach (RSF) v Caswell Martin (F)

Johnny Wilson (F, DQ) v Bruiser Ian Muir (0)

July 3rd 1982 (Croydon, taped 11/5/82)

World Heavyweight champion Wayne Bridges (FF) v Pete Roberts (F)

Tom Tyrone (F) v John Elijah (0)

Alan Kilby (F) v Steve Lannigan (0)

July 10th, 1982, Southport (taped 16/6/82)

King Ben (FF) v Mal Sanders (F)

Alan Dennison (F, S) v Johnny Eagle (S)

Grasshopper (F) v Blackjack Mulligan (0)

Pat Roach (F, KO) v Tom Tyrone (F)

July 17th 1982, Southport (taped 16/6/82)

Dennison (RSF) v Ben

John Naylor (FF) v Bernie Wright (F)

Dave Finlay/Skull Murphy (F) v Kwik Kick Lee (Akira Maeda)/Clive Myers (0)

24 July 1982, Hatfield (taped 15/6/82)

Steve Grey (FF) v Tony Costas (F)

Crusher Brannigan/Giant Haystacks (S, RSF) v Steve McHoy/Ray Steele (F)

Terry Rudge (F) v Gil Singh (F)

31 July 1982, Hatfield (taped 15/6/82)

Vic Faulkner (FF) v Kid Chocolate (F)

Jackie Turpin (FF) v Jim Breaks (S)

Bobby Barnes (S) v Catweazle (F)

7 August 1982, Wolverhampton (taped 6/4/82)

Caswell Martin (W) v King Ben

British Middleheavyweight title: Alan Kilby v Dave Finlay (DKO)

Steve Logan/Pat Patton (DQ) v Mick McMichael/Alan Dennison

14 August 1982, Bridlington (taped 22/7/82):

Marty Jones (F) v Pete Roberts (F)

Mal Kirk (F) v John Cox (0)

Gil Singh (FF) v Bill Bromley (0)

August 21 1982, Southend (taped 27/7/82)

John Raven (S) v Peter Wilson (0)

Steve McHoy (F) v Dave Bond (0)

Kwik Kick Lee (Akira Maeda) (F, COR) v Skull Murphy (S)

August 28 1982, Southend (taped 27/7/82)

Johnny Wilson (DQ) v Tony Walsh

Clive Myers (FF) v Johnny Apollon (0)

Bobby Barnes (S) v Catweazle (F) (DDQ)

Wrestling was not broadcast on 4 September or 11 September 1982.

18 September 1982, Skegness (taped 11/8/82)

Steve McHoy (F) v Jim Moser (0)

Big Daddy/Steve Logan (FF) v John Raven/Red Devil (S)

British Lightweight champion Steve Grey (F, S) v Jackie Turpin

Wrestling was not broadcast on 25 September, 4 October or 11 October 1982.

October 16th 1982 (Derby, taped 11/10/82)

John Naylor (F) v Bob Walsh (0)

Big Daddy/Jim Moser (FF) V Giant Haystacks/Bill Bromley (KO)

(Bromley replaced the billed Scrubber Daly)

Dave Finlay (F) v Alan Kilby (F)

October 23rd 1982 (Skegness, taped 11/8/82)

Sid Cooper v Pat Patton (KO)

Kwik Kick Lee (Akira Maeda) (F) v Ray Steele (F)

Jim Breaks (SS) v Tom Thumb (F)

October 30th 1982 (Derby, taped 11/10/82)

Mick McMichael v Vic Faulkner (NC)

Skull Murphy (S) v Pete Roberts (F, DQ)

Barry Douglas (0) v Steve McHoy (FF)

November 6th 1982, Ardwick-le-Street (taped 3/11/82)

Grasshopper v Matt Matthews

Kid Chocolate v Bobby Barnes

Battle royale: Kid Chocolate, Alan Dennison, Bobby Barnes (W), Grasshopper, Eddie Riley, Matt Matthews, John Wilkie Blackjack Mulligan

November 13th 1982 (Bridlington, taped 22/7/82)

Pat Roach (F, RSF) v Tom Tyrone (F)

Ray Steele (FF) v John Elijah (F)

Peter Kaye (S) v Dave Lawrence (0)

November 20th 1982 (Croydon, taped 9/11/82)

TV Trophy semi-finals:

Fit Finlay/Skull Murphy (F, S)  V Alan Kilby/Steve Logan (F)

Johnny Wilson/Peter Wilson (F, RSF) V Kwik Kick Lee (Akira Maeda)/Clive Myers (F)

Mal Kirk v Wayne Bridges (This may not have been broadcast until The Wrestling Channel reruns in the mid-200s.

November 27th 1982 (Croydon, taped 9/11/82)

Mal Sanders (0) v Steve Grey (F)

For the vacant World Mid-heavyweight championship: Marty Jones (FF) v Bobby Gaetano (F)

Fit Finlay/Skull Murphy (SS) V Johnny Wilson/Peter Wilson (0)

We do not have listings for December 4th 1982. It is possible wrestling was not broadcast.

December 11th 1982 (Halifax, taped 3/11/82)

John Naylor (F) v King Ben (F)

Big Daddy/Pat Patton (FF) V King Kong Mal Kirk/Scrubber Daly (F)

Jim Breaks (F) v Vic Faulkner (F)

We do not have listings for December 18th 1982. It it possible wrestling was not broadcast.Wrestling was most likely not broadcast on December 25th 1982.)

The following matches took places at shows recorded for television but were not broadcast.

Royal Albert Hall, 17/2/82: Dave Bond (FF) v Bull Pratt (F), Battle royale: Marty Jones (W), Dave Bond, Bull Pratt, Bill Bromley, John Elijah, Tony Walsh, Alan Kilby

Croydon, 11/5/82: Johnny Kidd (F) v Bob Blondie Barratt (0)

Steve Logan/Pat Patton (F) v Bobby Barnes/Sid Cooper (SF, F)