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This site is an ongoing project to list all the matches aired by ITV between its first airing in 1955, and 1988 when Greg Dyke cancelled British wrestling broadcasts. The listings are taken from sources including the TV Times and include match descriptions where originally listed plus results where available. We are also gradually adding links to YouTube videos of matches where available.

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Post-1988 wrestling on ITV

British wrestling on other channels

Listings for 'World of Sport' reruns on The Wrestling Channel

Listings for 'World of Sport' reruns on Men & Movies (Excel document)

You can now search the listings, for example for a particular wrestler or venue.

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Other information on the site includes:

Articles from the TV Times that mention wrestling.

Details of wrestlers who used more than one ring name

A list of FA Cup Final day spectacular line-ups

Details of the various ITV tape archives.

An overview timeline on British wrestling broadcast schedules on ITV

Details of wrestling championships during the ITV years

Details of viewing figures and TV ratings for British wrestling

Wrestling documentaries and segments shown on BBC Television

For more information on British wrestling during the TV era, we highly recommend the Wrestling Heritage website.

You may be interested in the book Have A Good Week... Till Next Week by John Lister, which covers British wrestling past and present.

Thanks to: John Lister, Martin Wickham, Kenny McBride, Oldtimer Tony, Rob Cope, Ray Plunkett, Mart Olliver, Peter Hughes, Martin Greaves, Eddie Hatt, Simon Coward, Adam Gill, Ron Harrison, David Mantell, Dave Icke, Darren Ward, Steve Ogilvie, Jim Craig, Dave Cameron, Haruo Yamaguchi, Lee Wall, William Richmond and Carl Stewart.

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