During this time, the TV Times would list several matches with the introduction "Featuring some or all of the following:". We have noted matches which were billed but not are not in our records as being broadcast. It is likely the shows were taped after the magazine's printing deadline and that the final match selection depended on time restraints.

All broadcasts were on Saturday and all broadcast times are pm.

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5/1/63, Leicester. 4-4/50

Alan Colbeck (2) v Eric Sands (1)

12/1/63, Trowell, Near Nottingham, 4-4.50

Bill Howes v Pierre La Chappelle

Alan Dennison v Young Vulcan

Steve Bell v Bill Rawlings

19/1/63, Bermondsey, 4.5-4.50

Steve Logan v Ron Fury

Jackie Pallo v Vassilios Mantopoulos

Tommy Kilmartin v Seamus Donlevy

26/1/63, Lime Grove, 4.5-4.50

Alf Cadman (1) v Eric Leiderman (2)

Terry Ricardo (1) v Earl Maynard (0)

Al Nicol v Terry Rylands

2/2/63, Preston, 4.5-4.50

Cliff Beaumont (listed as Cliff Belshaw) (W) v Keith Williams

Mel Riss 1-0 Young Vulcan

(The TV Times billed Riss v Eric Sands and Fred Vulcan v Zaffar Alam.)

9/2/63, Solihull, 4.05-4.50

Tibor Szakacs (1) v Billy Howes (1)

Also billed: Mal Semple v Ken Cadman, Bert Royal v Abe Ginsberg, Vic Stewart v Terry O'Neill

16/2/63, Kingston-upon-Thames, 4.05-4.50

Joe Cornelius (W) v Mihalyi Kuti

Johnny Czeslaw v Tony Cassio

Also billed: Jean Morandi v Tony Salvo

23/2/63, Preston, 4.05-4.50

Chic Puirvey v Al Nicol

Arthur Ricardo v Bill Rawlings

Bert Roysl v Ron Oakley

2/3/63, Lime Grove, 4.05-4.50

Wilhelm Hall v Bill Robinson

Eric Taylor v Dave Armstrong

Vic Faulkner v Alan Dennison

9/3/63, Beckenham, 3.15-3.40 and 4.30-4.50

Peter Szakacs v Billy Stock

Sheik El Mansouri v Doug Joyce

Johnny Eagles v Mick McManus

16/3/63, Barking, 4.05-5

Johnny Kwango v Reg Trood

Roy St Clair v Carl Von Chenole (European middleweight champion)

Cliff Beaumont v Joe Murphy

23/3/63, Bolton, 3.40-4.05 and 4.30-4.50

Bill Howes v Roy Davis

Terry Downs v Colin Joynson

Reg Williams v Jerry Hogan

30/3/63, Lime Grove, 4.05-4.50

Johnny DaSilva v Geoff Portz

Bob Sweeney v Joe Keegan

Keith Martinelli v Bob Steele

6/4/63, Watford, 4.05-4.50

Al Miquet (0) v Leon Fortuna (0)

George Gordienko (2) v Johnny Yearsley (1)

Also billed: Steve Logan v Ron Oakley

13/4/63, Croydon, 3.10-3.40 and 4.30-5.10

Joe Cornelius (W) v Horst Hoffman

Mel Riss (RSF) v Adrian Street

Mick McManus (W) v Terry Nylands

Bob Archer O'Brien (W) b Eric Sands

That week's issue of the TV Times included an article by Trixie Pallo, including the admission that "If I wasn't Jackie Pallo's wife, I'd hate him too!"

20/4/63, Wembley, 4-5.10

Johnny Czeslaw (2) v Monty Swann (1)

Jackie Pallo (1) v Ted Hannon (0)

Clayton Thomson (2) v Arjit Singh (1)

Also billed: Bob Steele v Len Wilding

Wolverhampton, 27/4/63, 3.30-3.50 and 4.30-5.10

Joe Keegan (1) v Joe Critchley (0)

Johnny DaSilva (2) v Dave Armstrong (1)

Vic Stewart (1) v Ernie Riley (1)

Ken Cadman (2) v Al Brown (1)

4/5/63, Wembley, 4-5.10

George Kidd (1) v Mick McMichael (0)

Frikki Alberta (KO) v Francis Sullivan

Johnny Kwango (KO) v Keith Williams

11/5/63, Trowell, 3.55-4.20 and 4.40-5.10

Jackie Pallo (W) v Roy St Clair

Jim Breaks (1) v Leon Fortuna (1)

Barry Douglas (DW) v Frank O’Donnell

Also billed: John Ure v Alf Cadman.

Douglas' opponent was billed in the TV Times as Bob McDonald.

18/5/63, Barking, 3.40-4 and 4.30-5.10

Tibor Szakacs v Herman Iffcord

Ray Fury v Tony Cassio

Julien Morice v Adrian Street

Billy Stock v Stefan Milla

W 22/5/63, Royal Albert Hall, 8-9

John Da Silva (F) v Tibor Szakacs (FF)

Mick McManus (KO) vs Lindy Caulder (F)

(This was the famous show attended by the Duke of Edinburgh. Other matches, one of which may have also been broadcast, were Joe Cornelius (FF) vs Hermann Iffland (F), Ian Campbell (F) vs Billy Robinson (F), Billy Howes (FF) vs Wernier Zarzecki (0), George Kidd (F,S) vs Modesto Aledo (F) and Jackie Pallo (S) vs Johnny Kwango (F)

25/5/63, Wembley, 1.20-2.40

Mick McManus (Southern area welterweight champion) (2) v Jackie Pallo (1)

Mike Marino (2) v Ski Hi Lee (1)

Steve Logan (2) v Steve Veidor (1)

Sid Cooper (1) v Zolton Boscik (1)

Johnny Kwango (2) v Keith Williams (1)

This was the annual FA Cup Final day spectacular, billed in the TV Times as "the show of the year". The billed line-up was McManus v Pallo, Clayton Thomson v Ezzard Hart, Leon Fortuna v Jim Breaks and Lindy Caulder (Lightweight and welterweight champion of the West Indies) v Pete Szakacs. We have alternative listings for the event which show McManus vs Pallo plus Caulder beating Szakacs, Thomson beating Hart by KO and Breaks beating Fortuna.

1/6/63, Wallasey

Josef Kovacs (2) v Hassan Ali Bey (1)

Terry Downs (2) v Colin Joynson (1)

We have one report of Kovacs being billed as 'world heavyweight champion'.

8/6/63, Watford, 4-5.15

Steve Logan v Reg Trood

Joe Cornelius v Johnny Allan

Spencer Churchill v Jim Hart

15/6/63, Chesterfield, 4-5.15

George Kidd (2) v Terry Nylands (1)

Bert Royal (1) v Chic Purvey (1)

Norman Walsh (1) v Billy Robinson (1)

Also billed: Zebra Kidd v John Lees

1/7/63, Bradford

Geoff Portz v Billy Robinson

Bert Royal v Alan Colbeck

Jim Breaks v Mir Zaffar Ealam

Arthur Ricardo v Norman Walsh

Mel Riss v Eric Sands

31/8/63, Wembley, 3.55-5.05

Monty Swann (1) v Don Branch

Eddie Capelli (RSF) v Mick McMichael

Also billed: Alan Garfield v Steve Veidor

Majid Ackra v Ray Fury

7/9/63, Lewisham, 3.55-5.05

Mick McManus (KO) v Alan Dennison

Leon Fortuna (1) v Tony Skarlo

Also billed: Johnny Eagles v Terry Nylands, Seamus Donlevy v Tony Cassio

14/9/63, Wolverhampton (or Walthamstow?), 3.55-5.05

Billy Two Rivers (KO v Jim Hussey

Also billed: Tommy Mann v Abe Ginsberg, Alf Cadman v Ernie Riley

21/9/63, Watford, 3.55-5.05

Chic Purvey v Jack Cunningham (D)

Johnny Kwango (W) v Joe Keegan

Cliff Beaumont (W) v Ted Hannon

Axel Dieter (W) v Ezzard Hart

28/9/63, Trowell, Near Nottingham, 3.50-5.05

Roy St Clair (W) v Jean Morandi

George Kidd (1) v Mick McMichael (0)

The TV Times also billed Keith Martinelli v Alan Colbeck and Pierre Morballon v Bob Sweeney. Our records of the live event have Bob Sweeney bearing Lou Marsallon and Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner beating Alan Colbeck and Ivan Penzecoff, which would have been the first televised tag match. 

An article in that week's TV Times reported that the National Union of Small Shopkeepers had asked for the wrestling to be moved out of the Saturday afternoon slot as it was keeping shoppers at home. President Thomas Lynch said "This is serious. Our members are losing a lot of money." The audience for televised wrestling was estimated at 8 million, with the 31 August return of wrestling doubling the previous week's audience for the same slot.

5/10/63, Wimbledon, 3.50-5.05

Billy Howes (KO v Johnny Apollo

Mick McManus (W) v Julien Morice

Ken Joyce (1) v Bobby Steele (1)

Also billed: Mel Riss v Adrian Street

12/10/63, Tottenham, 3.50-5.05

Les Kellett (1) v Johnny Czeslaw (1)

Bert Royal (1) v Arjit Singh (0)

Jack Dempsey (W) v Mike Donlevy

Also billed: Ted Hannan v Bill Stock

17/10/63, Wryton Stadium, Bolton

Local advertising listed "Televised Wrestling" with a line-up of Tibor Szakacs vs Roy Bull Davies, Tommy Mann vs Mick McMichael, George Kidd vs

Bob Steele, Abe Ginsberg vs Johnny Czeslaw and Bill Howes vs Franz Orlich. It's not clear if this ever aired (it didn't fit the usual broadcast pattern) orif the advertising was simply a misleading variant of "as seen on TV."

19/10/63, Hull, 3.45-5.05

Jack Pye (KO) v Eric Leiderman

Johnny Eagles (1) v Al Miquet (1)

Billy Robinson (W) v Dave Armstrong

Also billed: Terry O'Neill v Bob Sweeney

23/10/63, Wryton Stadium, Bolton

Local advertising called this a "special show to be filmed by Granada Television and shown at a later date. It's not clear if or when this aired. The advertised line-up was Johnny Da Silva v Gwyn Davies, Terry Downs vs Julien Maurice, Jim Mellor v Ken Cadman, Ernie Riley v Vic Stewart and Pierre La Chappelle v John Lees.

26/10/63, Shoreditch, 3.45-5.05

Warnia Zarzecki (1) v Clay Thomson (0)

Steve Logan (1) v Don Branch (1)

Johnny Kwango (2) v Ron Oakley (0)

Also billed: Pasquale Salvo v Eric Sands

2/11/63, York, 3.15-3.45 and 4.50-5.05

Steve Veidor v Albert Wall (NC)

Tosh Togo (W) Barry Douglas

Johnny Eagles (1) v Abe Ginsberg (1)

Also billed: Jim Breaks v Jim McKenzie. (Albert Wall's billed opponent was Steve Bell.)

9/11/63, Wallasey, 3.30-5.05

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner v Alf Cadman/Ken Cadman

Al Brown (1) v John Foley (0)

Reg Williams (W) v Franz Orlik

Also billed: Joe Critchley v Abe Ginsberg

16/11/63, Lime Grove, 3.55-5.05

Ian Gilmore v Eric Sands

Bill Rawlings v Spencer Churchill

Brian Trevors v Joe Keegan

Al Nicol v Terry Downs

23/11/63, Halifax, 3.55-5.05

Ernest Baldwin (W) v Eric Leiderman

Jackie Pallo (W)v Bob Steele

Bill Robinson (W) v Frikki Alberts

Andy Robbins (likely Andy Robin) v Perez Polman (W)

30/11/63, Eltham, 3.40-5.05

Mick McManus (Southern area welterweight champion) v Michel Foulnier (French lightweight champion)

Johnny Czeslaw v Charro Montez

Danny Lynch v Harvey Kendall

Jim Breaks v Al Miquet

That week's issue had an article on Reverend Michael Brooks, a wrestling priest.

7/12/63, Barrow, 3.25-5.05

Bill Howes v Inca Wirracocha

Jim Hart v Andy Robbins

Jack Dempsey v Ted Hannon

Reverend Michael Brooks v Chich Purvey

14/12/63, Lime Grove, 3.25-5.05

Brian Trevors v Alf Cadman

Alan Colbeck v Norman Cooper

Billy Joyce (British heavyweight champion) v Ernest Baldwin

John Lees v Geoff Portz

An article on Joyce said he turned professional in 1947. He was runner-up to Bert Assirati in a 1947 tournament for the heavyweight title. He then beat Dave Armstrong in a tournament final for the belt in 1952.

In the event, Joyce was replaced by Francis Sullivan, who lost by one fall to nil to Baldwin.

21/12/63, Wallasey, 3.40-5.05

Hassan Ali Bey (1) v Roy 'Bull' Davis (1)

Terry Downs v Keith Williamson (DKO)

Bert Royal/Vic Faulkner (Royals) (W) v Abe Ginsberg/John Foley (Black Diamonds)

Also billed: John Lees v Dave Armstrong

28/12/63, Seymour Hall, London, 3.30-5.05

Mick McManus (Southern area welterweight champion) v Al Nicol

Johnny Kwango v Jim Hart

Tibor Szakacs v Seamus Donlevy

Stefan Milla v Eddie Capilla