During this time, the TV Times would list several matches with the introduction "Featuring some or all of the following:". We have noted matches which were billed but not are not in our records as being broadcast. It is likely the shows were taped after the magazine's printing deadline and that the final match selection depended on time restraints.

The wrestling broadcasts came as part of the magazine show Let's Go until 20 October, at which point the show was repackaged as Saturday Sportstime.

Several shows in 1961 had Peter Cockburn as commentator rather than regular host Kent Walton. We have noted these dates. All other dates either had Walton, or no commentator was listed.

All broadcasts were on Saturday (other than on Boxing Day) and all broadcast times are pm.

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6/1/62, Chesterfield, 4-4.55

Dai Sullivan (2) v Enrique Marquess (1)

Roy Bull Davis v Syed Saif Shah

Bert Royal v Tommy Mann

Jim Breaks v Vassilios Mantopolous

13/1/62, Leicester, 4-4.55

Billy Joyce (2) v Bruno Elrington (1)

Billy Howes (KO) v Bob Taylor

20/1/62, Bermondsey, 4-4.55

Jackie Pallo (KO) v Roger Boileau

Eric Taylor (British heavy-middleweight champion) (2) v Sheik El Saddee Mansourri (1)

Billed but not broadcast?: Peter Szakacs v Vic Faulkner, Joe Cornelius v Josef Kovacs

27/1/62, Wolverhampton, 4-5

Norman Walsh (W) v Jim Hussey

Ernie Riley (W) v Bert Royal

Abe Ginsberg (W) v Joe Keegan

3/2/62, Kingston upon Thames, 4-4.55

Julien Morice (W) v Mick McMichael

Iskha Khan (KO) v Johnny Yearsley

Billed but not broadcast?: Mick McManus (Southern area welterweight champion) v Ray Leslie, Seamus Donlevy v Clayton Thomson

10/2/62, Preston, 4-4.55

Reg Williams (W) v Bob Sweeney

Masambula (W) v Bobby Graham

Billed but not broadcast?: Tony Charles v John Foley. (The Williams v Sweeney match was not billed in the TV Times so appears to have been a replacement.)

17/2/62, Lime Grove, 4-4.55

Alan Colbeck (W) v Tommy Mann

Bert Royal v Tony Charles

Billed but not broadcast?: Reg Ray v Tug Holton, Albert Wall v Wilhelm Hall

Commentary by Peter Cockburn.

24/2/62, Beckenham, 4-5

Johnny Kwango (2) v Monty Swann (1)

Steve Logan (2) v Bob Sweeney (1)

Dick Conlon (2) v Al Nicol (1)

Billed but not broadcast?: Josef Zaranoff v El Grande Apache. (The Conlon v Nicol match was not billed in the TV Times so appears to have been a replacement.)

3/3/62, Kingston upon Thames, 4-4.55

Johnny Czeslaw (KO) Clay Thomson

Mick McManus (2) v Geuchi Moussa (1)

Billed but not broadcast: Seamus Donlevy v Sheik El Mansour

10/3/62, Wembley, 4-4.55

Doug Joyce (KO) Majid Ackra

Vassilios Mantopolous (1) v Bob Anthony (1)

Billed but not broadcast?: George Gordienko v Willem Hall

17/3/62, Lime Grove, 4-5.05

Dennis Mitchell v Max Crabtree

Bob Anthony v Vassilios Mantopoulos

Majid Ackra v Doug Joyce

24/3/62, Leeds, 4-4.55

Jack Pye (W) v Doug Joyce

Akio Yoshihara v Reg Ray (W)

Bobu Matu v Bert Royal(W)

Tony Charles v Ernie Riley (W)

31/3/62, Tottenham, 4-5

Jack Dempsey (W) v Keith William

Billed but not broadcast?: Kwango v Don Branch, Francis Sullivan v Al Jarmain

Commentary by Peter Cockburn.

7/4/62, Lime Grove, 4.05-4.55

John Foley (2) v Ray Leslie (1)

Billed but not broadcast?: Alan Dennison v Vic Faulkner, Arthur Ricardo v Dave Lynch


Wrestling was not broadcast because of the football amateur cup final

21/4/62, Wembley, 4-4.55

Mick McManus (W) Bob Anthony

Billed but not broadcast?: Rocco Colombo v Eric Taylor, Steve Logan v Roger Laroche

28/4/62, Colne, 4.05-4.55

Alan Colbeck v Vic Faulkner

John Foley v Roy St Clair

Ezzard Hurt v Bob Graham

Ray Leslie v Bob Steele

5/5/62, Wembley, 1.20

Bill Howes (European mid-heavyweight champion) v Jacques Lageott (French champion)

This was billed as 'The All Star afternoon' and came before the FA Cup final coverage. The listing also billed appearances "depending on time" from Steve Logan, Gerry Hogan, Jacky Pallo, Monty Swann and Akid Yoshihara. Pallo vs Mick McManus in a 1-1 draw aired,

12/5/62, Wembley, 4.35-5.15

Kwango v Al Bastein

Memo Diaz v Mike Donlevy

Roy St Clair v Jim Hart


Wrestling was not broadcast because of the rugby league cup final.

26/5/62, Wembley, 4.15-5

Mihalyi Kuti (W) v Johnny Yearsley

Jackie Pallo (RSF) v Al Miquet

(This was the first week that Pallo was billed with the 'TV' nickname.)

Billed but not broadcast?: John Yearsley v Kuti

2/6/62, Barking, 4.25-5.15

Clay Thomson (1) v Tony Cassio (1)

Mick McManus (RSF) v Ted Hannon

Billed but not broadcast?: Navarro Moyans v Francis Sullivan

9/6/62, Barrow in Furness, 4.25-5.15

Gwynn Davies (DQ) Jack Pye

Billed but not broadcast?: Barry Douglas v Dave Armstrong, Tommy Mann v Chic Purvey, Jim Armstrong v Roy (Bull) Davies

23/6/62, Gravesend

Francis Sullvan v Charlie Fisher

George Kidd v Joe Murphy

Bobby Steele v Bob Archer O’Brien

8/9/62, Bolton, 4.10-5

Bill Howes v Norman Walsh

Johnny Eagles v Abe Ginsburg

Ken Cadman v Malcolm Sample

Jim Hussey v Reg Williams

15/9/62, Walthamstow, 4.5-5

Al Miquet v 'Iron Jaw' Joe Murphy

Roy St Clair v Spencer Churchill

Willem Hall v Tibor Szakacs

22/9/62, Lewisham, 4.5-5

Jackie Pallo v Perez Lopez

Mick McManus v Mike Donlevy

Ezzard Hart v Johnny Czeslaw

29/9/62, Barking, 4.5-450

George Kidd (World lightweight champion) v Johnny Eagle

Johnny Yearsley v Miquet Remiro

Steve Logan v Joe Keegan

6/10/62, Wolverhampton, 4.15-4.50

Masambula v Alf Cadman

Joe Critchley v Tommy Mann

Vic Stewart v Jerry Hogan

13/10/62, Leicester, 4.10-4.50

Ezzard Hart v Arthur Ricardo

Bert Royal v Nicholas Priori

20/10/62, Sheffield, 4.5-5

Antonio Maleards (Spanish light-heavyweight champion) v Alf Cadman

Big Bill Verna v Bill Rawlings

Steve Bell v Les Kellett

Terry Nylands vs Keith Williams

27/10/62, Tottenham, 4-4.55

Les Kellett v Clayton Thomson

Jackie Pallo v Eric Sands

Jack Dempsey v Modesto Aledo

3/11/62, Wembley, 3.40-4.05 & 4.30-4.50

Johnny Kango v Tony Casson

Alan Dennison v Mick McManus

Charles Fisher v Francis Sullivan

10/11/62, Preston, 4.5-4.50

Dennis Mitchell v Albert Wall

Henry Perlot v Bill Rawlings

John Foley v Johnny Eagles

17/11/62, Lime Grove, 4.5-4.50

Ernie Riley (British light-heavyweight champion) v Eric Liederman

Arthur Ricardo v Steve Bell

Alan Dennison v John Foley

24/11/62, Hull, 4.5-4.55

Black Salem v Digger Rowell

HeadHunter (from the Belgian Congo) v Chic Purvey

Early Maynard v Jack Pye

1/12/62, Kingston, 4.5-4.55

Spencer Churchill v Bob Taylor

George Kidd v Al Miquet

Max Crabtree v Frikki Alberti

8/12/62, York, 4-4.50

George Kidd v Nino Pizzarro

Ernie Riley v Bob Sweeney

Norman Walsh v John Ure

15/12/62, Crewe, 4.5-4.50

Henry Pierlot v Roy (Bull) Davis

Mal Sample v Ivan Penzecoff

Al Brown v Ken Cadman

22/12/62, Lime Grove, 4-4.50

Albert Wall v Jim Hussey

Billy Joyce v John Peters

Ernie Riley v Steve Bell

(W) 26/12/61, 2.45-3.30

Billy Howes v Seamus Donlevy

Jackie 'TV' Pallo v Keith Williams

Adrian Street v Len Wilding

29/12/62, Croydon, 4-4.50

Clayton Thomson v Reg Trood (Scottish light-heavyweight champion)

Chic Purvey (Scottish middleweight champion) v Mick McManus (Southern area welterweight champion)

Leon Fortuna (from the Friendly Isles) v Peter Szakacs)