Note that this timeline is based largely on broadcasts in the Midlands and may have varied in other parts of the country.

9 November 1955: A one-off show airs from West Ham Baths on 9 November.

1956: Wrestling is broadcast extremely sporadically in the Midlands. It was broadcast semi-regularly on Tuesday evenings in the London area as part of Cavalcade of Sport.

Autumn 1957: Wrestling begins being broadcast every second Saturday evening in the North and Midlands, first as Round the Rings and later as simply Professional Wrestling. This schedule continues nationally through 1958 (with a summer break), then slows to 10 shows broadcast in 1959.

1960: Wrestling is broadcast weekly on Saturdays, airing in the afternoon and evening on alternate weeks. After a summer break it returns to a regular Saturday afternoon slot as part of the magazine show Let's Go.

1961: Wrestling continues its weekly Saturday afternoon slot (with a summer break), though from October 1962 the parent magazine show is renamed Saturday Sportstime. One exception is for the first three months of 1961 when two completely different shows aired each Saturday: one in the afternoon in London and the South and one in the evening in the North and Midlands.

1964: Wrestling is broadcast twice-a-week, on Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings, with no summer break. In 1965 the parent magazine show is renamed World of Sport. In most cases, several matches from an event are broadcast live on Saturday, with the rest of the event taped for the Wednesday broadcast.

1969: The Wednesday events are now usually recorded earlier in the evening of transmission.

1972: The evening slot moves from Wednesday to Tuesday in September. At this point the taping schedule moves from live/same-day broadcast to a more haphazard schedule.

1973: From mid-October the Tuesday evening slot is replaced by a Thursday lunchtime slot, though this is not shown every week.

1974: From September, the midweek slot reverts to late Tuesday evenings.

1976: The midweek slot is removed from July.

1977: The taping schedule is revised so that, in most cases, a midweek event is recorded for transmission for the following two Saturdays. In later years the taping schedule becomes much more haphazard.

1985: With the cancellation of World of Sport, wrestling becomes a standalone show.

1987: The monopoly of Joint Promotions is replaced by a shared slot, with 11 shows provided by All Star Wrestling and one by the World Wrestling Federation.

1988: During the year, eight shows are provided by All Star and three by the WWF. Wrestling is axed by ITV. After a final show of original matches on 10 December, a nostalgia edition titled The Final Bell airs on 17 December, ending 33 years of wrestling on ITV.