At the beginning of the year, the show had a regular 1.35pm-2.15pm slot. This changed later to a regular spot at noon for a full hour. At that point, it moves to (usually) three matches per show instead of two.

Shows were promoted by Joint Promotions (JP), All Star Wrestling (ASW) and World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Comments are by Kenny McBride.

2/1/88 (King George's Hall, Blackburn, taped 25/11/87) (JP)

Super Heavy Weight Challenge: 'Sky' Walker v 'Bomber' Pat Roach (DQ)

Walker stands just under 7ft, weighs 25st and is just 22 years old, going up against established TV favourite Roach, at 19st.

British Heavyweight Championship: Tiger Dalbir Singh (FF) v Ray Steele (F)

Steele is determined to regain his title. He beat Singh 2-0 last time out, but Singh is a real local hero with an army of fans behind him. It should be a thrilling championship bout to start the year with a bang.

(Sky Walker went on to be bodyguard Nitron and then wrestler Big Sky in WCW.)

9/1/88 (Wallasey Town Hall, Cheshire, taped 4/11/87) (ASW)

Catchweight: Chic Cullen (F) v 'Superstar' Mal Sanders

Cullen is smarting from a defeat by champion Fit Finlay, while Sanders is trying to stake a claim to the title in this match which will be decided by just one pinfall, submission or KO.

Catchweight Battle Of The Champions: Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco (F, S) v Danny 'Boy' Collins (F)

Rocco, the mid-heavyweight champion, is just coming back from a 4 month lay off with an injury. Collins, the European welterweight champion, in in the middle of an 18 months European tour. Rocco has the weight advantage, but Collins can match him for skill. It will be a contest of fire and flair. Celebrity compere is star of screen and mat, Mitzi Mueller.

16/1/88 (WWF)

Transatlantic Tag Team Spectacular

From the World Wrestling Federation

Presented by Gene Okerlund and 'Judo' Al Hayes

'The British Bulldogs' (Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid) (F) v The Bolsheviks (Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zukhov) (Maple Leaf Garden, Toronto)

Accompanied as always by Matilda, a genuine British bulldog that has given them their name, the popular tag team are fighting their way back to the title they held so proudly for so long. But the Russians are formidable opponents.

Taped 1/11/87.

Strike Force (Rick Martel and Tito Santana) (S) v The Hart Foundation (Brett 'the Hitman' Hart and Jim 'the Anvil' Niedhart) (From Syracuse, New York State)

Martel and Santana are the new force in the tag team world and this is a chance to take the title from the Harts - a team with a win-at-all-costs reputation.

Taped 27/10/87


(Mike Tyson v Larry Holmes is on from 1.35-2.45. There are pics at the bottom of the page, and it's talked about in exactly the same way as the wrestling. "Boxing's aggressive superstar Mike Tyson goes for his 22nd straight win against Holmes, who had won 44 in a row..." or some such. So no wrestling this week.)



(1.35-2.15 is given over to athletics. No wrestling this week either.)


(Manchester United fans should be able to guess what's on here. Munich Remembered at 1.35-2.15 commemorates the 30th anniversary (to the day) of the crash. No wrestling this week then.)

13/2/88 (Gala Hall, West Bromwich, taped 16/12/87) (JP)

Catchweight: Richie Brooks (S, F) v Kid McCoy (F)

The long-awaited re-run of what should have been last year's Golden Grappler final which Brooks sadly missed through an injury. He's back though, determined to prove he's better than the teenage British lightweight champion.

Tag Challenge: Big Daddy and Marty Jones (F, KO) v The Barbarians (Karl and Wolfe Kramer)

Two television newcomers will find it tough going against the formidable partnership of Daddy and the world mid-heavyweight champion.

20/2/88 (Gala Hall, West Bromwich, taped 16/12/87) (JP)

Knockout Tournament for the Gala Cup

Two semi-finals and a final will decide the winner of this year's Gala Cup. Featuring 'Cyanide' Sid Cooper, Andy Blair, Rex Lane and Greg Valentine.

Greg Valentine (FF) v Rex Lane

Sid Cooper (KO) v Andy Blair (F)

Valentine (FF) v Cooper (S)


(International Athletics. I think this one was the New Zealand Cross-Country Championships. I bet that pulled the ratings.)

5/3/88 (Fairfield Halls, Croydon, taped 5/1/88) (ASW)

Lightweight: Mike 'Flash' Jordan (0) v Steve Grey (0)

Recently crowned champion Jordan will have his hands full with one of Europe's best lightweights.

Tag Challenge: Kendo Nagasaki and Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco v Dave Taylor and 'Ironfist' Clive Myers (DQ)

Nagasaki, who now parades with the world heavyweight title belt, reverts to the partnership that caused so much controversy last year.

12/3/88 (Gala Hall, West Bromwich, taped 16/12/87) (JP)

Heavyweight: Steve Logan (F) v Terry Rudge (F)

Handsome Logan is definitely a 'local hero' and of the country's up-and-coming heavyweights, but he has his work cut out against a guy who's been in the ring with the very best in the business.

Super Heavyweight Triple Tag: 'Bomber' Pat Roach, Jamaica George and 'Bearman' John Elijah (F) v Giant Haystacks, Rasputin and 'Scrubber' Daley (F, KO)

Six of the biggest wrestlers in Great Britain in a collision likely to give the patience of the referee a severe testing. Not a bout for purists or the squeamish - it looks like 20 minutes of sheer mayhem.

19/3/88 (William Thomson Recreation Centre, Burnley, Lancs, taped 26/1/88) (JP)

Heavyweight: Steve Casey (F, CO) v Bernie Wright (F)

Casey is a young man with worldwide experience, making him an exciting television prospect. His skill should enable him to prove more than a handful for (the more experienced? - it was hard to read) Wright.

Special Tag Challenge: Drew McDonald and Rasputin (S) v Big Daddy and Kashmir Singh (FF)

McDonald and Daddy have been building up to this one for several weeks. The climax of all the shouting and challenges has one in which the loser has his head shaved in the middle of the ring. Daddy offers long odds against losing his locks!


(International Athletics. Again.)

2/4/88 (William Thomson Recreation Centre, Burnley, Lancs, taped 26/1/88) (JP)

Heavyweight: Jumping Jim Moser (F) v Skull Murphy (SS)

The ferocious Murphy may catch Jumping Jim on the hop - but the veteran Jamaican has skill as well as experience.

World Mid-Heavyweight Championship: Marty Jones (F, S) v 'Bulldog' Joynson (S)

Battle-hardened Jones makes his 14th defence, but fellow Lancastrian Joynson is tough and uncompromising and should give him a severe test.

9/4/88 (Fairfield Halls, Croydon, taped 5/1/88) (ASW)

This show and all thereafter, runs 12 Noon-1pm

World Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Championship Eliminator: Wayne Bridges (FF) v Baron Von Schultz

Bridges, after so long as champion, lost the title under controversial circumstances to Nagasaki in November. He is desperate for a rematch and is therefore hoping the tough Austrian will not hinder his ambitions.

Catchweight Challenge: Dave 'Fit' Finlay (F, S) v Johnny Saint (F)

Finlay, the swaggering Irishman with the world mid-heavyweight title has threatened to destroy a man several weight categories below him, but Saint, only recently world lightweight champion, is a master craftsman and fears no man.

16/4/88 (Burnley, Lancs, taped 26/1/88) (JP)

Golden Grappler Trophy 1988 - Quarter Finals

Eight wrestlers battle it out for a place in the semi-finals of one of television's top tournaments. An assortment of veterans, villains and young stars in a variety of weight categories make this an exciting line-up. Can Kid McCoy hold on to the title? Will his father, King Ben, get a tilt at the lad? The other men with a say in the final destiny of the trophy are Black Jack Mulligan, Ian McGregor, Little Prince, Steve Fury, Richie Brooks and Lucky Gordon.

Richie Brooke (F) v Ian McGregor

Kid McCoy (F) v Black Jack Mulligan

King Ben (Pts) v Little Prince

Lucky Gordon (S) v Steve Fury

23/4/88 (Normanton Community Centre, taped 3/2/88) (JP)

Golden Grappler Trophy 1988 - Semi-Final: Kid McCoy (F, Pts) v Richie Brooks (F)

After missing last year's tournament because of a broken ankle, Brooks is anxious to prove he has the beating of McCoy.

Special Heavyweight Challenge Match: Skull Murphy v Giant Haystacks (COR)

Murphy is giving away an enormous amount of weight, but feels his speed, fitness and knowhow will more than compensate.


(This issue is missing from the Glasgow archive. Anyone who has an archive in a library near them is encouraged to check this one out for us.)

The show is presumably from Normanton Community Centre, taped 3/2/88. Matches taped included King Ben (KO) v Lucky Gordon (S) in the second Golden Grappler semi-final, Ray Steele (F) v Caswell Martin, Steve Casey (F) v John Quinn, and Greg Valentine vs El Diablo in a first to ten knockdowns match which Valentine won 10-5.


Cox Moors Wood Leisure Centre, Birmingham (taped 19/3/88) (JP)

International Heavyweight: 'The Emperor' v 'Tiger' Dalbir Singh (F)

British champion Singh will find it tough going against the 6ft 7in tall masked man of mystery.

Golden Grappler Trophy 1988 - Final: Kid McCoy (F) v King Ben (FF)

This is a television first. This confrontation is unique because it is between father and son. McCoy, the trophy holder, will face a stern challenge from his mentor and father.

Heavyweight: 'Bomber' Pat Roach (FF) v Colonel Brody (F)

The popular Roach will be determined to 'demote' the Colonel in this battle of the big men.


12.05pm-215pm: Gold starring Roger Moore.

2.15pm-5.10pm: Scottish Cup Final (Celtic v Dundee Utd.)

(No wrestling this week, but at 12.05am on Sunday, you could watch Give My Regards To Broad Street (the Paul McCartney film), which features Luke McMasters as Big Bob. He's credited 11th, just behind Paul, Linda, Ringo, Barbara Bach, George Martin and a couple of others.)

21/5/88 (WWF)

World Wrestling Federation Spectacular

Featuring four fantastic matches from the United States. Introduced by Gene Okerlund and 'Judo' Al Hayes

Heavyweight: Harley Race v Ultimate Warrior (F)

from Boston Gardens, Boston

Race, nicknamed The King, is a former world champion but he faces the 'Ultimate' test against the 'uncouth youth' with the fab physique. The three other bouts come from the world-famous Madison Square Garden in New York. (Incorrect - see below.)

Taped 5/3/88

Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship: The Honky Tonk Man (COR) v Randy 'Macho Man' Savage

The return match. Savage gets his change to regain the title from the Elvis Presley look-alike who took it from him.

(This is incorrect - Honky took the title from Rick Steamboat.)

Taped 24/11/87

'The British Bulldogs' (F) v 'The Conquistadors'

Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid still carry the British flag proudly around the American circuit even though they are no longer champions. They certainly don't intend to come off second best against this new team from Latin America.

Taped 9/1/88 (at Boston Gardens)

Tag Challenge: Young Stallions (New York) (F) v Barry Horowitz (Florida) and Steve Lombardi (the Bronx)

Taped 25/1/88

28/5/88 (Dewsbury Town Hall, Yorks, taped 16/3/88) (ASW)

Heavyweight: 'Big' Dave Taylor (FF) v Johnny South (F)

Taylor, the 'Yorkshire Adonis' clashes with Lancashire's Johnny South in this 'Battle Of The Roses'. Big Dave intends to keep the 'White Rose' flying.

Special Tag Team Challenge: Kendo Nagasaki and Physco Stevens (FF) v Mark 'Rollerball' Rocco and Wayne Bridges (F)

Former partners Nagasaki and Rocco find themselves in opposite corners in this explosive tag match when they can air their differences. Nagasaki will be assisted by Psycho Stevens and Rocco enlists the aid of Wayne Bridges who also has a score to settle with the masked man.>

Catchweight Match: Rob Brookside (F) v 'Mr. Wonderful' Bobby Barnes

The popular Rob Brookside tangles with the very experienced 'Mr. Wonderful' Bobby Barnes. Rob states that when the bout ends, Barnes will be 'Mr. Ordinary'.

4/6/88 (Cox Moors Wood Leisure Centre, Birmingham, taped 19/3/88) (JP)

The Grand Prix Belt 1988: Alan Kilby (RSF) v Steve Logan (F)

Last time out on television, they went to a draw - but this time there must be a winner.

Continental Rule Triple Tag Match: 'Cyanide' Sid Cooper, 'Superstar' Mal Sanders and Zoltan Boscik (S) v Steve Grey, Johnny Kidd and Rick Wiseman (FF)

Wrestlers who receive public warnings will leave the ring and take no part in the bout for 1-5 minutes at the discretion of the referee.

International Heavyweight: 'Butcher' Dave Bond (DQ) v Terry Rudge

Both men's reputation is at stake in a potentially explosive clash.

11/6/88 (Retford Sports Centre, taped 6/4/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt 1988 - Second Round: Burly Barry Douglas (Pts) v Ian McGregor

The experienced Douglas tackles one of the sport's bright young stars who is determined to establish himself with a win over the heavier man.

Super Eight-Man Battle Royal: Marty Jones, Drew McDonald, Colonel Brody, Rory Campbell, Giant Haystacks (W), Steve Regal, Rasputin and King Kendo.

These big men weigh a total of 2160lbs and each will do his best to be the last one standing in the ring. Haystacks, at 46st, fancies his chances beacuse heaving him over the top rope will be a formidable task.

Heavyweight: Ray Robinson v Bernie Wright (F)

Newcomer Robinson could find seasoned campaigner Wright a tough nut to crack.

18/6/88 (Retford Sports Centre, taped 6/4/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt 1988 - Third Round: 'Indestructible' Skull Murphy (FF) v 'Bearman' John Elijah (S)

Murphy, the 'Kojak look-alike, is sure to be given a tough time by the durable Elijah.

International Heavyweight Return Match: Steve Casey (F) v 'Mighty' John Quinn (F) (DDQ)

Last time they met in a televised clash the exciting bout finished in a draw. Can either man go one better today?

Catchweight: Grasshopper (F) v Ray Smith

Grasshopper will use all his guile and judo expertise to try to beat the heavier Smith.

25/6/88 (Dewsbury Town Hall, Yorks, taped 16/3/88) (ASW)

Catchweight: Fit Finlay with 'Princess Paula' (F) v Danny Boy Collins (F) - DKO

Finlay and his mentor Princess Paula have the weight advantage over Collins, but 'Danny Boy' is not worried and intends brining the 'Belfast Flyer' to a halt - and give him and Paula a one-way ticket back to Ireland.

Catchweight: Ian 'Doc' Dean v Alan 'Spinner' McKenzie

Both men are making their television debut - and each is determined to establish himself as a star.

(This match was changed to Dean v Prince after McKenzie refused to appear on TV. Prince beat Dean one fall to nil.)

World Lightweight Championship: Mike 'Flash' Jordan (RSF) v Johnny Saint (F)

Lovers of fast, skilful wrestling will enjoy this match, with champion Jordan confident of holding off the challenge.

2/7/88 (Everton Park Leisure Centre, taped 20/4/88) (JP)

The Grand Prix Belt - Preliminary: Richie Brooks (FF) v Chris Cougar (F)

Having missed out on the Golden Grappler Trophy, Brooks will be flat out to do better this time and newcomer Cougar could be in for a tough TV debut.

Tag Team: Drew McDonald and 'Cyanide' Sid Cooper (S) v Big Daddy and Tom Thumb (FF)

'The Terrible Twosome' face an uphill task against the formidable Big Daddy, aided and abetted by the small but skillful Tom Thumb.

Middlweight: Pat Patton (F, DQ) v Steve Peacock

The classy judo expert Patton clashes with 'Fiery' Peacock who may find it hard to deal with the 'Black Belt Man'.

9/7/88 (Everton Park Leisure Centre, taped 20/4/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt - Preliminary: Mal Stuart (S) v Greg Valentine (FF)

The shaven-headed Mal Stuart takes on one of wrestling's most popular and talented young grapplers who is quite capable of dealing with Stuart's dubious tactics.

Heavyweight: Giant Haystacks v Rasputin (DQ)

The goliath of the ring, Giant Haystacks, with his 46 stones weight always has the advantage over his opponents. However, Rasputin may tempt Haystacks into a disqualifying situation.

International Heavyweight: Jumping Jim Moser (F) v Dave Duran (S)

The much-travelled and experienced Jim Moser will have to call on his reserves against Duran, who is no pushover.

16/7/88 (Walthamstow Assembly Hall, taped 4/5/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt 1988 - Preliminary: Terry Rudge (S, Points) v Mohammed Afzal (F)

The shaven-headed Rudge is confident of progressing to the next round by disposing of the wily Pakistani.

Four Man Heavyweight Knockout Tournament - The Challenge Shield: Butcher Bond, Ray Steele, Pat Roach and Johnny Wilson.

Four big men are involved in this knockout competition to be completed today. They all fancy their chances and the draw will play an important part.

Ray Steele (FF) v Johnny Wilson (F)

Pat Roach (CO) v Dave Bond (F)

Roach (RSF) v Steele

23/7/88 (Walthamstow Assembly Hall, taped 4/5/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt - Preliminary: Pete Roberts (FF) v Mal Sanders (S)

Roberts was the 1987 winner and hopes to make it two in a row. Although he has a weight advantage, Sanders is always a dangerous adversary.

World Mid/Heavyweight Championship: Marty Jones (FF) v Marc Mercier (F)

This is Jones' 15th defence of the title, but the young Frenchman has an impressive reputation and intends on taking the belt back to Paris.

International Heavyweight Challenge Match Plus Record Weightlifting Attempt: Mohammed Butt v Bearman John Elijah (F)

The battle of the strong men as British wrestling champion Butt clashes with the local powerhouse.

30/7/88 (Civic Hall, Bedworth, taped 8/6/88) (ASW)

Lightweight: Jimmy Breaks (SS) v Peter Bainbridge (F)

Breaks, the European champion, may have too much experience for the young Cheltenham star but at 16 years of age the talented Bainbridge has plenty of time to reach the top.

Middleweight: 'Iron Fist' Clive Myers (F) v Steve Grey (FF)

Two of the fastest grapplers ever to step into a ring will provide fans with a feast of clever, skillful wrestling.

Tag: The Road Warriors (Dave Duran and Bad News Monroe) (F) v The Golden Boys (Steve Regal and Rob Brookside) (FF)

Duran and Monroe, a new combination, hope to establish themselves as a powerful force when they take on the popular and successful Golden Boys.

6/8/88 (Radcliffe Civic Hall, taped 15/6/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt Eliminator: Johnny Kidd (F) v Mr. X (KO)

Kidd will be flat out to reveal the identity of Mr. X and proceed to the quarter final. The masked mystery man will be equally determined to remain anonymous.

Heavyweight: Ray Steele (FF) v Barry Douglas (F)

Steel will find Douglas a tough nut to crack, but his class should tell unless Douglas can pull something out of the bag.

Lightweight: Kid McCoy (S) v Mike Jordan (F)

The young McCoy may be out-manoeuvred by the classy Jordan.

13/8/88 (Radcliffe Civic Hall, taped 15/6/88) (JP)

International Heavyweight: Tiger Dalbir Singh (F) v Steve Casey (F) - NC

Although weighing in at 19 stones apiece, Casey and Singh move like a couple of lightweights. Both men have just returned from successful tours abroad and will be anxious to keep the momentum going.

International Tag: Giant Haystacks and Scrubber Daley (F, KO) v Ali Shan and Jamaica George (F)

The enormous weight advantage of Stax and Daley should prove too much for their opponents, but Ali and George hope to rely upon their speed and skill. They will certainly need it.

Lighweight: Johnny Saint (FF) v Karl McGrath (F)

The brilliant Saint takes on McGrath who appears on TV for the first time. No prizes for guessing who will win...but surprises can happen!

20/8/88 (Civic Hall, Bedworth, taped 8/6/88) (ASW)

Catchweight: Blue Buchanan v Danny 'Boy' Collins (KO)

Buchanan has a really tough opponent for his TV debut. Full marks to the 'New Boy' for confidence, but Collins looks like giving him an early lesson in ring craft.

Mid Heavyweight: Rollerball Rocco (F) v Marty Jones (F) (DDQ)

At last the promoters have got these arch-rivals together again and the sparks are bound to fly. Both men will be out to prove who is number one. Compulsive viewing!

Lightweight: Alan Gregg (F) v 'Nipper' Eddie Riley (FF)

Another newcomer takes on the popular and classy Riley who will no doubt teach his opponent a few tricks of the trade.

27/8/88 (The Orchard, Dartford, taped 13/7/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt First Quarter Final: Richie Brooks v Ian McGregor (F)

Two of wrestling's brightest stars contest the first quarter final of the coveted belt. Brooks could be the favourite, but McGregor has other ideas.

Tag Team Challenge: Rasputin and Anaconda (S) v Big Daddy and Pat Patton (F, CO)

No guessing who the fans' choice is in the tag match. The newly formed combination of Rasputin and Anaconda vow to halt the successful run of the Big Daddy roadshow.

Grand Prix Belt Second Quarter Final: Bully Boy Muir v Terry Rudge (F)

Rudge gives away weight to Muir but will have to rely on his speed to see him through to the semi finals.

(From 3/9/88 to the end, the show is on from 1.35pm until 2.15pm)

3/9/88 (The Orchard, Dartford, taped 13/7/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt - Third Quarter Final: Greg Valentine (KO) v Mr. X

The popular Yorkshire farmer will have the crowd behind him when he tangles with the masked Mr. X and no doubt they will inspire him.

Grand Prix Belt - Fourth Quarter Final: Skull Murphy (S) v Pete Roberts (DQ)

This explosive clash between two former winners of the Belt is not for the faint-hearted. Both are determined to progress to the semis - at least.

10/9/88 (Bridlington, taped 27/7/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt - Semi Final: Terry Rudge v Pete Roberts - DQ

Former Belt winner Roberts will want to notch up another victory but the shaven-headed Rudge could easily upset his plans.

Heavyweight Return Match: Pat Roach (F) v Ray Steele (F)

Two of Britain's best heavyweights clash again. At the last outing, Steele had to retire injured but he is intent on revenge.


Olympic Coverage

8/10/88 (The Spa, Bridlington, taped 27/7/88) (JP)

Grand Prix Belt - Semi Final: Ian McGregor v Greg Valentine (KO)

Valentine must be the favourite to reach the final and McGregor will have to produce his best to halt the progress of the popular Yorkshireman.

Catchweight: Iron Fist Clive Myers (F, DQ) v Mal Sanders (S)

Myers and Sanders always create an explosive situation and this will be no exception.

Catchweight: Steve Grey v Danny Collins (DCOR)

For sheer brilliance, Grey and Collins have no equals. This is a must and not to be missed.

15/10/88 Pro Wrestling (Civic Hall, Bedworth, taped 24/8/88) (ASW)

Catchweight: Brian 'Goldbelt' Maxine (F, COR) v Lucky Gordon (S)

Maxine, the Peter Pan of the wrestling circuit has been British middleweight champion for a record 20 years. He will be giving away weight to the Irishman who cannot claim his title, but intends to give him a rough time.

Tag Challenge: Kendo Nagasaki and 'Blondie' Barratt (FKO) v Rob Brookside and Steve Regal (KO)

'Golden Boys' Brookside and Regal are beginning to go places, but they have really got their hands full against two of the most experienced warriors around.

22/10/88 (Victoria Hall, Keighley, Yorkshire, taped 28/9/88) (JP)

British Light Heavyweight Title: Alan Kilby (champion) (F) v Chris Cougar (F) - NC

Kilby is a tough man to beat but Cougar has bags of courage and determination.

British Lightweight Title: Kid McCoy (champion) (FF) v Ian Wilson (S)

Will McCoy have enough experience to hold off the challenge of the precocious Wilson?

29/10/88 (Victoria Hall, Keighley, Yorkshire, taped 28/9/88) (JP)

Catchweight: Johnny Saint (FS) v Peter La Paque (F)

Giving weight away should prove no problem for the brilliant Johnny Saint, and Peter La Paque will probably find himself outwitted and out-manoeuvred by the World Champion.

International Heavyweight: 'Tiger' Dalbir Singh (FF) v Rory Campbell

The much improved Campbell is not to be taken lightly by Singh.


International Boxing (1.35pm-2.45pm)

Tommy Hearns (US) v James Kinchen (US)

12/11/88 (The Watersmeet Centre, Rickmansworth, taped 26/10/88) (JP)

Novelty Handicap Tag Match: Big Daddy, Tom Thumb and Kashmir Singh (F, COR) v Task Force 1 (KO)

Daddy goes out in style. For his farewell to ITV, the children's favourite is supported by two partners of modest size aginst the terrible trio of Bulldog Brown, Wildman John Wilkie and Cyanide Sid Cooper.

International Heavyweight: Bearman John Elijah (F) v Prince Maan Singh (F)

Close encounters of the painful kind are London cabby John Elijah's speciality!

Lightweight: Johnny Kidd (F) v Nipper Eddie Riley (0)

Skill and sportsmanship will be the keynote here...


1.35pm-4.15pm Guys And Dolls

Starring Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra

26/11/88 (Civic Hall, Bedworth, taped 24/8/88) (JP)

International Heavyweight: Sandy Scott (F) v Steve Adonis (KO)

Scott, a Scotsman now based south of the border, can expect a tough fight against Adonis, the new blond sensation from the USA.

Tag Challenge: 'Skull' Murphy and Johnny South (S) v Marty Jones and Steve Taylor (F, DQ)

Murphy and South are short on hair but long on trouble! Even Marty Jones with his new partner Steve Taylor is guaranteed a tough time.

3/12/88 A Transatlantic Spectacular From the World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

Coronation of King Haku: A ringful of giants of wrestling and a packed Madison Square Garden audience salute the man who takes over as the King of Wrestling. Haku is a 19 stone Tongan and, after the ceremonials, you can judge his ring quality as he tackles the 18-stone Antiguan 'Special Delivery' Jones.

Match taped 25/7/88. Coronation taped 21/6/88 in Glens Falls, New York.

Super Heavyweight Challenge: Hulk Hogan v Ted DiBiase

'The Hulk' is still the biggest name in world wrestling, despite his controversial defeat by Andre The Giant in the summer. At 6ft 8in and over 21 stone, there are few who can measure up to him, but DiBiase has every intention of causing another upset. Your presenters are Sean Mooney and former British wrestling favourite Judo Al Hayes.

Match most likely taped 10/9/88 at Boston Gardens with Hogan winning by pinfall.


Scotland aired the European Curling Championships (1.35pm-3pm)

Some ITV regions (including Granada) showed Greg Valentine (F) v Jimmy Ocean, Bob Hagen (F) vs Mel Stuart, Pat Roach (FF) v Caswell Martin (F) from the Rickmansworth taping on 26/10/88.


1955-1988: The Final Bell

Goodbye to all that! After 33 years, ITV's exclusive association with wrestling comes to an end. Kent Walton, who commentated from day one, looks back at some of the great names and contests in those 33 years. There is the skill and power of the heavyweights such as Mike Marino and Tibor Szakacs, the outrageous razzmatazz of Adrian Street and Bobby Barnes and the irresistible humour of Les Kellett. Men, too, with their own personal trademark - Billy Two Rivers, Johnny Kwango, ballet-dancing sensation Ricky Starr and the formidable tag partnership of Mick McManus and Steve Logan. More than 20 matches and a host of memories make this a must for all grappling fans.

The following matches took place at events recorded for television, but were not broadcast.

Croydon 5/1/88: Neil Sands (F) v Shane Stevens

Burnley: 26/1/88: Alan Kilby v Ray Robinson (NC)

Dartford 13/7/88: Mann Singh (F) v Tom Tyrone (F)

Bridlington 27/7/88: Steve Casey (F) v Caswell Martin (F)

Bedworth 24/8/88: John Ritchie (F) v Ray Crawley, John Kenny v Bull Pratt (NC)

Keighley 28/9/88: King Ben (F) v Barry Douglas, Steve Casey (F) v Jamaica George